Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging Year in Review:
Weeks 1-10

(All this week, Kalyn's Kitchen will be celebrating fifty-two weeks of Weekend Herb Blogging, but if you're coming here looking for South Beach Diet recipes, there's plenty of those in the recipe archives to keep you busy.)

It's an ambitious blogging project, reviewing the 51 weeks of Weekend Herb Blogging that came before this one, but the fantastic headers designed by my uber-talented brother, Rand, have gotten me into the spirit. I quickly discarded the idea of creating individual links to past WHB posts; there are too many good ones, and I'd hate to leave someone out. Instead I've decided to summarize each week's offerings, with a link to the recap for that week so that if you missed it you can go there and find the individual recipe that catches your eye. Happy surfing everyone!

Week 1: Kalyn Doesn't Have a Pet

I had my first-ever digital camera but no dog or cat to blog about, so Weekend Herb with this photo of a bucket of basil that I picked from my garden, and a joke between myself and Cate of Sweetnicks about whether I could post a photo of my herbs for Weekend Dog Blogging.

Week 2: Indira Joins the Fun

For week two, Indira joined the fun with a surprise plant blogging ingredient, and I showed a photo of my oregano.

Week 3: Check Out The Comments

I casually mention that "So far, Indira at Mahanandi and I are the only ones who seem to think this is fun, but if any other food bloggers join in, I will do a round up at the end of the weekend." I didn't know what I was promising, did I? If you check the comments, you'll see who's already discovering the event. Oh, and by the way, I was photographing sage that week.

Week 4: The First WHB Recap

It was week four, and the first actual recap. We were already going around the world, since Vijay from My Dhaba wrote about drumstick leaves fried with eggs, and Clare from Eatstuff sent a photo of some baby carrots. Farmgirl Susan joined us this week and showed off her Greek oregano. Indira also had some lovely chilis to show. I was featuring rosemary this week, having fun with the macro setting on my new camera, and happy that my herbs were still flourishing. I had no idea what was coming.

Week 5: We Finally Get a Dog

In week five, Cookiecrumb from I'm Mad and I Eat comes on board with Beansprout, who later gets christened the Herb Blogging Dog. Clare is in the hospital this week and we're sending good wishes. Vijay writes about Keerai, an Indian version of spinach, Indira features cilantro, and Farmgirl talks about Chinese Greens. Ilva from Lucillian Delights joins for the first time with one of her gorgeous photos and a recipe for Chicken with Thyme, Shallots, and Sundried Tomatoes. I'm talking about curly parsley this week, and if you read carefully there's the first of many mentions I've made about what my very favorite herb might be.

Week 6: More People Join the Fun
It's week six, and each week a few more people are joining. New this week is Ruth from Once Upon a Feast, who talks about basil and rosemary, and Mae from Rice and Noodles who has an amazing garlic plant. Vijay is back with the date palm this week, and Cookiecrumb shows Beansprout in the sage. Still participating are Farmgirl who has escarole with a lone stalk of dill, Indira with several great Indian recipes featuring spinach, and Ilva with her flowering rosemary. As far as my own offering, this week my nephew Jake declares, "It's time for Thyme."

Week 7: It's Meant to be Mint
Who knows how these things get communicated across the continents, but this week Vijay and I both wrote about mint, along with Heather from Heather's Space, a new herb blogger. Also new was Brett from In Praise of Sardines, who wrote about Cardoons. By now people in the northern hemisphere are glad that the rules for weekend herb blogging allow any kind of herb, plant, veggie, or flower, especially Ruth whose herbs were under the snow but managed to send a recipe featuring parsley and a touch of mint. Cookiecrumb posted about the Meyer lemon, Farmgirl wrote about flat parsley, and Ilva picked chives. Four more new bloggers this week! First, Squeezeweasel from Gastronomy Domine, who wrote about flowers in Cambridge, then Paz from the Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz, who talked about marjoram, and Sweetnicks (who had not yet revealed her identity as Cate) who roasted potatoes with herbs. Last but not least, all the way from Australia, Ed of Tomato posts about chives.

Week 8: Happy Thanksgiving!
It's now Thanksgiving weekend and I'm showing off my herbs with Frost. I start off the recap with an apology to new participant Rokh from Tham Jiak because Blogger mangled my original post and when it was fixed, I accidentally left out her great entry about curry leaves. Another new herb blogger this week was Eggy from Greedy Goose who wrote about Laksa, my introduction to this southeast Asian type of soup. (I've been wanting some ever since!) Cookiecrumb has a photo of Beansprout with some rosemary, Heather is doing sage, Paz has a recipe of Zucchini from the Food Network's Lidia, and Squeezeweasel has photos of wild violets. Vijay has some very intersting radish recipes this week, Ilva has a great recipe for Tuscan Kale, and Farmgirl has some tips from growing mint. Over in Australia Ed is growing poppies, and I'd like to be growing herbs, but my herbs are all covered with frost this week.

Week 9: Spotlighting the Locations
I finally realize it might be fun to spotlight the location of the people who participate each week, a tradition that continues to the present day. Two new herb bloggers join in this week, Sury from (Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t joins from New Delhi to write about ginger, and Sailu's Food in India writes about the Indian Gooseberry. Brett is back writing about the world's most unpopular vegetable (can you guess what it is?) Cookiecrumb is doing chives this week, Mae is writing about lemon thyme, and Paz talks about sage. Heather is doing flowering begonias and Farmgirl is talking about growing endive and escarole. Once again I mention what my very favorite herb is, and end the post with A's for all the herb bloggers, since nine weeks is an entire term of school.

