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South Beach Recipes of the Week #9
Chicken Recipes

I read the food blogs all week and on Saturdays I like to spotlight South Beach Diet friendly recipes I find on other food blogs. I like doing this because a lot of people don't know much about the glycemic index, which is what the South Beach Diet is based on. If you're a South Beach Dieter, I hope these ideas with be especially interesting for you..

However, if you're not on a diet, not to worry. I'm pro-choice when it comes to eating. Besides, I'm predicting most people will think these recipes look pretty great!

Photo by Orchidea of Viaggi and Sapori

I actually saved this recipe for Fajitas de Pollo or Chicken Fajitas a few weeks ago from Viaggi and Sapori, a great blog written by an Italian woman living in Sweden. You'll need to choose low carb or whole wheat tortillas to make this recipe South Beach Diet approved for phase two or three, but otherwise it sounds great. (I like Carb Chopper low carb wheat tortillas, but their web site seems to be under construction.)

Photo by EJM from Blog From Our Kitchen

This next recipe is a "once in a while" treat for South Beach because of the bacon, but otherwise it would be ok for any phase and I thought this looked so good I couldn't resist including it. Talented cooks EJM and husband T from Blog From Our Kitchen, created Bacon Wrapped Chicken Logs which are are flattened pieces of chicken stuffed with goat cheese and pesto, then wrapped with bacon and grilled. How yummy does that sound!

Photo by Karina from Recipes From a Gluten Free Goddess

This next recipe is totally South Beach approved for any phase, and comes from one of my favorite cooks, who's back blogging after having an adventure moving from Massachusetts to New Mexico. Karina from Recipes from a Gluten Free Goddess brings us Balsamic Roasted Pepper Chicken, which I think sounds just wonderful.

Photo by Aria from Passionate Nonchalance

This last recipe for Roasted Chicken Mirepoix from Passionate Nonchalance is something I would absolutely have eaten on South Beach, even when I was in the more actively-losing-weight phase of the diet, although it does have a little butter and leaves the skin on the chicken. If you're concerned about that, you could consider it a "once in a while" treat.

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  1. Fabulous! Thank you for highlighting my chicken recipe. This is a great post [and who doesn't love a good chicken recipe?]. ;-)

  2. Wow! I feel honoured! I'm so pleased that you included our recipe even though it has bacon. I suppose one could use less bacon....


  3. Thanks for highlighting my recipe. I did know about South Beach Diet... so I did some research and found it very interesting.

  4. Hi Karina, EJM and Orchidea. I'm glad you liked me spotlighting your recipes. Orchidea, the South Beach diet really changed my life, not only the weight loss, but I had a lot more energy and just felt healthier when I quit eating things like refined sugar and white flour.


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