Thursday, February 23, 2006

Egg Muffins Revisited
No More Cupcake Liners!

I updated this recipe in the days when it wasn't possible to move a post forward without breaking the link, but I'm leaving this post here in case anyone has it bookmarked.  You can see Kalyn's latest thoughts about egg muffins and step-by-step instructions at Egg Muffins for a Grab-and-Go Breakfast.)

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  1. These Egg Muffins are perfect for folks eating gluten-free! I'm going to make some of the green chile muffins. :-) Excellent!

  2. I *love* the silicone molds. I got a set for Christmas that has several shapes. They're also fantastic for really moist cakes and loaf-pan breads. Your muffins look delicious.

  3. Wow! These look awesome! I'm hooked. How well do they keep? I'm thinking lunchbox item.

  4. Those egg muffins look yummy. I usually hard-boil eggs on the weekend to get me through the week, but I may have to try those.

    I also love my silicone pan. And the best part is, if something does need to be scrubbed out of the pan a little, just turn the cup inside out and it's really easy to get at!

  5. I love silicone too. I just bought some silicone cupcake "tins". Your egg muffins look delicious. Do they taste really eggy? I'm not a big fan of eggs but those really look great. Especially with cheese!

  6. I am so glad you guys are not completely sick of me posting about egg muffins. They really are delish. Catherine, I do think they would keep in a lunchbox just fine. They are best heated though, so I would nuke them for 2-3 minutes before you eat them. Gourmetish, I really don't think they are all that eggy. In fact, the way I make them, they are about half cheese.

  7. I think I'll have to try some of these egg muffins soon.

    There were a whole lot of cheese sandwiches last week, weren't there?

  8. Here we go again. I just spent over $200 on Foodsaver stuff, and now I have to go back to the store for silicone pans. Stop it! You're killing me!

    Just kidding. I've seen them, but hadn't thought I needed them. Maybe I do now.

    Try the muffins with swiss cheese and asparagus! Yummmmmm.

    By the way, do yours "give up" water when you microwave them after they've been frozen? I just squeeze 'em like a sponge to get the moisture out, but I was wondering if it's just my freezer or this is normal. Of course, now that I have a foodsaver, I can vacuum-pack my muffins, right?!

  9. Cyndi is the second person who has asked me if the muffins are "waterey" after they've been frozen, and truthfully I haven't ever noticed this. I cook them until they are quite firm, and I also beat the eggs quite well when I mix them. When I microwave them I wrap a couple of paper towels around the muffins, and the towel is slightly damp when I take them out of the microwave, so I wonder if that is what you guys are referring to. I'm puzzled. For sure mine are not so moist that I could squeeze water out like Cyndi is referring to. Anyone else noticed this?

    Cyndi, you will love the FoodSaver. Be sure to use it for cheese. The cheese will stay good in the refrigerator for months and months.

  10. I used to make these all of the time and I froze them. They would give up a bit of moisture when reheated, not too much. I just added ham and cheese to mine.

  11. I'm going to put the next batch in Foodsaver bags. This batch was in regular ziploc bags; acquired so much water I literally sqeezed them like sponges to drain the water after they were cooked. But they are sooooo good.
    Thanks for the advice on the cheese. I have a cheese tray in my fridge that I've just tossed all the cheeses in--it's sort of like a drawer. Now I'm going to use one of my square canisters (I bought two) instead; and if DH gets cheese out during the day while I"m at work I can just vacuum it again each night. I don't want to use the bags. I keep my grated cheddar, which I buy in 5-lb. bags at Costco, in the freezer--it's fine that way. But the Foodsaver sounds like a great idea for all the rest.

  12. Can you tell me how long the egg muffins last in the fridge? I was thinking 3 to 5 days...and then I was thinking maybe a whole week?

  13. The egg muffins will definitely last at least a week in the fridge. In this post on egg muffins I show how I keep them in individual plastic bags and reheat in the microwave each day (to eat in the car on the way to work!) I also have started using individual silicone baking cups, which is even a better way to make them, because you can keep them in a plastic container with the baking cup still on, then just pull out a couple to microwave. Hope you enjoy them!


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