Saturday, May 13, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging #32 - Time to Plant the Garden!

In my mind, the best day of the year is the day you get your garden tilled. I love seeing the dark earth turned over, ready for new beginnings and promising so much goodness to come. Today was garden tilling and planting day at my house in Salt Lake.

I totally admire those disciplined folks who buy seeds early and start them indoors or in greenhouses, but for me, that hasn't ever been something I've managed to do. Every year I buy plants for at least 90% of my garden, and plant them, along with a few seeds, sometime in late April. This year I'm several weeks behind getting things in the ground, but the weather in Salt Lake has been kind of rainy, and I've been traveling. Here's a peek at my garden and what I'm growing this year:

Of course I'm planting herbs! I had oregano, sage, rosemary, thyme, and mint still growing from last year. Today I planted basil (seeds and plants), lemon verbena, parsley, lemon thyme and dill.

I always get a few big tomato plants for early tomatoes. These are Better Boy, a type I haven't tried but they had the most flowers.

I also planted two each Brandywine, Lemon Boy (a great yellow tomato), Viva Italia (plum tomatoes), Celebrity (my favorite slicing tomato) and one cherry tomato. I know, that's a lot of tomatoes. I like to share, plus I plan to make a lot of roasted tomatoes to freeze.

These Blushing Beauty peppers turn yellow, then orange, then red, and they can be picked at any color. Notice the little peppers already on the plant. I'm excited to try these.

These are Sweet Slice cucumbers, my favorite type of cucumbers for cucumber salads. I love garden cucumbers, and think the flavor is incomparably better than the cucumbers you buy.

Of course every garden needs a little squash. I cut way back this year, only getting two zucchini and two crookneck (yellow squash). I'll also be planting two spagetti squash as soon as I can find the plants.

Have you tilled and planted your garden yet? If you live in Utah, I very enthusiastically recommend Charles Kelly, who operates a full service yard care company with a trademark of The Red Truck. He does a great job of tilling at very reasonable prices, and is a nice guy too. You can reach him at 801-596-2804. (It's fitting that I'm mentioning him on the food blog too, because Charles used to be a chef at a number of well-known Salt Lake City restaurants. I knew there was a reason I liked him so much!)

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  1. Timing is indeed everything. Looks like we are on schedule here as well.

    I planted some tomatoes last weekend after getting everything tilled (it's good when it is over), added a little chicken manure and mixed everything in. Today, we planted lettuce, arugula, beets, rosemary seeds (maybe a couple other things too).
    We'll get more tomatoes tomorrow.

    Can't wait for everything to be ready to eat!

  2. No wonder you got someone in to till the ground, your garden is huge!

  3. Pascal, sounds like you are right on schedule. T.up T., my garden is big, but it's not as bit as it looks in this photo. I think it's an optical illusion!

  4. I'm still weeding! We had such a long and rain-heavy winter that it's taking forever to get the soil ready. Your veggie choices and seeing your rich, dark earth in the background is making me itch to get out there and do the same. I'm thrilled for you.

  5. Wow, I'm having a huge case of garden plot envy. You have a nice size garden, unlike my postage stamp beds!!!! The soil looks very good.

  6. Kalyn, Your pictures do make me wanna try my hand at gardening....Nice to see all the greenery in your garden :)

  7. I wish I had a yard so I could have a lovely herb garden too. I may try to plant some herbs indoors. Our back windows are great for plants. My Christmas cactus and orchids love it.

  8. Celebrity is a great tomato!
    The previous owner of the house had planted some behind the shed and I neglected to pick all of them and they volunteer every year. I'm risking disease, but I haven't the heart to yank them out when they show up.

  9. Looks like a great set of cultivars! I've been thinking of trying Lemon Boy tomato, and your recommendation may have just tipped the scales for it. I second the comments on Celebrity-- wonderful flavor and a big yielder.

    Hey, any chance you will be out in the SF Bay Area for BlogHer at the end of July? Or other Weekend Herb Bloggers? If you set up a CafePress store with the WHB logo and your URL, I'd love to wear one to BlogHer! We could even do a 'roadshow' type shirt, with WHB URL's on the back and "Weekend Herb Blogger World Tour" above them. I volunteer to put together the URL art for the back of the shirt if you are too busy!

    best regards,

  10. What a wonderful garden you're going to have, with all those herbs and tomatoes!


  11. Christine, show us your garden when you get it done.

    Sher, I'm lucky to have great soil. I also get horse or steer manure tilled in every year.

    Lera, gardening is so rewarding. Do give it a try.

    BG, herbs in a sunny window would be great if you don't have a yard. (Believe me, sometimes no yard sounds great.)

    Steven - volunteer celebrity tomatoes! What could be better.

    Strata, I wanted to go to Blogher, but I need some work done on my house and I decided it was just not in the budget. I will check with my t-shirt designer (Rand) and see what he thinks about having a WHB shirt. It could be a very fun idea.

    Paz, wish I could send you some tomatoes.


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