Monday, March 13, 2006

Out of the Kitchen - Into the Classroom

For a while now I've been thinking it might be fun to share little glimpses into my fourth grade classroom once in a while. Today something happened that I thought was quite wonderful. We were going to be reading a story later centered loosely around Martin Luther King Jr., so I asked the kids to write about him for the Daily Topic, something they write every day in their student planner. I realized they knew that MLK day had come and gone, so I explained to them that later we would be reading a story that involved MLK and Rosa Parks. After I finished a very bright girl came over to my desk, and said in the most serious voice imaginable, "Ms. Denny I guess I am just so dumb, but I never can keep it straight about Rosa Parks. Was it the white people or the black people who had to sit in the back of the bus?"

What a wonderful example of how the consciousness of a society can increase with each generation. She truly had no idea. To her it was not at all apparent that black skin had been considered inferior. This is why I love being a teacher. We get to see how the potential for human beings really can be increased, just by exposure to the good that is in others.
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  1. Wonderful story! I too, love to see the world through the eyes and innocence of children. It's awesome!!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I saw this too, last month, when my daughter's kindergarten class covered black history month. Oh, that this same progress could be seen with other groups...and I think you know which particular one I mean...

  3. There is HOPE for the world! Thanks Kalyn for telling us!

  4. HI Kalyn--Isn't it wonderful to see the world through eyes that have no guile?

  5. Hmmm ... is it possible she just didn't understand whether the back of the bus or the front was the less-coveted position?

  6. Pat, I don't think so since we had read a story that was about a black boy fighting to sit in the back of the busy and his father got mad at him for it. I think it was a genuine confusion about whether Rosa Parks was black or white.


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