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South Beach Diet Phase One Dessert Recipes Featured on Kalyn's Kitchen

This page has Phase One Desserts featured on Kalyn's Kitchen.  As anyone who's done the South Beach Diet knows, Phase One Desserts are challenging, so this page doesn't have many entries.  If anyone has a good idea for a Phase One Dessert, we would love to hear about it in the comments!

Low-Sugar Coconut Almond Macaroon Cookies (Phase One and Gluten Free!) (all phases)

Jello Desserts
Jelled Ricotta Pudding (a phase one dessert from a reader - all phases)

Two Ingredient Sugar-Free Raspberry Yogurt Pie or Parfait (all phases but use whipped topping sparingly if you make the parfait for phase one)
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  1. This is an awesome phase one desert but I don't really measure so I'll try and do my best.
    Lemon or lime cheese cake. I ground up a bag of almonds and mix it with splenda & a bit of cinnamon pat this into an 8x8 pan. Put into food processor one container of 99% fat free cream cheese, 1pkg of lemon or lime sugar free jello that has been diluted in 1 cup of water and splenda to taste. Pour over crust, chill. Easy and delicious. I often make this without the crust. For a little richer you can add 1/2 a container of fat free whip cream but I'm not sure of the sugar content altho I don't think it's high. Please tweak this however you see fit but it sure fixes the sweet craving. On phase 2 I add fruit on top with the whip cream.mmmm!

  2. Carol, you would need to make this without the crust for it to be phase one (I think) because nut flours aren't allowed for phase one. Sounds good though; I will experiment with it.

  3. You posted a recipe for an SBD-friendly "ice cream" made without an ice cream maker. I'll be darned if I can find that recipe. Can you please point me in the right direction?

  4. It was Mango Sorbet, not ice cream, and it's not a phase one dessert so it's listed on the page for Low Sugar Desserts, but not this page. You can see the post here.

  5. Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Treat! Mix one softened low-sugar fudsicle with one tablespoon of natural peanut butter and freeze for about 15 minutes. Then enjoy! Tasted like chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Yum!!!

  6. Debbie, that does sound good! I will definitely try it.

  7. thank you so much for all your . hard work. I love all of your resipes.

  8. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to have (and keep up) such an incredible website. You have helped me get through South Beach Phase 1 in a breeze! Thanks again for helping me succeed to be the healthier me I know I can be.

  9. Sarah, you're welcome, and good for you!

  10. This is the best place to come for healthy delicious meals. Lowcarb low sugar, low fat can often be boring, you have made it exciting to eat and lose weight. I lost 20 lbs so far thanks to your recipes for phase one. Thank you soooo much.

  11. Prouty, glad you are enjoying the food and having success!

  12. This is a vegan recipe I've used often, even before starting South Beach, but sub sugar substitute for the Agave, and it's even phase 1 friendly (and it's REALLY good!):

    Chocolate Tofu Pudding
    Posted By catherine On March 16, 2009 @ 11:16 pm In All Recipes,Big Kids Recipes,Dairy Free,Desserts,Egg Free,Toddler Bites,Vegan,Vegetarian,gluten free | 21 Comments

    Tofu is one of those amazingly versatile foods that you can use in so many different ways. It’s flavor is neutral, allowing it to take on and absorb the flavors of whatever you are cooking with. Using it as a base in dips and sauces is delicious, but have you ever made a creamy pudding out of it? This chocolate tofu pudding is so silky and tasty, I guarantee your kids will never notice that it’s not the Jell-O kind from the box. Even Bill Cosby would be proud.

    We tested this recipe 6 times with different brands of tofus and cocoa powders. At the end of the day, we decided that most brands of silken, or soft, tofu in your grocery store refrigerator section or “Mori-Nu silken firm un-refrigerated tofu” (sold at most healthy food stores) are the best options. Both tofus produced super smooth pudding results. We also played around with the amount of cocoa powder. You can use more or less cocoa then the amount called for in the recipe, but 1/3 cup seemed to produce a perfectly chocolaty pudding that wasn’t too light or too rich.

    This recipe is also a great option for parents trying to watch their waistline. It’s low in fat and calories since there’s NO fat in cocoa powder and it’s not laden with sugar. My girlfriend came over for dinner and she and Kenya were hilarious digging into the pudding together and swallowing it so fast their dishes were empty within seconds!

