Saturday, August 19, 2006

South Beach Recipes of the Week # 8 (South Beach Friendly Salads)

It's Saturday, and time to spotlight South Beach Diet friendly recipes I find on other food blogs. It's fun doing this because a lot of people don't know much about the glycemic index, which is what the South Beach Diet is based on. This week I got some feedback from a trusted blog advisor about my way of cataloging these posts on the archive page for South Beach Friendly recipes.

My friend pointed out, and rightly so, that cataloging the recipes by date didn't really mean much to someone who was looking for a certain type of recipe, once the link was added to the archives. After I had some time to think about that, I decided to add a list of included recipes each week as part of the link to that post. (Click on the archives link above if you're wondering what I'm talking about.) This person also suggested I made the South Beach Recipes of the week all be in a certain category of foods, when possible, so this week I'm sharing recipes for tasty South Beach Friendly salads that I'll bet will look appealing whether or not you care about the South Beach Diet.

Photo by Elise of Simply Recipes

On Simply Recipes, a blog where I always see things I'd like to cook, I spotted this recipe for Sesame and Cilantro Vermicelli Salad which sounded fabulous. I would substitute Dreamfields Spagetti for the pasta and replace the honey with Splenda, and this would become a completely South-Beach friendly dish. Even if you didn't want to use Splenda, there isn't a lot of honey here in proportion to the other ingredients.

Photo by Sher of What Did You Eat?

For the event to celebrate Julia Child's birthday, Sher of What Did You Eat made Julia's version of Cobb Salad, and it reminded me what a yummy dish this is. South Beach would recommend going easy on the bacon and blue cheese crumbles, due to the amount of saturated fat, but you could come up with a pretty delicious South Beach approved salad by making those small changes.

Photo by Celia of English Patis

On a blog I recently found called English Patis I found a recipe for Beginner's Caesar Salad that sounded appealing. Celia uses mayonnaise as the base for the dressing to avoid dealing with raw eggs. You would need to eliminate the croutons, or use 100% whole wheat bread if you wanted to make this South Beach friendly, but it does look tasty.

Photo by Christine of Christine Cooks

On Christine Cooks where there are a lot of good South Beach Friendly recipes, I found another take on Caesar Salad that sounded intriguing. Christine learned to make Grilled Caesar Salad from a friend, and recreated a version for her blog readers that sounded like a winner.

That's all the South Beach friendly recipes for this time.
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  1. Hello Kalyn,
    Thanks so much for the mention of my grilled Caesar salad. I'm only sorry that my photos didn't come out very well. What can you do when everything is yellow-green?

    I just love this global mutual admiration society of food bloggers, don't you?

  2. Why dint i visit ur blog b4 ? Lovely south beach stuff... I lost 8 pounds with this diet n now I am scared of doing it alone because it realy leavs me hungry n weak. But with the recipes on ur blog I think i should give it one more try

  3. Neelu, you shouldn't feel hungry on South Beach. In fact they recommend eating until you feel full. I never felt hungry and actually had more energy when I started the diet than I did before.

    Good luck.

  4. Kalyn, Those SB ideas look very good.

    I've never done SB but I have tried WW so I love using the Splenda.

  5. (Jumping up and down.) Thank you!!! Julia Child thanks you too(it was her recipe that I made)! :):) I wish I had all the salads.


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