Monday, December 19, 2005

Bloggasm Interviews Kalyn

Bloggasm is a fun new blog you may have stumbled across in your web surfing. They interview bloggers, comment on blogs, and report interesting web news. Here is their mission statement:

Bloggasm seeks to interview and promote a variety of blogs from different cultural realms. We sometimes post several interviews a day. We also bring you a multitude of posts on blogs, culture, and weird news we find on our daily web wanderings.

The reason I am telling you this is because today Bloggasm is publishing an interview with me! They contacted me by e-mail, said they found my blog interesting, and asked me if I would consider being interviewed.

It's quite exciting. Not that I haven't been interviewed before. When I used to be the president of my local teacher's union, I was interviewed all the time. That was different. For those interviews I had to be very careful what I said. This time I got to answer based purely on my opinions.

Too fun. Head on over to Bloggasm and check it out.

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  1. Kalyn: As a former journalist, let me say that it was one of the best interviews I've ever read.
    Good job.

  2. Hey cool & nicely done!

    Simon (Bloggasm's co-creator) just interviewed a TON of writer friends of mine, including my buddy Jay who I featured in my first Cook 'n the Books segment, and my online pal Mike, who plugged Belly Timber at the end of the interview! (How cool is that!)

    I love that he's doing food bloggers now too and huge congrats on being the first out of the gate!

  3. Thanks CC and Mrs. D. How cool that the same blog talked about Belly-Timber too. I have no idea how they found me or my blog, but it was fun.

  4. Nice read Kalyn! I'm happy they choose you!

  5. Hi Kalyn,

    Just been to read your interview and what a great write-up it is. You go girl! It's definitely the Kalyn i *know* of. I'm so glad they chose you! You'd make a great blog Ambassador.


    PS. I often go to Rand & Bradley's site to browse through gadgets. My fav (not that i have a dog) is the pet mobile phone thingy. How entertaining.

  6. Kalyn,it was cool,loved reading your interview! this is such a fun idea .

  7. Hi kalyn

    great interview. I agree with the comments above about you being a blog ambassador etc!

    I think we should also add with the encouragement of people reading blogs, that they should absorb all the information with caution. Many people are writing blogs now and are giving opinions based on very few facts and other people are reading these blogs as gospel truth. It possibly isn't the case with food blogs (I hope), but is definitely the case with politics, news and other "important" topics. Even though the media world is run by corporate giants (unfortunately) they at least have to be culpable for the information they publish/report. In theory we are too, as bloggers, but in reality there is a HUGE difference. I know that if I read something on a blog that I find interesting about news/politics, I will search more trusted means (tv/papers/radio etc) for verification! Most blogs are good - but people should read with extreme caution!

    Nonetheless - great interview! I always look forward to reading your blog when the rss feed says there is something new!

  8. Congrats,Kalyn! Great read the interview..:)

  9. I just want everyone to know that I *knew* Kalyn when, too! You covered lots of passions in a couple of paragraphs, Mz Kalyn, congraxs!

  10. Bravo to you Kalyn for pointing out the corporate-controlled media. Sooo scary that we are increasingly getting all of our information from fewer and fewer sources--sources with agendas, I might add.

    Congrats on getting interviewed!


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