Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Wake Up Your Mouth" Thai Cucumber Salad

In 2006 I posted an updated version of Wake Up Your Mouth Thai Cucumber Salad with a photo of the dish.  (At that time it was not possible to move a post forward without breaking the link.)  Then in August 2010, I updated that post again with step-by-step photos, moving it forward to that date.  I am removing this post to prevent the recipe from coming up twice in search engine results.  Please use the link above to find this recipe.

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rand said...

Big Yum. You know we'll be making this.

Anonymous said...

Well ok I do have to say this my
aunt Kalyn does have some pretty interesting recipes on her blog.

Isabella Diamant

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Kalyn
Just wanted to let you know I'm "borrowing" this link for a post I'm doing tomorrow (24th) for National Sauce Month. Have I told you how much I appreciate having you in my search engine? It makes days like this go ever so much easier:) Thanks for sharing...

Kalyn said...

Louise, glad you liked it.

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