Monday, November 21, 2005

I Confess I Ate at McDonald's

I've already confessed my culinary shortcomings and now I am going to confess again. About a week ago (actually the day of my dad's 80th birthday party, a decidedly hectic day) I ate a Big Mac and fries for lunch. My nephew was with me and challenged me to report it on the blog, so here it is.

If anyone is reading my blog for the first time looking for low carb recipes, I do apologize. However, I refuse to become a fanatic. Now that I have made my weight-loss goal I am allowing myself to eat anything I want once in a while. Although I have gradually transitioned to a "slow carb" way of eating, (similar to what the South Beach Diet allows on phase three) I still don't eat white flour, potatoes, white rice, white flour pasta, or sugar. This was a huge exception.

Now, back to that Big Mac. Have not had anything like that for a looooooooooong time. I confess it tasted pretty good. Please do not turn me in to the South Beach Diet police.

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Sukanya M said...

Dont feel guilty! Junk high calorie food is really really tasty!!

LisaSD said...

Kalyn--The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. LOL

Seriously, though, you have to allow yourself some leeway in life, and I'm glad to hear you're doing that instead of denying yourself strictly. Everything in moderation, as my MIL loves to say...

Your nephew sounds like my daughter...I can't get away with ANYTHING with her around!

Ruth said...

Funny - we just took our 5 year old niece out to lunch on Saturday and guess where she wanted to go. I had a quarter pounder with cheese and she had a grilled cheese sandwich.

Thanks for your honesty

drbiggles said...

Feh, don't sweat it. But McDonalds doesn't do it fer me. When I go on a bender, it's a Taco Bell one. Enough sodium to make my eyes shake and enough taco sauce to stain the streets red!
Odd though, I haven't been this year. I'm having too much fun with gravy.


marianne said...

I hope you enjoyed every bite, because you deserved it! We all need a treat once in awhile. I ate McD's breakfast (a big craving for me) a few weeks ago and I savored every bite.

rand said...

No fry sauce? That's one thing I didn't get to have on our last visit. I miss Hires.

Rachel said...

don't feel bad-- mickey d's sure does hit the spot sometimes! good for you for being brave enough to mention it, but i sometimes do it too ;)

vanessa said...

no guilt, my dear. just enjoy it.
sure, quality of food is important. but if you really savored it and enjoyed it, that's enjoying life.
and besides, you've gotta live (and eat) in the real world. a few times is okay!

Mona said...

Kalyn, that's great. I love it! That looks so damn good.
I actually just posted about eating fries right after work and BEFORE getting dinner. So I'm just as guilty :) Mmmmmm.....Happy Thanksgiving!

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