Friday, July 28, 2006

Kalyn Is At Blogher Today, but Here's Your Homework!

I'm writing this early in the morning from my hotel room in San Jose, California, where I'm attending the Blogher Conference, a gathering of over 400 women bloggers from all over the world. What started out feeling like the mother of all blind dates has turned into one of the most exciting things I've ever participated in. I can tell I'm going to learn more than I ever imagined at Blogher.

Last night I attended a reception for Blogher contributing editors and conference speakers, and you could feel the energy in the room. All those smart women in one place, not to mention some pretty smart men too. I saw a few blogging superstars, but the person I was most excited to meet at Blogher was Elise, whose cooking blog, Simply Recipes, was one of the very first food blogs I discovered when I accidently became a food blogger. Not only do I love Simply Recipes, but Elise has been so encouraging and helpful to me, and in person she's just as warm, friendly and brilliant as she seems on Simply Recipes. I'm looking forward to getting to know her a lot better. I also met two of the three founders of Blogher, Lisa Stone and Jory de Jardins, who both are the type of young, gorgeous, and intelligent women you might love to hate if only they weren't so darn nice. (I'm also excited about meeting Elisa Camahort, the other Blogher founder today.)

If you're only attending Blogher virtually I've discovered you can still learn a lot due to the number of people doing live blogging while the conference sessions are happening. I'm not going to attempt live blogging, but I'm giving you links to those who are. There are quite a few sessions of interest to food bloggers, so here's the Blogher Day One Schedule and Blogher Day Two Schedule if you want to see what's on the schedule. Then check this list of who's live blogging which session. (Don't miss reading about the session on digital photography on day one if you're a food blogger!) Of course, I'll be reporting later on my own impressions of the conference, including the foodblogger meet-up on Saturday.

Now for that homework assignment. I'm a teacher for those of you who don't know about my dual personality, and teachers sometimes do assign homework. Today we're talking about synonyms, two words that mean the same thing. You may use your thesaurus for this assignment if you wish. And, there's a prize! Enter as often as you want, but every entry has to be a separate comment, because I'm going to print the comments and number them to get the numbers for the drawing.

I'm really giving you the homework so you can help me become a better blogger, which is why I'm going to Blogher in the first place. I want you to help me with something I sometimes struggle with on this blog, which is, how to think of a creative way to say, "This tasted really good." When I edit my blog posts before publishing, I find that I use the words delicious, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, and yummy a lot to describe how something tastes. I need some new words!!

Leave a comment completing this sentence with just a few words:
This tasted ___________________________.

After I get home from Blogher, I'll do a random drawing among the commenters who came up with a new way to describe delicious tasting food, and send the winner a copy of The Cook's Encyclopedia of Herbs, a wonderful little book I recently discovered. If you're a cook, a gardener, or both, you'll love this book. If you're a Weekend Herb Blogger, trust me, you want this book.

If that isn't enough to keep you busy while I'm away, check out more blogher conference reports at the Blogher site, the posts at Blogher Food and Drink or poke around a little bit in Kalyn's Kitchen Recipes to see if there's some great recipes you've missed. (You might also see how much I've learned since I've been blogging if you go back a ways into the archives.)

By the way, even though I'm away, Weekend Herb Blogging is still happening at Kalyn's Kitchen this weekend. Send your link to kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net if you'd like to participate. I need it by 3:00 Sunday afternoon (Utah time). I'll be posting the recap on Sunday or Monday morning, depending on how many entries there are.
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  1. Kaylyn - here is your assignment.....get out there and have a delicious, yummy, tasty, enjoyable, enlightening time. Please make sure you sop up every bit of info to pass along to us. And thanks, thanks for thinking of us while you are away. ENJOY!!!

  2. I've used these before:
    "This tasted refreshing and summery without being cloying."
    "My palate got all of the flavor without having to fight sweet in sugar."
    But most of the time, I'm like you, I say delicious, yummy, tasty, yada yada yada.

  3. Kalyn, Thanks so, so much for keeping us informed while at the Blogher conference. I love your homework assignment and will be working on it!

