Saturday, November 12, 2005

Weekend Herb Blogging #6 (It's Time for Thyme)

The catchy title for this post was provided by my nephew, Jake who lives near me and attends the University of Utah. I remember when, as a young child of about three, Jake spontaneously started talking in rhyme.  It's true that his mother had been reading him Dr. Seuss books previous to this event, but still it was pretty entertaining. Today when I was telling Jake that I had already blogged about parsley, sage, and rosemary, he pronounced, "It's time for Thyme."

Thyme has a great affinity for chicken and I consider it an essential ingredient in roast chicken, no matter what else you are using for seasonings. It's also great in chicken soup or gravy, although a little can go a long way in gravy. If you want to read a little more about this wonderful herb, here is some interesting information that I found.

Something I learned by reading a little about thyme is that it should be added towards the beginning of cooking so that the oils have time to be released. That must be why it's so good in those long cooking chicken dishes. Thyme is easy to grow, and makes an attractive border in flower gardens. It attracts bees, making it a good thing to plant near your vegetable garden, which is where I have mine. 

I still have a few herbs surviving in my garden, so hopefully I will get to spotlight one or two more before it snows. Don't forget, if you're a blogger and want to show off an herb, veggie, plant, or flower, send me your link by mid-day on Sunday (Utah time) and I'll include you in the herb blogging round-up on Sunday night.

Now I'm off to the grocery store to buy a few last minute things for my father's big 80th birthday party and open house tonight.

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  1. Hi Kalyn,

    This is one of my favourite herbs and yes it's great with chicken and beef...

    I use this for both meat when i'm roasting it adds a great flavour and aroma. Love it.

    I have a garlic which has taken up a home in my garden. It was a stray... Though it's getting pretty cold here in Jersey, Channel Islands, to my surprise it's still alive. I've put it in a pot on it's own and leave it to be and every day i check, there it is growing quite happily. Maybe i should send this herb to your 'weekend herb blogging' as i think it deserves to be a herb celebrity, what do you think?

  2. What camera do you use? Your closeups look great. Mine don't seem to come out that crystal clear :(

  3. Mona, let me confess to you and the world that I'm not a great photographer, I just have a great camera. I basically went to a camera store where I trusted them and told them "I'm writing a food blog and I want a camera that will take good pictures of food and is easy to use." They steered me to the Casio EX-Z57. It's very easy to use, with a huge lcd screen and it displays words (not symbols, which confuse me!) for the different functions. It has different shooting modes that you can select based on what type of shot it is. For the herb photos I've been using "flower" and of course for the food photos I use the "food" mode. How easy can you get. I've been very, very happy with the photos. I'm touching them up a little, but even if I didn't I think they would be pretty good. The camera was $359 but I got it on sale for $299, even better.

    Someday if I ever learn more about digital photography I might invest in an SLR digital camera. For now, I'm having so much fun with this camera.

  4. I grew thyme in the garden this year and have added it to my Shepard's Pie recipe on numerous occasions. My summer garden is pretty much gone with the wind now. We already had our first snow here in Quebec. Nice to see you are still enjoying the last of summer's bounty.

  5. OMG, your camera has a "food mode"? Jeepers. I'm still exploring all the buttons there are to push on my camera. Mine is a SLR, however, though, so it's LOVEABLE!!!
    Kalyn, your thyme looks great. Mine's in a sort of state of grooming rehab. Got leggy and now it needs to "regroup." Oh, shoot. It probably won't be pretty for the next Weekend Herb Blogging, and I'm running out of herbs.

  6. Kalyn--Sorry for off-topic on your post, but somewhere in my travels I saw a comment you'd made about wishing you could find another Utah food blogger...well, I found one today by happenstance!

    Happy Birthday to your dad!

  7. hi Kalyn,

    Here it is my contribution to WHB 6 - garlic.

    rice and noodles: WHB 6 : garlic

    I'm sorry it's such a short write up but i didn't get home until 2am and it's now 4.51 am here (took me 2 hours to think on this one - caught me off guard!). i thought might as well do it now as i don't want to miss the deadline otherwise i wouldn't be able to sleep anyway worrying that i'd wake up late tomorrow and completely miss it!

    this is my first blog event so please bear with me...

    thanks a lot for the encouragement.

  8. Hi kalyn,

    I do like to use this a lot in egg & sauce based dishes --It does lend a unique flavour .

    Wishing a Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  9. Hi Kalyn and Happy Birthday to your father!
    First, I love your blog! Found it thru Farmgirl a few weeks ago. And I love the idea of herb blogging because I'm ridiculously passionate about herbs. And I have to say, I think thyme is my you all mentioned, mmmmmmm, roast chicken with thyme, shepherds pie, pork...and as we Northerners face winter coming, it's also fantastic as a bath soak. Just steep about 1/2 c thyme in boiling water, strain and pour into your bath. The oils that make your chicken taste so good are also antiseptic, so thyme really helps you feel better if you're chilled or getting a cold.


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