Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Your Blog Reading Assignment: Find Both the Utah Food Bloggers

I know some of you who are reading this spend quite a bit of time on the internet, zipping from food blog to food blog, just looking for something to spark your interest. I must confess, I spend a fair amount of time cruising around the food blogs myself. It's fun, but sometimes it can feel a little, well, aimless. Like I'm looking for something but I don't know quite what it is. Sometimes I even worry that I might possibly be spending too much time reading the blogs.

Today you can surf the food blogs to your heart's content without fear of feeling like you might possibly be wasting time, because I'm giving you a specific assignment. And to answer the first question the students always ask, yes, this will count on your report card! Now for a little background information to get your started on the assignment.

I recently discovered, thanks to LisaD of Comfort Food, that there is another food blogger in Utah! (Of course everybody who reads the blogs knows that dooce lives here, but she mostly writes about the by-products of food, if you know what I mean.) Later I learned this other blogger was right here in Salt Lake City! After Lisa *introduced* us to each other, we exchanged e-mails and comments a few times. Then we linked to each other's sites. Finally, on Saturday night, we were ready for a more committed relationship, something involving the actual consumption of food. We met for dinner at a restaurant.

It was great fun! We had so much to talk about. Both of us were excited to discover we live right in Sugarhouse, a neighborhood in what's called the "central liberal belt" of Salt Lake. We made plans to meet regularly to try new restaurants and talk about what's happening in the food blog world. The other person (I'm trying to be careful not to say the name) is active in Slow Food Utah and promised to bring me to some events. I promised to invite this person to my annual Soup Party on New Year's Day.

Together we hatched up this fun activity for your blog reading pleasure. Today we are both posting the same two pictures of our dinner together, along with the same 5 clues below. Your assignment is to cruise around the food blogs and see if you can find out who both of the Salt Lake City food bloggers are. If and when you find us both, leave a comment on both blogs saying that you found us. Later this week we will publish a re-cap, telling all the people who found us and how long it took.

Now, here are the dinner photos from our dinner at Thai Garden Restaurant:

Salmon Larb, a deep fried salmon dish served with sliced onions and chopped cilantro.

Red Curry with Chicken - one of my all time favorite Thai dishes.

Here are the other clues, which should be quite helpful if you are willing to take on this assignment:

  1. Both of us have blogs with two words in the name.
  2. We both have a link to the other person's blog on the main page of our blog.
  3. Neither of us is all that techy - if it weren't for brothers or friends we wouldn't have such great blog headers.
  4. One of us is relatively experienced at blogging, and the other is just starting out.
  5. We both mention the geographic area or city name in the profile or bio seciton of our blog.
Now head on off and see if you can find the other Salt Lake City food blogger, then come back and leave a comment for me when you do. (LisaD, you can leave the first comment. You've already gotten an A+ on the assignment!)
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  1. Ooooh, ooooh, oooooh, I know!!! But only in a round-about way. She's going to be my next candidate for New (to Me) Blogger on the Block Thursdays this week and she happened to mention she met you. So, I suppose that might be cheating, huh?

  2. Hi Kalyn!

    I found her, it took me roughly 3-4 minutes... yes! i'm that fast. I could work as a detective, huh? Do i get an A???

    I'm not sure if i'm supposed to leave who she is? Her initials are SC...

  3. I didn't even have to check it out, I KNEW!!!

  4. I found him-or-her. Google didn't help, and neither did Blogger, but if you go read my comment at this mysterious other blogger's site, you'll see how I followed one of your clues and landed there in a mere trice.

  5. I guess this makes me the foodie matchmaker of the blog world?

  6. So i guess, 3 minutes doesn't even make it huh? I'm not that fast after all... That'll teach me for bragging. I will now go and sulk.

  7. No, mae, you still win. I wasted at least three minutes on Google and Blogger. Shoulda thunk of Lisa first.
    (Ooh. Did I just give something away?)

  8. You guys are so cute. Everyone who has found both of us in less than a day gets an A+, so not to worry.

  9. not only did i know, but i think i left the first ever comment on V's blog... so there!

  10. Very fun, Kalyn! And a great new BLOG find, too! AK


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