Sunday, September 25, 2005

FOOD BLOG FINDS: Lower Carb Cooking Dishes
Spotted on Other Food Blogs

I love to read food blogs, and spent lots of my free time doing it, especially now that I have cable internet. (Big Smile.) There are so many talented people writing food blogs these days, and as I'm checking my favorite blogs each day, I often see dishes that would be perfect for my lower carb way of eating. I've decided to pick a few of these every now and then and spotlight them here, my way of letting those other bloggers know how great I think their dishes look and sharing those blogs with the people who read my blog.

This week I noticed a blog that was new to me called In Our Kitchen. The creator of this is one of a talented group of bloggers who comes from the Phillipines, and her food is interesting and a little unusual. On the blog I spotted a recipe for Sassy Chicken with Mushrooms and Sour Cream which sounded delicious and very low in carbs. We must acknowledge that the dish was adapted by In Our Kitchen from a recipe on Pinoy Cook, the queen of the Phillipine food bloggers.

Another new blog I discovered recently is A Veggie Venture written by a woman named Alanna from St. Louis, Missouri. She took on the admirable task of cooking a vegetable a day for a month, and six months later she is still going strong and telling about it on this well written and well designed blog. Here I spotted a recipe for Cauliflower Tomato Medley which would just need a little changing, cut down the breadcrumbs a little, to be a great lower carb option. (By the way, I was very flattered to find a link to Kalyn's Kitchen here which I hadn't known about.)

Last, but absolutely not least, on one of my very favorite food blogs, Stephen Cooks, a fabulous pasta dish with roasted tomatoes and Italian sausage which would be a great lower carb choice with a few minor adaptations. When I made his Roasted Tomato and Sausage Pasta I would use Dreamfields penne for the pasta, use less onion and increase the proportion of sausage to pasta to make this a lower carb meal. Use all the freshly grated parmesan you want because it's already low in carbs. (Also thanks to Stephen for linking to me on his site, which features beautiful photos in addition to fabulous recipes.)
There you have it. Food Blog Finds with fabulous recipes that could be a great option for dinner whether or not you are watching your carbs. Enjoy!

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  1. A distingished list on which to find A Veggie Venture! So glad our new-veggie-a-day ideas are working for you, Kalyn. Summer tomatoes were wonderful (and there are some roasting in the oven even now) but it's SO great to be starting into fall things, too! Many thanks! Alanna

  2. Hey Kalyn...thanks so much for the honor of being included in your Blog Finds! I love your suggestions for the recipe...

  3. Hi Kalyn! Thanks for the mention and for visiting our blog :-) What a great idea, your food blog finds! My daughter has her occational post on her Food Finds, but they are mostly about weird things she finds about food.

    I noticed on your profile you are a teacher. Do you ever share your blog with your students?

  4. I guess this question slipped past me. Actually, yes I do share the blog with my students since we are going to be doing a class blog. My kids are only 9 (4th grade) and they aren't very good at keyboarding yet, but we are going to have a simple blog for them to share thoughts with each other.

  5. My daughter is on a carb reduced diet and is always looking for recipes. She is just starting so is having a bit of trouble deciding what she would like to eat.

    I will point her to this blog for some ideas. Great to have this resource available.


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