Sunday, August 27, 2006

Final Garden Update and Here's What's New at Blogher

It's been fun posting an update about my garden every Sunday, but now the garden reports are the same every week, lots of veggies! The photo above is what I picked just now, all laid out on my kitchen table. There are a few spagetti squash which I didn't pick in time and now I'm leaving them to mature into winter squash. This will be the last garden update for this year; in fact I've decided that now that I'm back in school I'll be taking Sundays off from posting to the blog on the weeks that I don't host Weekend Herb Blogging.

Any readers who know me and live in Salt Lake, stop by and get some tomatoes! For the rest of you if you're curious about the steps that got my garden to this point, here are all the garden updates for the year:

first garden update
Garden Update #2
Garden Update #3
Garden Update #4
Garden Update #5
Garden Update #6
Garden Update #7
Garden Update #8 (Rand's Garden)

Garden Update #9
Garden Update #10
Mini Garden Update #11
Garden Update #12
Garden UPdate #13
Garden Update #14

I've been also updating you on Sunday about what was new that week at Blogher, the other site where I write about food. I'm switching that to Saturdays from now on, but here's what was new this week:

Alanna wrote about food bloggers making the best of difficult situations.

I wrote about The Food Blogger's Guide to the Globe, the interesting meme about five things you think everyone must eat before they die. I'll be posting my entry this week.

Blogher travel writer Pam writes about road food.

Alanna writes about foods we learned to cook from our mothers.

Pam writes about taking a food tour.

Alanna writes about Halloumi cheese.

And in a non-food post, I urged Blogher readers: Don't Keep Secrets From Your Child's Teacher.

You might also want to check out Becks and Posh to see why Sam hasn't been writing on Blogher this week.

Check back later tonight for Weekend Herb Blogging to see what people have been cooking. I'm going to be out for a lot of the day, so it may be a bit later than normal, but I'll post the recap sometime tonight.

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  1. Kalyn,
    Your garden harvest looks wonderful! I can't wait to see what you cook up with all of those fresh goodies. Yum!

  2. Beautiful, glorious garden harvest! I'm determined to have just such a bountiful harvest of coastal-growing veggies next year!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Fabulous picture Kalyn. I see a lot of potential tomato sandwiches there!

  5. your harvest is really bountiful. i do wish i lived nearby.

  6. Kalyn, that's an amazing bounty! Really quite impressive. I'm salivating over all those tomatoes. What do you have planned for them all?

    The Inadvertent Gardener

  7. Lucky, lucky you - well, I guess there was lots of hard work also! Still, it's beautiful.

  8. WOW! Kalyn, your harvest looks so amazing and colorful. I have been enjoying your reports. Always a feast for the eyes!

  9. You are a really lucky girl. So wonderful to have so many tomatoes!!!

  10. What a great harvest for you, Kalyn!

    I wish, I wish I lived close by!!! I'd be so thrilled to relieve you of your tomatoes!

    All the best with the new school year.



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