Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekend Garden Update and Why I Can't Make Anything With Green Tomatoes

This tiny half bucket of produce is about all that's left of my garden for this year. Those pinkish looking tomatoes you see are the last of the Brandywines. No more sliced tomatoes with goat cheese, cucumbers Caesar, or Creamed Zucchini until next summer. Sigh.

I do actually have a few (very few) tiny little green tomatoes and a couple of tiny little cucumbers left. I cleared out another trash can full of garden vines and stems this weekend, but I left those few things until next week, since they wouldn't fit in the trash can anyway. One of my faithful blog readers requested a recipe for something with green tomatoes, since I'm clearing out the garden. Unfortunately, I am sorry to report that I don't even have enough tomatoes left in my garden to make anything, even if I did pick all the green ones that are there now. (Sorry Nick, but maybe next year.)

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