Monday, October 17, 2005

Food Blog Finds: Great Low Carb Recipes Found on Other Food Blogs

It's time for another recap of the low carb recipes I found this week on other food blogs. These recipes are amazingly easy to find. Every night when I come home from work, I spend an hour (or 2 or 3!) reading other cooking blogs. If I find a blog that has a recipe that is low carb, I bookmark it. This week as I was reading cooking blogs and looking for low carb recipes, I found a recipe that I'm sure is going to become a personal favorite of mine. Tony's Food Chronicles is written by a guy who is not a low carb fanatic. He does sometimes post recipes that are not low carb. However, I knew that he was interested in low carb eating because he had a link to my blog, and earlier this year he was experimenting with a low carb pizza dough. This week Tony published a recipe for low carb "pizza" which uses Carb Chopper flour tortillas, which are my very favorite low carb flour tortillas. Pizza is one of the high carb foods that I really crave sometimes, and these mini low carb pizzas sound fantastic. Tony also has great photos to accompany this, and great step-by-step directions for making the pizzas.

A blog I recently started reading is Anne's Food, written by a Swedish woman named Anne, who recently shared photos of her kitchen featuring great red cabinet doors. This week I noticed a recipe on her blog for Chicken with Lime, Honey, and Garlic that sounded intriguing. After all it uses fresh limes and garlic, two of my favorite flavors with chicken. It would be easy to replace the honey with Splenda (or just make it as is, since there's not a lot of honey.) It does contain cream, which South Beach Dieters may want to replace with half and half or even milk. This would be great over brown rice or Uncle Ben's Converted Rice (a lower glycemic rice) or even over some Dreamfield's pasta.

Last for this week, on a funny, quirky blog called The Amateur Gourmet I found a great recipe for Roast Chicken with Pan Gravy, the perfect low carb meal to cook after work. I already have a chicken thawing in the fridge to make this tonight, that's how good it looked! The one tablespoon of cornstarch used to thicken the gravy adds minimal carbs to this, and Adam gives great step-by-step directions of how to get the chicken brown all over, with photos. Even if you're already the owner of a good roast chicken recipe, you should check out this blog just for the humor. Adam is seriously funny, and has the awards to prove it.

There you have three more great low carb recipes to add to your list. So many recipes, so little time! Happy cooking!

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