Friday, October 28, 2005

Kalyn Makes Tony's Low Carb Pizza

(In February 2009 I discovered a better crust for this type of pizza and posted a recipe for South Beach Diet Friendly Flatbread Pizza. I'd prefer that now over the pizza recipe in this post.)

When I spotted a low carb pizza recipe with the crust made from a low carb flour tortilla on Tony's Food Chronicles, I knew that wa
s a recipe that I wanted to try. Pizza is something I really like, and although the South Beach frozen pizza isn't bad, it's quite pricey for what you get. I like really thin crust pizza, so I thought this would be ideal. I shared Tony's pizza recipe in one of my "Food Blog Finds" posts where I spotlight low carb recipes found on other blogs.

Now here's my version of the pizza. Start with low carb flour tortillas. Tony recommended Carb Chopper brand, and I used Carb Chopper whole wheat tortillas, the small size. Put them in a preheated oven at 400 for 10-15 minutes, until the tortilla feels slightly dried out but it's not completely hard. I turned them over every few minutes so the tortilla would stay flat.

Top with sun-dried tomatoes (packed in oil) and fresh basil which you have blended together for a minute or two in the food processor. I used about 3 T of the tomato/basil mixture per tortilla. (Next time I make this I would put some fresh or dried oregano in with the tomatoes and basil for a little more depth of flavor.)

On top of the tomato/basil mixture I put a layer of cheese. I used a four cheese blend for this layer. On top of that I put pepperoni.

Then on top of the pepperoni I put Canadian Bacon (from Costco, very reasonablly priced and really tasty). On top of the Canadian Bacon I put more cheese. I used an Italian cheese blend for this layer.


I put the pizzas on a large cookie sheet which I had sprayed with non-stick spray and baked them (still at 400) for about 15 minutes. They smelled fantastic when they were cooking.

Here is how the pizzas looked when they were done.

I ate this for lunch with a salad of baby arugula lightly dressed with olive oil, lime juice, a couple of drops of red wine vinegar, salt and papper. It was a great lunch.

I made three pizzas and froze the other two. After I try one of the frozen ones I will let you know how they held up in the freezer. Thanks again Tony, for a great idea for low carb pizza crust.

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  1. low carb crust... hmmm... ok, but the amount of fat from processed cheese and peperroni is not good!

  2. Anonymous, if you look at the date, this is from 2005 when I was less careful about saturated fat than I am now. Still I used a low-fat four cheese blend (from Costco) and Canadian bacon, which are both not too bad in saturated fat. Nowdays I would use turkey pepperoni, and I would still eat this once in a while as a treat.

  3. I know this was from a while back, but do you remember how it was after you froze it?

  4. I'm sorry, but I honestly have no idea about that; really can't remember. I probably would not make this now; I would make the Flatout pizza mentioned at the beginning of the post.

  5. I don't care for Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Is there another option I could do, because one way or another I am making this pizza. Possibly a spoonful of pizza sauce or tomato sauce? Please advise!

    1. Cheryl, oh my, this recipe is so old. I would make this pizza instead!


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