Monday, July 31, 2006

Why I Love My Garden! (Mini Garden Update #11)

Before I left for the Blogher Conference on Thursday, I picked everything in the garden and gave it away to the neighbors. Even though I was away and couldn't do an official garden update this week, I thought some of you nice readers who have e-mailed to say you're enjoying the garden updates might like to see what my garden produced in the four days I was gone. Just a quickie photo on my kitchen counter, but what a beautiful bunch of garden goodness. Since I don't have much food in the fridge, I'll be eating some of this today.

The tomato on the left is a brandywine, my favorite type of tomato for taste. The best news is that there are about 30 tomatoes in the garden which are nearly ripe, so I'll be making slow roasted tomatoes soon!

If you haven't seen them, check out Weekend Herb Blogging Recap #43 and my homework assignment for food bloggers. I'll be posting more later today about the wonderful foodbloggers I met at Blogher.

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  1. Wow. Gardens are just so incredible! They work so hard and all you did was play. More of life should be like that. Don't count all the work you did and do to make it happen.
    Lovely produce.

  2. I just learned about your blog, and I love it. Your enthusiasm is an inspiration, and your effective use of the medium is a model. Thank you.

  3. Gorgeous, Kalyn! Those tomatoes are incredible. Take a bite for me, would you?


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