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Weekend Herb Blogging Year in Review: Weeks 11-20

(All this week, Kalyn's Kitchen will be celebrating fifty-two weeks of Weekend Herb Blogging, but if you're coming here looking for South Beach Diet recipes, there's plenty of those in the recipe archives to keep you busy.)

Don't forget, the year-in-review posts are all leading up to the big event on Sunday when we reveal what the herb bloggers Most Preferred Herb will be. If you're a food blogger, write about your very favorite herb and send the link by Sunday to be included. You can use any of the year-in-review headers or the WHB icon if you want. Not a food blogger? Leave a comment telling us what herb you're voting for.

Yesterday, I told you how Weekend Herb Blogging started as a joke, and about some of the first food bloggers to join in the fun. Today I'm going to spotlight weeks 11-20. As I mentioned, I decided early on it would be impossible to feature particular posts, since there are so many great ones. Instead I'm giving you links to the weekly recaps where you can find the individual posts I'm describing. I hope you'll visit them and see ones you missed.
Week 11: WHB Gets an Archive Page

It was close to Christmas, but there were still a few dedicated herb bloggers. From Toronto, Ruth posted recipes for appetizers with herbs. Rokh talked about Spicy Fish in Tamarind Sauce, and Squeezeweasel cooked Gnocchi alla Romana in a Herbed Butter. Paz made Red Cabbage Salad in New York City. Cookiecrumb was talking about her Greek Laurel Tree, and I was writing about fresh bay leaves. Ilva and Mrs. D. were showing off their roses. This was the weekend that the Weekend Herb Blogging archives were created, and WHB seemed destined to be here to stay.

Week 12: The Day After Christmas
It was Christmas week, so only a couple of people were herb blogging, which meant a recap with photos. Paz blogged a little about holly and showed us some for sale in New York. A new herb blogger, Stephanie from The Feast Crusade shared a recipe for mutton curry, and I chose a photo of her red and green okra for the recap. (Anyone know why she's not blogging?) I wrote about the Ponderosa Lemon that one of my students had given me, and of course, I had to sneak in a little mention of Kalyn's Kitchen Christmas Podcast, since I was so proud of it.

Week 13: Happy New Year
The next week was a brand new year and only a few people were herb blogging, but there were some good entries. Stephanie was back with Lotus Seeds, Paz, blogged about mistletoe, and Ilva showed us the green hellebore plant. Cookiecrumb mentioned her still-surviving tomatoes (she was rotating her blog headers, and I was lobbying for my favorite.) Ed amazed us with his giant bay tree and huge rosemary bush, while Sweetnicks was cooking mussels. A new herb blogger, Sheela from Indian Spice Trail, wrote about curry leaves. I had no herbs left and was writing about black-eyed peas.

Week 14: Two Herb Bloggers are Finalists
This recap started with the announcement that Squeezeweasel from Gastronomy Domine and Kalyn had both been named finalists in The Best of Blogs. We were excited that two herb bloggers were nominated. This week Cookiecrumb praised parsley, and Rokh wrote about uses of the chrysanthemum in Asia. A new herb blogger was Cyndi from Cookin' with Cyndi who talked about the pincushion plant. Paz was making Soft Boiled Eggs with Asparagus and Ilva was cooking Oven Baked Cherry Tomatoes with Goat Cheese and Olives. Squeezeweasel wrote about garlic and her wedding bouquet. Ruth made a fabulous sounding gremolata, which I still haven't nade! Ed blogged about his tomatoes being eaten, and I settled for ginger root when broccoli rabe could not be found.

Week 15: WHB Gets an Icon!
The icon you see here first appeared in week 15, designed by my uber-talented brother, Rand, (who also did all the headers for this series of posts) and Mae from Rice and Noodles had the idea of enouraging people to use it in their posts. Mae also shared a great recipe for Pork Chops with Sage and Apples. Cookiecrumb blogged about Miner's Lettuce, and Rokh wrote about two Asian dishes using Kaffir Lime Leaves. Cyndi showed us the first tree, and Sury shared a Gujarti Carrot Recipe. Ilva had Savoy Cabbage Braised in White Wine, and Ruth's Squash Soup had morphed into pumpkin soup. There were two new herb bloggers, Andreea from Glorious Food and Wine blogged about basil and Kel from Green Olive Tree wrote about dandelion greens. Paz made Fish with Tomato Sauce, and I wrote about Anasazi Beans and a bit about the history of Southern Utah.

Week 16: Four New Herb Bloggers
This week there were four new herb bloggers! Grace from The Kitchen Journal wrote about Grilled Fish with Roasted Pepper Salad, Pille from Nami Nami shared a recipe for Georgian Chicken with Herbs and Wine, The Chocolate Lady from In Mol Araan shared a picture of a bleeding heart radish, and Melissa the Cooking Diva wrote about culantro, which is NOT just another way to spell cilantro. Lots of regulars returned as well. Stephanie did a masterful job with Sea Bass Soup, and Ruth was cooking Spicy Spinach Stuffed Squash. Cyndi was all about shallots, and Sailu focused on Amaranth Leaves. Ilva made Coconut and Ricotta Cake and Paz sent three great looking recipes for peas. We had our first retirement, as Cookiecrumb did cut and dried herbs before saying she was running out of herbs. Finally, I did Barley with Dried and Fresh Mushrooms this week.

