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South Beach Diet Information Posts on Kalyn's Kitchen

Kalyn's Kitchen is primarily about food, but occasionally Kalyn does write a post about The South Beach Diet. This page is an index for those posts and other helpful links for South Beach Dieters.

Getting Started (Read the book!)
From Kalyn: Getting Started on the South Beach Diet

Buy the South Beach Diet Book That Truly Changed My Life

The newest book, The South Beach Diet Supercharged, is now available in paperback. This book has more extensive food lists than the earlier editions.

Help for Phase One
Complete Index of South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes from Kalyn's Kitchen

A Month of Daily Phase One Recipes from January 2012.

A Month of Daily Phase One Recipes from January 2013.

A Month of Daily Phase One Recipes from January 2014.

Twenty Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes to Enjoy - Suitable for The South Beach Diet Phase One 

Phase One Recipes for Appetizers, Dips, Lettuce Wraps, Salsa, Sauces, and Snacks

Phase One Breakfast Recipes
(Including one Phase One Breakfast without eggs!)

Phase One Recipes with Beef, Pork, or Lamb

Phase One Recipes with Chicken, Turkey, or Turkey/Chicken Sausage

Phase One Dessert Recipes

Phase One Recipes with Fish and Shellfish

Phase One Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes

Phase One Soup, Stew, or Chili Recipes

Phase One Vegetable and Side Dish Recipes

Phase One Recipes for Vegetarian Main Dishes, Main Dish Salads, Side Dishes, Soups, and Side Salads

South Beach Diet Phase One Monthly Recipe Round-ups (recipes from Kalyn's Kitchen and other blogs)

Five Favorite South Beach Diet Phase One Breakfasts

Ten Favorite Phase One Soups to Help You Get Through December!

Five Favorite Phase One Soups

More Recipe Support:
90 Healthy No-Heat Lunches for Work (mostly phase one, but phases are indicated)

Easy South Beach Recipes (5 Ingredients or Less)

Recipe Ideas for Holidays on the South Beach Diet

South Beach Recipes of the Week (Discontinued, but there are still plenty of good recipe links there.)

Thoughts from Kalyn
From Kalyn: Top Ten Reasons I Love the South Beach Diet

Kalyn's Top Ten Favorite South Beach Diet Snacks

Kalyn's Perfect South Beach Breakfast: Egg Muffins

An Alternative to Eggs for Breakfast: Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Choosing the Right Bread for the South Beach Diet (Phase 2 or 3)

Why Kalyn Recommends Uncle Ben's Converted Rice

Choosing the Right Bread for the South Beach Diet

Eating Steak on the South Beach Diet

My South Beach Story Featured Elsewhere:
Half Size Me interviews Kalyn about her weight loss journey and this blog, and shares it in a podcast.   (This site has a lot of good features for weight-loss support.)

Kalyn's Kitchen Featured in Woman's World Magazine

Kalyn's Diet Success Featured on Weight Loss Tips    

A Success Story with the South Beach Diet from SlimKicker

Kalyn is picked as a BizyMom's Top Blogger and interviewed about the South Beach Diet. features Kalyn's Kitchen in Ten Food Blogs to Inspire You if You're Trying to Lose Weight.
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  1. Thank you so much for all these wonderful recipes. I`ve been meaning to start South Beach since New Years Day but wasn`t very motivated. Then I found this website with all these AMAZING recipes and now I`m super excited to try them. I have all my meals mapped out for the next two weeks. Thank you again!

  2. I'm the same as above. As a guy it's not easy to convince myself to start eating well. In my mid 30s and my wife and I decided let's TRY a diet. We're in phase 1 and running out of meal options. Then I googled and found this site and guess what, I could eat this stuff no problem. I have to change my relationship with food and not think of stuffing myself at every meal. Thanks Kalyn for your excellent blog :)

  3. Thanks Jake. Glad you are enjoying the food!

  4. I just started South Beach 2 weeks ago. My mother bought the book years ago and I never bothered to look at it. Now that I just had my second child and turning 32 soon, I finally decided to do something about my weight. I was trying to stay motivated, but getting tired of the same ole foods until of course I came across your website. I LOVE IT! Thank so SO much for all these great recipes. Now I'm even more motivated and excited. Thank you! =)

  5. LL, wishing you all the best with your weight loss program. So happy my blog is helpful for you.

  6. Kalyn,

    I know there are no portion size limits for meat and fish, but is that to be taken literal? Can i eat a whole steak, whole salmon filet, more than one chicken breast, etc if i am still hungry? I load up on veggies too, but still might want some more protein.
    Same with salads too. Can i make a nice big salad with SB friendly toppings and eat the whole thing?

    Rebecca B.

  7. I would adjust your portion sizes for everything based on whether you're still losing weight. If you are, eat as much as you'd like of the allowed foods.

  8. Can I have whitefish salad on phase 1?

  9. Today is my 1st day on South Beach. I have such a sweet tooth and I found your almond coconut cookie w/ splenda.


  10. Hi Kalyn. Just wanted to let you know how helpful your section on South Beach has been. Both my boyfriend and I are a bit overweight, and he has cholesterol problems too. He wasn't keen on "dieting," but I managed to convince him to give SB a try, as I had a lot of success with it a few years ago. I happened upon your site one day and sent him the link, and that night when I got home all he could talk about was the great sounding recipes you have that he wants to try! LOL. We've made a few so far and like them all. We started SB just over a week ago and he's already lost 9 pounds and I've lost 4. :-)

  11. Patty, that's great. So glad the blog has been helpful.

  12. I live in India n I m trying to lose weight... Your recipes are very helpful....I just love your recipes...they are so simple n easy...most of all I like that you put pictures of every recipes, which really helps a lot ...I love you... You did a great job are really helping so many people...keep it up....god bless you... :-)

  13. hi there

    i love rice..can you tell me a good substitute to use in phase one?

    Thank You

    And AMAZING blog

  14. Thanks Kimmy. The only thing that comes to mind is "cauliflower rice." I have a recipe for cauliflower rice with Sumac but you could also make it more plain.


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