Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kalyn's Low Carb Coleslaw Recipe

Possibly I'm not sophisticated, but I have to confess I love coleslaw, just the basic sweet-sour stuff you make with the already-shredded mix from the grocery store. It's a salad I think is the perfect side dish to have with anything you've cooked on a grill. Last summer, after I'd been eating the lower carb way for a while, I experimented a bit and created this recipe for low carb coleslaw. When I served it for a family barbecue, several people commented that it was the best coleslaw they'd ever had! Now that grilling season is here again, I decided it was time to give this recipe a photo.

The only thing that's at all time consuming about making coleslaw is making the dressing. This dressing will keep in the fridge for a week or probably even two, so I'm giving you a recipe for enough dressing for two batches of coleslaw. Make the full amount of dressing, and you can have coleslaw again in a few days!

You can use light mayo if you insist, but this is completely fabulous tasting with real mayo. For those who are South Beach fans, regular mayonnaise is considered a "limited" food on the South Beach Diet, but milk, buttermilk, and cabbage are all diet legal, so I think this isn't too bad to have once in a while.

Kalyn's Low Carb Coleslaw
(makes enough dressing for two packages of coleslaw mix)

Dressing Ingredients:
1/2 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup milk
(or use all buttermilk for a little more tang)
2 cups mayo or light mayo (do not use fat free)
3 T white wine vinegar
2 T fresh lemon juice
1 T onion powder
1 tsp. celery seed
1 tsp. Veg-Sal (or use salt)
1/3 cup Splenda (or less, to taste)

1 pkg. coleslaw mix or about 8 cups diced cabbage
1/3 cup very finely chopped onion (I use the food processor)
(I like to add a little extra carrot and red cabbage)

Combine dressing ingredients. I did this by putting them all in a plastic jar and shaking well with the lid on, but you could do it in a bowl with a wire whisk or in the food processor. At least 2 hours before serving, combine coleslaw mix and finely chopped onion. Pour enough dressing over to moisten all the cabbage and combine well. Chill in refrigerator, then stir again just before serving. (You may need less than 1/2 the dressing for one bag of coleslaw mix. Keep the rest in the refrigerator for another time.)

(Edit 7-18-07: Here is another version of coleslaw using agave nectar if you don't want to use Splenda.)

About Ingredients:
Vege-Sal is a product that combines salt with ground vegetables to make a seasoning that is great on so many foods. In my family it's traditional to use it on popcorn, but it's great on any food where you might use salt, but with less sodium and more flavor.
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  1. I have never put buttermilk in mine but that sounds good.

    Splenda! I am TOTALLY going to try that in my next batch.

  2. oh, I forgot to add, I use Rice Wine Vinegar in mine. Delicious. Try it sometime. I am definitely going to try some buttermilk in mine.

    Oh, I have a buttermilk chicken recipe. Let me find it.

  3. Is this as good as KFC's? Not that I've ever had KFC's or anything :)

  4. Gabriella, rice vinegar sounds good.

    Rand, Better than KFC, especially if you put extra carrot and red cabbage.

  5. (I'm gathering that Rand has dined at KFC. Heh.)

    Oh, I'm so in the mood for coleslaw. So here I am eating locally for the month of May. I had to make my own mayonnaise for last week's coleslaw to keep it legal!

  6. Nice recipe. I've never heard of veg sal. I'm going to look for it.


  7. Ooooooh! I love coleslaw and this sounds wonderful. I'll make it this weekend. Thanks Kalyn.

  8. I grew up eating coleslaw and love it. This looks like a very good version.

  9. Have you tried that same recipe with wasabi? I have a similar recipe (it's the KFC copycat, actually), but I add wasabi paste.....a lot. It is so good.

  10. Cookiecrumb, when Rand and I were growing up, KFC was considered fine cuisine.

    Paz, you will love the Vege-sal.

    Christine and Sher, I hope you likeit.

    Anna, love the idea of the wasabi paste. I love wasabi.

  11. Hi Kalyn, I linked to your buttermilk-mayonnaise dressing recipe in a post for deviled eggs recently. I also listed the ingredients used in the dressing and hope by doing this I haven't crossed a line. I've given you lots of credit! Let me know if I should remove the ingredients from my post and just link to your recipe.


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