Saturday, August 20, 2005

Recipe for Southwestern Ranch Dip for Bell Pepper Strips or Veggies

When I visited my friend Tia's house in Rhode Island, she served a delicious spicy veggie dip made by T. Marzetti. It had only 2 carbs per serving and was really tasty, but when I got back to Utah I couldn't find it at any of the stores where I normally shop.

I came up with this version, which was delicious. Food snobs may turn up their nose at the ranch dip mix, but maybe I can redeem myself with the ground Chipotle pepper which gives this such a delicious kick. Chipotles are smoked jalapeno peppers, and they're pretty spicy, so use the ground chipotle sparingly. I used ground red Chipotle pepper from Penzeys to make this. If you don't want to buy the Chipotle pepper you could use regular chile powder with a tiny amount of cayenne pepper.

Southwestern Ranch Dip for Bell Pepper Strips or Veggies

16 oz. light sour cream
2 cups mayo or light mayo (not fat free)
1/2 tsp. ground red Chipotle pepper
(or use 1 tsp. regular chile powder and pinch of cayenne)
1 tsp. ground cumin
2 tsp. taco seasoning (comes in a packet, sold near spices)
1 pkg. ranch dressing mix (Hidden Valley Ranch brand preferred)


Combine all ingredients in food processor. Chill for a few hours before serving. This is great on red, orange, yellow or green bell pepper strips. It's also good on raw zucchini, celery, carrots, snow peas, broccoli, or cauliflower.

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  1. Ranch dip mix is a staple in my house.

  2. Kalyn, this dip is delicious! You have inspired me to try the South Beach diet. I have 3 days to go in Phase 1, and I have lost 5 pounds. Yea!

    Thank you for all of your great recipes, and for keeping this blog current. I check in almost daily to see what's new. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the nice words, and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks packaged Ranch Dip is a staple.

    Good job on the 5 pounds! Keep it up!

  4. Taco seasoning is something I always keep in the pantry. I use it along with some chipotle powder when I make enchiladas and they come out wonderfully smokey and spicy.

    I'm going to have to add this dip to my list of things to try.

  5. Do u think this would be good on chicken Fajitas?

  6. Sabrina, I'd like it on chicken fajitas. It's like a spicy version of ranch dip, so if that appeals to you, you'd like it.

  7. I plan to start the diet tomm, and I am wondering if you eat snacks in between are you supposed to only have two snacks a day? And how much of the snack are you allowed? Ive read the book, but I dont really understand how much of your meals you are supposed to eat, If I make your bean soup how much of it will I will be allowed to have for dinner?

  8. Dana, except for a few food mentioned in the book, portions aren't limited on South Beach. There are limited portions for a few high calorie density foods like nuts, avocados, and dried beans, but otherwise eat until you are full. For beans the recommended serving is 1/3 -1/2 cup portion so that means you could have about 1 cup of chili if it contains meat and vegetables with the beans.

  9. Love this dip, but beware the recipe makes a TON!


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