    Chocolate Tofu Pudding (Serves 4-6)

    1 14 Oz Package Soft Silken Tofu (I like House Foods soft silken or Mori-Nu firm silken)
    1/3 Cup Pure Cocoa Powder
    1/3 Cup Agave Nectar (feel free to use a little more if you want it sweeter)
    1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

    1. Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend to combine.
    2. Scrape down the sides of the food processor and blend again to make sure everything is incorporated.
    3. Serve immediately or chilled.

  13. Thanks Catherine, definitely going to try it!

  14. Peanut Butter Cookies

    1 C natural Peanut Butter
    1 C Splenda
    1 egg
    1 tsp vanilla

    Mix all together the roll into balls and flatten with a fork on a cookie sheet. Bake @ 350 for 10 minutes.

    Nice for an occasional treat when everyone around you is eating birthday cake. :-)

  15. Carrie, sounds good. I have a similar recipe with the phase 2 desserts that has chopped nuts. You'd have to really limit these for phase one because only 2 T of peanut butter is allowed.

  16. First of all, this website is so helpful and is the only reason I've managed to stay on the SBD so a big thanks to you! Secondly, I think I have another Phase 1 friendly dessert. As a kid, I used to love Almond Jelly served at Chinese restaurants and recently found a simplified recipe for it:
    2 and 1/4 tsp plain gelatin (Use 1 and 1/2 tsp if you like your jelly firm)
    1 cup boiling water
    4 packets Splenda (not sure how many tsp this is)
    2 tsp almond extract
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    1 cup cold skim milk

    Dissolve gelatin in boiling water and whisk to combine. Add extracts and sugar, stir until dissolved. Add cold milk and stir to combine. Pour mixture into 4 ramekins or small bowls. You may need to pour extra skim milk into the ramekins to fill them to the top depending how how big they are but this only makes them more creamy and delish. Refrigerate overnight or until firm.

    Makes a wonderful light almond dessert jello!

  17. Alisha, thanks so much; just printed the recipe.

  18. Would love to see a P1 dessert recipe w/canned pumpkin....maybe w/some neufchatel (light) cream cheese and stevia??? ideas?

  19. Winter squash/pumpkin are not allowed for phase one, so there couldn't be a phase one dessert with that as an ingredient.

  20. My mom made a version of the coconut almond cookies but added some cinnamon. Tasted just like a cinnamon bun! Delicious!! Going to try adding cocoa next :)

  21. I made the chocolate tofu pudding and it was good. Then I added some sugar-free DaVinci syrup to it for flavor and it was terrific! I had Peppermint patty on hand (yum) and I'm going to get some SF raspberry and make it again (yum yum). It doesn't take much. Just a teaspoon or so for flavor.

  22. I make a faux cheescake pudding that is very versatile.

    1 16 oz container of fat free cottage cheese
    1/2 cup skim milk
    1tsp. vanilla

    1 sm package sugar free instant pudding.

    Put first three ingredients in a blender and run till smooth, while running pour dry pudding mix in. Blend for another 10 seconds.
    Spoon into 4-6 small containers and chill.
    I've used every flavor of SF pudding available and all turn out good. Especially love white chocolate flavor,with a bit of sugar free raspberry syrup.

    Not sure if it qualifies for Phase 1 or not..


  23. Dan, it sounds good. Will look up the ingredients to see if I think it's Phase One, I'm not sure either.

  24. Thanks for your website, Kalyn- you are my first stop whenever I need culinary inspiration.

    Here's my favorite low-carb dessert (I think it's Phase One, but not sure):
    8oz milk (I use whole milk)
    2T unsweetened dark cocoa powder, or to taste
    1T. Truvia, or to taste
    unsweetened whipped cream
    cardamom, if desired

    Microwave the milk for a minute. Whisk in cocoa and truvia. Nuke for another minute. Whisk again, top with whip. Sprinkle a little cardamom on top.


  25. Anna, that sounds like it could be an occasional treat on phase one to me, although the whole milk and whipped cream are not really permitted on South Beach.

  26. I think this would be Phase 1 although I am not sure. I mix a small amount (1/4-1/2 cup) fat free regular greek yogurt with 1 tsp vanilla extract. Place in freezer and stir every 10-15 min until mostly solid (about 30 min in my freezer). Serve with a few mini chocolate chips for an extra treat but be very careful (only a few chocolate chips.

    1. That sounds like it would be ok for phase one, with the caution you mentioned. Might have to try this in the ice cream maker with a little granulated stevia.


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