Friday, November 11, 2005

A Special Weekend for Kalyn's Family and Weekend Herb Blogging #6

The weekend is rapidly approaching where I live, and I've already received a link from Vijay to another wonderful post for Weekend Herb Blogging. In case you haven't heard, WHB is when bloggers from around the world post a photo of an interesting herb, vegetable, plant, or flower, and then on Sunday I do a round-up of all the posts. It's fun to see the things that are growing in other locations, and we're learning a lot from each other about plants from around the world.

If you're a blogger and you'd like to participate, simply send me your link in an e-mail or comment before mid-day on Sunday (Utah time) and I will include you. If you use Technorati you can tag your post "Weekend Herb Blogging", but that's optional. Then check back on Sunday night to read all the posts.

I also want to let you know about a special Weekend Cat Blogging to send good wishes to Clare of Eat Stuff. Clare is the person who started all the weekend blogging events with her Weekend Cat Blogging, now in week 23. Last week she was seriously hurt when her beloved cat Kiri was startled by a threatening dog and bit her numerous times. All Clare's food blogger / cat owner friends are going to send her good wishes this weekend, and if you are catless, use your imagination to send something fun to wish Clare a speedy recovery. (I am hoping I might be able to send her some flower photos via Masak-Masak who has graciously agreed to host WCB for another weekend. Amazingly enough, although it's getting pretty cold here in the Rocky Mountains, some of my snapdragons are still looking quite flashy.)

Also don't forget about Weekend Dog Blogging at Sweetnicks, the person who helped spawn WHB when I jokingly reported to her that I would have to blog about plants since I didn't have a dog or a cat.

Now, on to the subject that is foremost in my mind. Herb, Cat, and Dog blogging is fun, but this weekend there is something happening in my family that is truly special. Yesterday my wonderful father turned 80 years old and on Saturday we are having a huge family dinner, followed by an Open House, to celebrate this event. We are expecting close to 70 people for the family dinner, and my father is a beloved leader in his church and community, so the open house may also turn out to be a very large event. We're hoping all ten siblings will be here in Utah, which doesn't happen that often, and I'm looking forward to seeing them all. As you might guess, I'll have other things on my mind besides blogging this weekend, so if I am not posting much, you'll know why.

I will be having dinner tonight with Rand and Bradley, my brilliant creative/technical team who have helped me so much on this blog. Lucky me, to have so much talent in the family! We'll be visiting our favorite Thai restaurant, so possibly I can snag some photos from there.

However, no matter how busy I get celebrating between now and then, for sure I'll be back on Sunday to report on Weekend Herb Blogging, so send me your posts. Now, I'm off to photograph those snapdragons!

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  1. Wow, what a weekend for you. This is really special... you get to see all your family. I'm sure it will be a lovely time. 70 people! your dad's a popular guy...

    All the best Kalyn. Enjoy your weekend! Can't wait for the lovely thai food photos...

  2. Hi Kalyn,
    I popped over to let you know about the special WCB this weekend, and you already have my link up. Thanks so much.

    This is a great post. I am so envious that you still have snapdragons. They are one of my favorite flowers. Yesterday I was moping around outside trying to find ANYTHING in bloom for Clare, but there was nothing. There are herbs and salad greens in the garden for WHB though! : )

    I was wondering, do you think maybe you should call it Weekend Plant Blogging, or does that sound less culinary? I know you allow all plants and flowers to 'play,' so it got me wondering. Whatever you call it, it's a great event.

    And I'm sure your weekend celebration will be a great event, too! Happy Birthday wishes to your father! : )

  3. Thanks Mae for the good thoughts. Farmgirl, as far as the name of WHB, I have been using technorati to tag it each week, so I think it's too late to change. But all plants are welcome.

  4. What a wonderful gathering for your father, all the people he knows/loves best. Tell him "good wishes from The Internet". Alanna


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