Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Garden Update and and What's New at Blogher Food

It's Sunday when I normally wander out to the garden and snap a few photos to update you on the progress. Today, my garden is beckoning, and there is a lot of produce that needs attention. The basket of tomatoes above that you see sitting on my kitchen counter is one day's worth of tomatoes. There are lots of other things that need to be picked, and all the herbs are seriously in need of trimming. So instead of blogging about the garden, today I'll be out there working for a big part of the day.

My other writing is for Blogher, where I'm a contributing editor for Food and Drink. There have been some very interesting Blogher Food posts from this past week, most of which are surfing guides which will take you to a whole collection of food blog posts on a particular topic. Here's what we've been writing about:

Sam shares links to some great recipes for cooking fish.

Alanna talks about a food blog event spotlighting your local green market or farmer's market.

I shared an amazing parade of Indian food.

Elise told us about food bloggers remembering the birthday of Julia Child.

Alanna announced that two food blogs were included in Time Magazine's list of the 50 Best Websites.

Sam shared a peachy collection of peach recipes.

Elise wrote about Shuna's podcast.

Sam assembled a great collection of recipes for ways to use fresh corn.

I spotlighted posts about unusual foods for new entries to that food encyclopedia in your brain.

Also, it's not too late to get in on Weekend Herb Blogging, where this week the host is Tony from Anthony's Kitchen. Send Tony your post by 3:00 today, Utah time. He'll be posting the recap sometime on Monday. Send entries to anthonysmirror AT gmail DOT com, and be sure to include the words Weekend Herb Blogging and a link to Tony's blog somewhere in your post.
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  1. Ahh--that is one of the prettiest pictures I've seen. I love the color of the basket and the tomatoes. Perfect!

  2. A gardening/cooking friend came for dinner last week and brought a basket of cherry tomatoes just like this one. The tomatoes were just-picked, warm and sweet, like candy. Lucky you, to have such bounty in your own garden!

  3. Your tomatoes are gorgeous.

    When does school start in Utah? In Texas, we started August 11!

  4. Thanks Sher. The tomatoes have been great this year.

    Lydia, I know I'm lucky so I try not to complain about the weeds.

    Jan, school starts August 23 for students, but I had to go on August 16. August 11?? That's just cruel.

  5. Hey Kalyn,
    The peach parade on blogher was fantastic...
    Thanks for that! And could you please tell me where can i find that peach cobbler recipe with whole wheat flour- is it on farmgirl's blog?


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