  4. Kalyn,

    I used this the other day in reference to Muscatine melon topped with fresh mint:
    This tasted like summer in a bowl.

    Have an absolute blast at the conference!

    The Inadvertent Gardener

  5. This tasted
    like a song
    on the wind,
    that settled
    its delicate
    flavor on my
    tongue and in
    my senses.
    I swoon.

    Well I am a poet after all...

  6. You guys are coming up with some good ones. I'm going to let this keep going until Monday, then I'll do a drawing and see who wins. Good luck everyone. The book is great.

  7. This is something I struggle with, too. I still use words like "delicious," but I also try to relate the specific taste of the dish. Recently, I've written that something was "spicy, creamy, and crunchy all at the same time," and about something else I wrote that "the peppery taste of the beans provides a bold contrast to the tender, buttery squash." But when in doubt, delicious works! :-)

  8. How about... "Divine" in place of general descriptions of flavor: delicious, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, and yummy. But I'm with susanv in liking specific words for a particular sensation: spicy, creamy, crunchy. A metaphor is also nice, like Genie's: summer in a bowl.

    Here's a metaphor theme that could suit a range of recipes: Music. A grand dish could be, "a symphony of flavor," a light dish could "dance on the tongue," a sweet recipe could taste "like a love song."

  9. Kalyn,
    I see that others have come up with what I would have offered you. Divine is a word I like to use also. And I'm getting some good ideas about using metaphores. Glenna has some great lines as do both Susan and Judith. Can't add much more than that!

  10. Hope the conference was splendid. I've used these phrases:
    1) "When consumed, I sat motionless in my chair, unable to speak, smiling weakly at the stout man in my belly. I shamelessly licked my plate. I dare you not to."
    2) "With this recipe, you may now discard all other pancake recipes"
    3) "The peach, pure icing on the cake—the perfect representation of summer that left warm juice dribbling down my chin."

  11. Oh here's one more from today:
    "...the sweet savory smell of rotisserie chicken would get me salivating in no time"

  12. More good ones. Stacey is getting into the spirit because you can enter as many comments as you want!!

  13. That tasted scrumpdillyocious.

  14. The silky frosting melted into a creamy chocolate cloud on my tongue.

    Kalyn, have you read Dianne Jacob's Will Write for Food? The book has terrific exercises that helped me become a better food writer. It includes a section on how to decribe food and has a list(!) of great words to use. She also has an exercise about using metaphor which is another good way to describe food (see example!).

  15. This tasted original.

    That's the highest compliment I could pay!

  16. mouth-watering, melt in your mouth, awesome, lip-smacking good, plus all the usual that everyone else has mentioned.

    What a fun excercise.

  17. So many great ideas. Amy, thanks so much for the book recommendation. I'll order it from

    I'm going to declare this comment is an entry for Neil from Food for Thought because he left me some very good suggestions posted on the WHB recap, very much in the spirit of the contest, just posted on the wrong entry. Hope no one objects.

    I'm going to bed now, so I will pick the winner in the morning.

  18. Always having been a fan of cheap but effective tools - what about aliterations?

    Suggestions might be:

    It tasted:
    "so good it simply sizzled"
    "delightfully delicious"
    "so good it teased the tongue"
    "glutinously gratifying"

  19. This entry is for The chocolate Lady who also posted her ideas on a different post.

  20. Ok, it's Tuesday morning now. I'm making coffee and then I'm going to print the comments, number them, make slips with the numbers and draw one out (oh, the suspense. I'll come back and post the winner after I've done that.

  21. The winner is Lydia, who writes a blog called The Perfect Pantry. I recently spotlighted her blog for Blogher, and it's one of my new favorites so go check it out if you haven't seen it.

    Thanks to everyone else for the great suggestions. It was fun and informative for me.

  22. Hi everyone,
    A fun follow up to this little contest, The Chocolate Lady posted on her blog In Mol Araan about how to say delicious in Yiddish. It's very fun, don't miss it.


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