Week 17: WHB is not Just for the Weekends Any More!
This week I decided that herb blogging all week was an idea whose time had come and declared that posts could be written any time during the week. My first recap was eaten by Blogger, and I also decided shorter is better! Once again, there were lots of great sounding recipes. Ruth featured a Mediterranean Omelet and Ilva did Salad with Fish, Rucola, Pine Nuts, and Herb Vinaigrette. There were two new herb bloggers, Leera from Myriad Tastes writing about Rice with Dill Leaves, and Felicia from The Web Sorceress Cooks doing Ginger recipes. Stephanie was celebrating the Chinese New Year with Hou Xi Fatt Choy soup, and Ed was having a Weekend Zucchini Emergency. Paz made a tasty sounding Calderada de Galinha and Mae talked about Pork with Holy Basil. Squeezeweasel was visiting Angelesey Abbey Gardens, while Heather was photographing red roses. Finally, The Chocolate Lady was combining Avocados with Cilantro while I showed how to cook fresh artichokes.

Week 18: Superbowl Sunday
This week started with a new herb blogger, Crazy Gaijin from Cooking in Japan who wrote about Shiso. Also new was Heidi from Foodatista who made great sounding herb jam. Kel featured Glutinous Rice with Chicken and The Chocolate Lady wrote about Persian Herb Pie which she made to use up her cilantro. Stephanie was blogging about dill which she used to make Sabzi Polow and Ilva was making Artichoke and Potato Soup with Juniper Berries. Heather showed off photos of her Looking Glass Begonia. Brett was back, this time writing about green garlic, while up in Toronto Ruth made Roman Bean, Spinach, and Chorizo Soup. Eggy blogged about Grilled Coriander and Chile Prawns, while Ed is showing off beautiful purple basil. Sailu writes about the Drumstick Tree and a project called Trees for Life, and Farmgirl shows off her transplanted herbs. Still no herbs growing in Salt Lake City, so I was making Not-Just-For-the-Superbowl Chili.

Week 19: The Cheese Sandwich Frenzy Begins
This was the week that a writer from a well-known food magazine decided that most food blogs, including this one, were as boring as cheese sandwiches, and the cheese sandwich uproar began. Distracting as it was, the herb blogging must go on! Melissa the Cooking Diva sent a post about mangoes, but she was off to the Galapagos Islands. Andreea wrote about Steamed White Fish with Sesame, Garlic, Ginger, and Onions. In Toronto, Ruth whipped up three recipes using herbs, and over in Tuscany Ilva showed her solidarity with a Cheese Sandwich with Cicoria. Paz was making Crab and Corn Soup, The Chocolate Lady was using chard, down in Texas Heather was dividing African Violets, and in Missouri, Farmgirl Susan was talking about sprouting seeds. There were two new herb bloggers, Karina from Recipes from a Gluten-Free Goddess who shared the recipe for Steve's Favorite Basil Pesto, and B'Gina from Stalking the Waiter who talked about uses for rosemary. I was blogging about asparagus and making Warm Salmon and Asparagus Salad.

Week 20: Cheese Sandwich Day Week
The whole cheese sandwich controversy gathered even more steam in week 20, with Cheese Sandwich Day and The Cheese Sandwich
Chronicles in three parts. Interestingly enough, there were more herb bloggers than ever before. Paz combined WHB and cheese sandwich day with her Cheese Sandwich with Tomato and Basil. There were seven new herb bloggers this week. Ulrike from Kuchenlatein did Sprouted Peas with Orange, Anthony from Anthony's Kitchen talked about Maroi Napakpi, ED from Is It EDible showed his beautiful orchids, Isil from Veggie Way did Mallow with Rice and Carrots, The Timid Cook from India blogged about Methi, Barbara from Tigers and Strawberries also wrote about Methi, and Ramya from Cascading Flavours showed us the Banana Blossom. The regulars also had some great posts. Ilva was cooking Radicchio di Treviso, Felicia blogged about mushrooms, Stephanie talked about Lily Bulb and Wintermelon, Ed from Tomato had some fresh figs, and Ruth made a Grilled Goat Cheese with Basil and Pancetta. B'gina came back to talk about Lemon Balm, Foodatista Heidi created Eggplant with Poblano Chiles, Farmgirl made a great sounding Spinach Soup, and I was photographing my cauliflower that week and cooking Cauliflower with Bacon and Mushrooms.

Favorite Herb Tally Update
Here is the current herb tally, since it won't be fun if I'm the only one who knows how the voting is going! I'll update periodically if I receive new entries.
shiso 1
basil 2 3
oregano 1
dill 1
thyme 1

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  1. I am amazed at how many bloggers are participating in this week after week. They seem like they're very loyal to it. It sounds like there are a lot of good recipes even for someone who isn't a food blogger.

  2. Anonymous thanks, it has been fun. Tell us what herb you're voting for! We'd love to hear from some non-food bloggers.

    CC, thanks. I think it's a bit long,

  3. Oops, CC, I got distracted and didn't finish what I was saying. Duh. What I was starting to say is, I think it's a bit long, but I was afraid to leave people out. But, the next ones are going to be a lot shorter. Just the highlights and the new participants!

  4. Great job Kalyn! What a wonderful recap of the year - did you find time to sleep?

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  5. I knew basil would be a frontrunner. How can you not love pesto?

    I've whittled mine down to two. [This is hard!]


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