Sunday, April 24, 2005

Basic Recipe for Breakfast Casserole

I posted an updated version of this post, with expanded instructions for making South Beach Diet friendly breakfast casseroles, including quantities for different sized pans and ingredient suggestions.  (At that time it wasn't possible to move the post forward without breaking the link, so that was a new post.)  I have removed this old post so the recipe doesn't come up twice in search engines, but I'm leaving this page here in case anyone has a bookmark for the old recipe.
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  1. I have tried this one and it's great. I liked the idea of putting them in individual containers so that one can be popped into the microwave so easily. Our mornings begin so early -- Liz leaves at 5:50 am) that a quick breakfast is always welcome.


  2. After all the many times I have made this one of my favorite combinations is still broccoli (not too much or it takes over the flavor of the entire dish) lowfat sharp cheddar and swiss cheese. That combination was in the original broccoli casserole recipe which was the inspiration for this dish originally. Be sure to eat it with some sour cream on top.

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