Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cucumbers Caesar

In August 2006 I updated the recipe for Cucumbers Caesar with a photo. (At that time it wasn't possible to move the post forward without breaking the link.)  I am removing this post to prevent it from showing up twice in search engines.  Please use the link above to find the updated recipe.

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Hollyberry said...

hey there...i've been looking for recipes a lot lately, especially for healthy cooking, although I'm more into low cal than low carb. In any case, I like this blog a lot so I added it to the blog list on mine. Just thought i'd tell you. :-)

rand said...

Even though I love cucumbers anyway I can get them, I'm adding onion, fresh basil, and grape tomatoes to this recipe. Yum.

Kalyn said...

Ken's Steak House brand Greek Dressing is very good on cucumbers, onions and tomatoes combined with feta cheese (only 1 carb per serving in the dressing). This would be considered "American" Greek Salad, in Greece they would always add green pepper.

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