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Recipe Favorites: Easy Strawberries Romanoff

Easy Strawberries Romanoff found on
Strawberries Romanoff are one of my best memories of working at Le Parisien in Salt Lake City!

(Updated and added to Recipe Favorites June 2009) I keep noticing ripe juicy strawberries every time I go to the market, so I decided it's time Strawberries Romanoff gets featured as one of my Recipe Favorites. I learned to make this in college, when I worked at a French restaurant in Salt Lake called Le Parisien. The restaurant closed in 2001, but I have great food memories of the place, and Strawberries Romanoff was one of their signature desserts.

The restaurant served the strawberries with small bowls of sour cream and brown sugar for dipping, but through the years I developed a preference for whisking the brown sugar and sour cream together and mixing it with the cut strawberries. Now that I'm not eating much sugar, I make this with a mixture of Stevia In the Raw Granulated Sweetener and brown sugar. Of course you can also use regular brown sugar or another type of sweetener of your choice. Make this soon, while you can still get those ripe juicy strawberries that taste so good this time of year.

You need juicy ripe red strawberries for the best flavor. If you can get locally grown strawberries, even better. Cut the strawberries into halves or fourths to make same-size pieces.

Then whisk together the sour cream and Stevia (or other sweetener) and brown sugar (or all brown sugar if you prefer) and combine with strawberries. That's it!

Strawberries Romanoff
(Makes 4 small servings, recipe inspired by Strawberries Romanoff at Le Parisien Restaurant.)

1 pound fresh strawberries
1/2 cup sour cream (I use light sour cream, but never fat free)
1 T Stevia In the Raw Granulated Sweetener
1 T brown sugar
(You can use all Stevia or all brown sugar, or any combination of sugar/ sweetener that you prefer.)

Be sure to buy the reddest and ripest strawberries you can find for best flavor. Rinse strawberries, then cut big ones into fourths and smaller ones into halves. Put cut strawberries into a medium-sized bowl

In a small bowl, whisk together the sour cream and sweetener, brown sugar, or a combination of the two. Taste for sweetness to see if you want to add more sweetener. Gently combine sour cream mixture with cut strawberries, divide into four small dishes, and serve.

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South Beach Suggestions:
Strawberries are one of the World's Healthiest Foods, and would be considered a "good carb" for the South Beach Diet, since they're loaded with vitamins and natural fiber. That said, if you use regular brown sugar, I'd guess this is phase three for the South Beach Diet, or possibly a "once in a while treat" for phase two.   With all Stevia or another approved sweetener, you could have it more often.

Easy Strawberries Romanoff found on

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  1. ugh kalyn, that looks so good. sour cream and strawberries-amazing!
    splenda is awesome!
    when in doubt, go splenda!!!

  2. It's gone midnight and have just seen the picture of the Strawberries Romanof. If only i had some sour cream and strawberries in the fridge!

  3. Kalyn,

    I always wondered where my mom got that from; I just never put it together.

    Nice to see someone else with fond memories of La Parisien. I wrote a post about it ( when I found out Max had died. I hadn't seen him for a few years - I always hoped he'd open something else up.

    When did you work there? That is, if it isn't divulging too much. I believed that La Parisien opened in 1968 after the cooking show at the U ended, but I'm not certain.


  4. Chris, what a nice tribute to Max. I was sad to be out of town when they had his funeral or I surely would have attended. I hope I'm remembering it right, but I think I worked there from about 1977 - 1985. I worked there when I was getting my teaching certificate and kept working there a few nights a week for several years after I started teaching in 1979. Reading your post, I wonder if I might have known your parents?

  5. Probably - Hal or Barbara Hansen. Dad owns Edison St. Recording which was downtown from the mid 70s to 2003, I think.

  6. this is the first of your recipes I have tried (found the site a couple days agon). all i can say is that if all of your recipes are this good, i'm in heaven! YUM! THANK YOU!!

  7. I too loved the La Parisien. My husband took me there on one of our first dates, over 30 years ago. I'm definitely going to try this recipe, though I never had it at the restaurant. I was too full from the onion soup, salad with his signature dressing and the pepper steak.

  8. Barbara, didn't they just have the best food there? I still buy the salad dressing all the time and love it.

  9. The strawberries Romanoff look dee-licious. Thanks!

  10. Kalyn, I don't know how you do it. I've decided you are either a food clairvoyant or the two of us have a psychic food connection!

    The day my husband brought home artichokes you posted an artichoke recipe. When I pull pork chops out of the freezer, I find that you've posted a recipe to try. When I bought a bag of avocados at Costco, you were there the next day with a great recipe (and a couple of great tips!). More often than not, it seems we're on the same page somehow, as evidenced by your post today. Yesterday, I went to Costco and bought strawberries and last night we rented the movie, "Nicholas and Alexandra" about the last tsar of Russia. Today... Strawberries Romanoff! LOL

    Like I said, I don't know how you do it, but this is why I keep coming back! Good recipes that fit the way we live!
    Thanks! :)

  11. SaysPhoebe, I don't know how I do it either, I promise I do not have any tracking devides planted in your kitchen! I do try to use things that are in season and focus the blog around common foods and ingredients that most people will have around, so that might help. But most of all, I'm glad to hear it's working out for you.

  12. Lovely, lovely, lovely dessert!

  13. Sounds and looks delicious!

  14. Kaylyn,
    My first experience with Le Parisien was on a date in college. My date got the escargot for an appetizer and insisted I try it. It was delicious (cooked in garlic and butter, how can it not taste great?) but it turns out I'm allergic to shellfish, and at least for my immune system snails fall into that category. Not fun. However, I forgave my date and still get to use the "he poisoned me on our first date" story every once in a while since he is now my dear husband.
    Thanks for the recipes! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  15. Sophie and Zoe, thanks. I absolutely adore this dish.

    Maggie, what a fun story. That was the first place I had escargot, and I did love them there. I had so many foods for the first time there; it was an important step in my food education.

  16. What a great idea! I have been enjoying strawberries so much and it's nice to have other ways to prepare them.

  17. This looks great! I would never have thought of pairing strawberries with brown sugar, but it makes sense now that I see them together. Yum!

  18. The strawberries are beautiful! What a great summer treat!

  19. WOOOOOWWW Looks delicous! Thanks for the recipe! Great site and pictures!

  20. is fat free sour cream really that bad?

  21. Brett, I don't use fat free sour cream because it has added sugar, which I want to avoid. If you don't care about that, go ahead and use it.

  22. i'll have to try this! recently started weight watchers and really need to watch what i'm eating. this sounds fab!

  23. This brings back memories. I remember eating strawberries with my family when I was young by dipping the strawberries in sour cream followed by brown sugar. What a treat it was! This sound like another great way to enjoy that flavour combo.

  24. I'm making this for dessert tonight! I'm going to use Sugar Twin brown sugar to cut the amount of sugar even more, and make it more Phase 2 friendly!

  25. Natalie, hope you enjoy it. I haven't tried the Sugar Twin brown sugar; will have to check it out.

  26. I am searching for Strawberry recipes to feature on my blog, HammockTracks. Do you mind if I share your recipe with my readers? I will not post the actually recipe. I am simply going to add a picture and then direct them to your site.

  27. Savannah, that's fine. (I prefer contact through e-mail though, so this type of thing isn't in the comments.)


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