Friday, August 11, 2006

Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut (Friday Food Porn)

Since I'm having so much fun with my new camera, on Fridays I'm going to start posting food photos, things I may or may not have eaten during the week. South Beach Dieters, close your eyes!

Now that I've managed to maintain my 40+ pound weight loss for over two years, I do stray from the diet once in a while, but I think I've only ordered pizza delivery a couple of times in the whole two years. I'd be more like to make my version of Tony's Low Carb Pizza.

This pizza wouldn't be a good choice for the South Beach Diet, due to the white flour crust and the fact that pepperoni has a lot of saturated fat. But at least this was a thin crust pizza. If you're dieting and you do succumb to temptation and order a pizza, at least do it when there are lots of other people there to eat most of it! I'd love to find a good commercial pizza with 100% whole wheat crust. Anyone seen something like that?
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  1. Great photos. Naughtily tempting too. :) What kind of camera do you use?

  2. Thanks anonymous. My new camera is a Canon Rebel XT EOS which I am barely learning to use. I know there are a number of other food bloggers who are much better photographers than I am who use the same camera. Having a macro lens helps with things like the pizza. I've only had the camera a few weeks, and so far my pictures are pretty inconsistent, but I'm having fun learning to use it.

  3. I'm not sure about the US, Kalyn, but here in Canada we get whole-wheat crust pizzas. It's a great option when I DO have to binge! :o)

  4. Yum - I love delivery pizza.

    I'm not sure on delivery places that do whole-wheat crusts. But Trader Joe's sells a fresh whole-wheat crust. You'd still have to roll it out and make the pizza, but it's an option.

    Congrats on the weight loss - I knew you were on SB, but didn't realize how much progress you had made-good job!


  5. Meena, I need to look harder for a place that delivers whole wheat crust pizza.

    Crystal, alas, Utah does not have Trader Joe's. I know those of you who have it wonder how we can continue to exist, and since I go there every time I visit my brother, I do understand how you would feel that way. I LOVE Trader Joe's. I would go there all the time if we had one. And thanks for the congrats. It wouldn't be overstating it to say that South Beach completely changed my life.

  6. Regular pepperoni is really too heavy for me. I generally make mine with the turkey pepperoni. How does that fit. I've never seen whole wheat pizza crust unless I made it myself.

  7. Tanna, I love the idea of turkey pepperoni. That would be much better for South Beach, especially if you use low fat cheese for the pizza. Haven't seen whole wheat pizza crust either, but if they have it at Trader Joe's, there must be some place in this town that has it, wouldn't you say?

  8. Oh you naughty girl! However, will all the wonderful, healthy, low carb recipes that you prepare with beautiful photos to boot, I forgive you! ;)

  9. Oh dear, I meant to say "with" not "will". That typo makes nonsense out of my silliness!

  10. oh my gosh... that thin crust looks sooooo good!!! Kalyn, great shots too, esp the second pic.

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  12. I haven't seen any delivery places with whole grain crust, but, there is one supermarket who usually has the dijorno and tombstone (I think the 2nd one was tombstone) with the whole grain thin crusts.

    I did not know that trader joe's had the fresh whole grain crust, though, I'll have to check it out next time I'm by there.


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