Friday, November 18, 2005

Only One Herb Surviving in Kalyn's Garden; What Will It Be This Weekend?

Here's a little flashback of some of the herbs from my garden that I've featured for Weekend Herb Blogging. Now I only have one herb left alive (not counting the ones I have already posted about) to spotlight for this week. I also have a few shots of a food-producing plant that I took last weekend which I'm saving for the time when no herbs remain.

Can you guess what the remaining herb might be? Something that still lives despite nights in the 30's in Salt Lake City? Here's another clue: it's something I have already featured as an ingredient, but not the main ingredient, in one of my WHB recipes. Check back tomorrow to see what it is.

If you're a blogger and would like to participate in Weekend Herb Blogging, just photograph and blog about an herb, plant, veggie, or flower sometime this weekend and send me the link by Sunday afternoon (Utah time). If you use Technorati you can tag your posts Weekend Herb Blogging, but that's optional. I'll publish the round-up of all the featured plants on Sunday night.

Happy herb blogging.
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  1. I'm not very good at guessing, but I know the only thing growing here at that temperature is my rosemary.

    I've just posted my weekend herb post - but of course I had to BUY my herbs. Recipes

  2. Oops - I'm still a novice at making links - the one above goes to the correct place, but it should read weekend herb blogging.


  3. Ok, I have to be fair to Brett and Ruth and tell you that I went back and edited the post to add that the herb is not one I have already posted about, since after they both guessed Rosemary I realized my clue was probably misleading. (My Thyme and Rosemary would have still been alive, but in fear of snow I stripped the leaves off and banished them to the freezer.)

  4. Cool idea. Next time I may get the dog peeing on the herbs and kill two with one stone. Just can't work out how to get the cat into it though.

  5. Great photos. And oh, the suspense! : )

    P.S. LOL that's too funny about Ed Charles' dog peeing on the herbs!

  6. Bay? My bay's the only thing apart from the rosemary and thyme that's still going...


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