Monday, September 18, 2006

Grilled Fusion Chicken Recipe

(In May of 2007 I updated this recipe with more instructions about how to cook grilled chicken.  At that time it wasn't possible to move a post forward without breaking the link, so that's a brand new post.  I'm removing the recipe from here so it doesn't show up twice in search engines, but if you have it bookmarked you can use the link above to find the updated recipe.)
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  1. I'd cook on a grill until it snows around here if I could :)

  2. Yay for California "winters"--we use our grill all year round, though it still gets dark early which proves difficult at times. Great looking chicken!

  3. This looks wonderful, Kalyn, and it's going to my del.ici.ous right now. And although we get more rain than most folks in the winter time, there's still a number of days available to use the gas grill, so we keep it under wraps but available.

  4. These look fabulous and flavorful. I just may have to get a grill! ;-)

  5. I replied to you over at my blog...then decided to copy my comment here in case you miss it.

    Thanks a LOT for answering my question so soon. I'm making the marinara sauce today itself with lots n lots of fennel...just bought a big packet of it yesterday :)

  6. I love the Penzeys ground chipotle, too. This recipe looks totally yummy.

  7. Update: I just finished making your marinara sauce....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm DELICIOUS!!! I added an extra tsp of fennel seeds cuz I love might wanna try that next time if you love'em too...thanks for the recipe, it's the best!

  8. Jeff, I feel the same way about grills. I have mine on a covered porch, but midwinter it does get pretty cold out there.

    Erin, you're lucky! You too Christine.

    Karina, you must get a grill now that you're a westerner.

    Nabeela, no problem. I'm glad you liked the sauce.

    Lydia, love that ground Chipotle, but it's powerful stuff. I use it sparingly.

  9. What a wonderful marinade! I'd keep that on hand in the fridge. That picture looks so good, would love that wrapped in some whole wheat tortillas.

  10. Kalyn, this chicken really looks awesome! i love a good tequila-lime marinade, especially for chicken. you've got me drooling over here! :-)

  11. Kalyn - the chicken looks super delicious. Thanks for sharing.


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