Sunday, April 24, 2005

Salad Ideas for Low Carb Eating

One of the things I really love about being on a low glycemic diet is salad with full fat salad dressing. I love salad, but the low fat dressings were always pretty hard to take. When you use real dressing, you need a lot less dressing to make the salad taste good. Since I go to Costco nearly every week, I mostly buy Costco hearts of Romaine or Spring Lettuce mix for my salads. I buy lots of different dressings, but I'm religious about choosing dressing with no sugar. I prefer dressing with olive oil or soybean oil, and I get dressings with less than two carbs per serving. It's not that hard, since there are a lot of good options that aren't over two carbs.

My favorite dressings for romaine hearts:
Cardini's Caesar
Paul Newman's Original Italian
Hidden Valley Ranch buttermilk recipe (I use half lite mayo and half real mayo)

LeParisien Original Vinaigrette (sold at Costco in big bottle)
Costco (Kirkland brand) Blue cheese

Paul Newman's Creamy Caesar

My Favorite Dressing for Spring Salad Mix
My favorite dressing for the spring salad mix is this recipe from my friend Mary. When I had it at her house I had to go buy limes the next day.

Mary's Perfect Salad

For one serving:
Best quality olive oil, enough to cover greens, then toss. I would say less than 2 T. for a large serving of salad. (Be sure the olive oil says EXTRA VIRGIN and FIRST COLD PRESSED on the label if you want the best flavor.)

Juice of 1/2 lime (or lemon, but the lime is really great)
About 6 drops of red wine vinegar (you could use balsamic but I like the milder vinegar for this)
Salt and pepper to taste
Toss again, then serve.

The spring lettuce mix has a lot of flavor and I think this dressing accents it perfectly.counter customizable free hit
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