Week 10: Lentils for Kalyn
It's now week ten and winter is here in Utah. Every week the WHB entries are getting more interesting, and this week Rokh writes about Pandan leaves. Cookiecrumb shows us Beansprout with some oregano, and Mrs. D. from Bellytimber joins for the first time and gives us Cuban oregano. Paz has an interesting sounding salad with arugula, and another newcome, Pille from Nami Nami has a great sounding gratin with arugula, feta, and tomatoes. Kitchenmage is also new this week and wows me with her multigrain crackers with rosemary and sage. Ilva has a herb I've never heard of, Nepitella or lesser calamint. Finally, since my herbs are completely under the snow, I'm doing close-ups of lentils that week.

There you have the first ten weeks of Weekend Herb Blogging, with ten more to come each day this week, counting down to the big week 52 event on Sunday.
If you're a blogger, don't forget to send me a link for that Special Weekend Herb Blogging event where where you post a great recipe using your very favorite herb. Send it to kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net. Entries need to be sent by 3:00, Utah time, on Sunday, October 1. Feel free to use one of the daily post headers or the WHB icon if you'd like. Not a blogger? You can leave a comment any time this week telling what your favorite herb is and your vote will be tabulated with the results.

Favorite Herb Tally Update
(Added at 4:30 P.M. since it won't be fun if I'm the only one who knows how the voting is going! These are the links received. I'll try to update a couple of times a day on the latest post.)
shiso 1
basil 2
oregano 1
dill 1

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  1. This is fantastic, Kalyn! What a neat idea. And of course I just love the special little header. (Those guys are too cool for school.) Wow, I remember these early recaps--I can't believe it's been almost a year. What an amazing job you've done. (And thanks so much for all the nice things you say about me and my blogs.) Long live WHB! : )

  2. Wow, this is so fun to read! And I had forgotten that I joined so early on but the posts you mention seem as if I wrote them yesterday if you know what I mean. Far away and close! I can't believe it's been going on for a whole year, I'm really happy you started it all, Kalyn!

  3. Kalyn, i'm so looking forward to WHB Anniversary. I was going to prepare my entry yesterday but i didn't have enough of one of the ingredients. My favourite herb is so obvious but i won't tell just yet. It's a surprise... but it won't be a surprise. I think you know exactly what it is!!! I'm so excited :)

    Like Ilva, i too have forgotten how early i started with WHB. It's been fun reading on and going back memory lane. It's been really interesting to read my old entries!!! Ah... those were the days...

  4. This is wonderful, Kalyn!! Thank you for taking the time to do this - ON TOP of the regular roundup. And you teaching school too.

    I love your brother's illustrations too.


  5. Hi Farmgirl, Ilva and Mae,
    How fun that the first three comments are from three of the earliest participants! I had so much fun writing these and reliving it. (Of course, I've only written the first two, check with me on Friday to see if it's still fun LOL.)

    Plus I've already seen quite a few recipes where I thought, I meant to make that, so it's a nice reminder of some of the fantastic recipes people have submitted.

  6. EJM, we are cross commenting. Your comment wasn't there when I started writing mine! It's a good thing I am anal enough to keep a notebook of what is submitted each week or I couldn't have done it. (When I get to the guest hosts it's going to be more of a challenge.) I might even show a photo of the notebook if everyone promises not to accuse me of being too compulsively organized.

    My brother is absolutely the best. There is a different post header for every day!!

  7. Hey Kaylin, I thought I'd tell you I calculated the carbs in the lava muffins wrong, (of course, it couldn't be that good, right?) and they're about 24 each. But that's still pretty good.

  8. One whole year! Congrats, Kalyn—and happy anniversary!

  9. What a lovely take on the lark-ish origins of WHB! Looking for the rest of the week. And must we really pick just one favorite herb??? If so, I'll try but it will be very hard. (Though not as hard as keeping up with all the WHB round-ups every single week. I have new-found respect!)

  10. Hey, Cyndi, thanks for letting me know.

  11. Hey, what the hell is all this cheese-sandwich malarkey??!! :D
    Kalyn, you have raved this anniversary up into such a big whoop, that Bean Sprout and I will definitely join the party.

  12. Vanessa, thanks. Let's do dinner!

    AK, now that you've done SHF you know why I was so happy when Rand had the idea of it going on the road!

    CC, actually the cheese sandwich malarkey is in installment #2, which is coming tomorrow, but happy you are joining in.

  13. Kalyn,
    oh I just love the review you did, great to know WHB really growing fast! Just spotted Paz been blogged about marjoram, my another favorite too!

  14. Kalyn!!! You're amazing! I knew that already, of course. But, this is fabulous. I think this will be one terrific week of WHB!

  15. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love the banner! You're right! Your brother IS super talented! Wonderful recap of the year. I look forward to reading many more WHB posts! Thanks Kalyn for all you've done!

    Paz (who's going to play Lotto this week!)

  16. Gattina, I am glad you like it. I'm having fun.

    Sher, you are pretty fabulous yourself.

    Paz, fingers crossed for the lotto. I can be ready to go any time!!

  17. For those of us who didn't discover you until recently, this is a real treat! Like a wonderful novel. I can't wait for the next chapter!


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