Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Have You Checked Out FoodieView?

As the internet grows, more and more people are having good ideas about how to organize information to make it more user-friendly. An idea whose time had certainly come recently surfaced in the form of FoodieView, a site that searches most of the recipe search banks on the internet, including places such as Epicurious, All Recipes, Food Network, and many more. There are even a few well established food bloggers who have made it into the index. (Congratulations!)

What an advantage to have lots of recipe searches combined into one. I have used FoodieView a few times, and have been very pleased with the search results I've been able to find.

I first learned about FoodieView on Slashfood, a food blog which shares the best of other food blogs. Slashfood had spotted it on Alaina Browne's fun blog A Full Belly. Both sources lament that FoodieView doesn't index more food blogs, but I am guessing that is a situation that can only improve.

My new food blogging goal: to have one of my recipes make it into the index at FoodieView. I will add it to my current goal of being able to take decent pictures of the food I am making.

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Beth - The Zen Foodist said...

Thanks for the great find. I have the same goal with regards to food photography. I suck at it and it's kind of embarrassing. I wish someone would post some tips for how to improve! I have no idea how to work the lighting!

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