Friday, September 01, 2006

Cafe Trio in Salt Lake City (Friday Food Porn)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that an old friend had reconnected with me because a friend had googled her and found her name on my blog. Cheryl came to town and we went to dinner, and she's just as gorgeous and brilliant as ever. We had so much fun catching up, eating and drinking and dishing about life, and I'm glad she comes to Salt Lake regularly so we can do it again soon.

Cheryl and I had our catch-up dinner at Cafe Trio, a restaurant where I've had a lot of South Beach Friendly meals. This was most definitely NOT one of those meals. All stops are out when you're having dinner with someone you haven't seen for more than ten years. We shared everything and this was a perfect dinner for two old friends.

To start out, Rosemary Flatbread with roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, and warmed goat cheese. Can you imagine how wonderful this tastes?

I thought we had mussels, but the menu I brought home says Manilla Clams with basil, shaved garlic, tomatoes and white wine butter sauce. Any shellfish experts out there? Anyway, they were delicious.

This was Cedar Plank Organic Salmon on the menu, although apparently the U.S.D.A. doesn't have any standards for salmon to be labeled organic.   Nevertheless, it was quite yummy. It was served with basil farro, tomatoes, balsamic butter sauce and herb salad.

For dessert, the ultimate food porn, Toll House Pie. By the way, all these photos were taken with my old camera, but luckily I was by the window so they actually turned out pretty well.

Cafe Trio

680 S 900 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Blogger Disclosure:
Although I did tell the server I was a food blogger and asked if I could take photos, we paid for the dinner at Trio, and they had no idea I would be writing this post about the restaurant. I don't really write restaurant "reviews" but once in a while I talk about restaurants in Salt Lake and Restaurants in other cities where I've had great meals.
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  1. Oh my, what wonderful food you had! I've had dinner but I'm starting to hear my tummy rumble from looking at those pictures!

  2. that food looks so good..

    Toll house Pie...Yum.

  3. Ohh! I had to look at this before lunch, didn't I? I highly recommend Salmon on a plank. It is fantastic!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful dinner and a wonderful time with your friend. I think the photos are great. And it seems that you are feeling better? You seem to be back to your regular, wonderful self!

  5. What a great idea, bringing a camera along to record restuarant meals.

    I've got to admit, the Toll House Pie whets my appetite the most.

  6. Now that was so mightly fine eating and catching up I would say.
    Don't know my clams or mussels.

  7. Oh, they clams, they is.
    Mussels got those fragile blue-black shells.
    Bonus! Your idea of "cheating" on your diet is so healthy. You have to be happy, and Kalyn, you sound like one of the happiest people I know.

  8. How fun to reconnect after ten years and share some awesome food!

  9. Hi guys,
    Did you all think I was going "back to the future" when I first posted this with the date of September 23? That's what happens when I pre-date saved drafts so they will stay at the top in blogger dashboard!! Yes everyone, we had a great time. And Christine and Cookiecrumb, you know what, I am pretty happy. Life is good around here.

  10. Kalyn, those "mussels" are definitely clams -- take it from a New Englander! And the salmon looks to-die-for. Doesn't everything taste better when you share it with an old friend?

  11. Another good thing about this dinner, now I think I'll be able to remember how to tell clams from mussels.

  12. You have great taste in restaurants! Trio is one of my favorites, their flatbread is to die for!! I think I need to make a stop this weekend:) Thanks for sharing the pictures, I love that you take your camera everywhere!


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