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Weekend Herb Blogging Year In Review: Weeks 21-30

Here at Kalyn's Kitchen we're still celebrating reaching week 52 of Weekend Herb Blogging.

If you've read the year in review posts for weeks 1-10 and weeks 11-20, you realize no one is going to want that much detail for the next 32 weeks! The first 20 weeks was enough to see that (1) there are a lot of people doing herb blogging each week, and (2) they are writing about some pretty interesting foods. From now on, I'll be just sharing when someone blogs about a new ingredient or a new herb blogger joins in. If you want to know more, you can follow the links. (Thanks again to my talented brother for the daily post headers.)

Week 21: We're Becoming Friends
Lots of people are becoming regulars by now. There were three new herb bloggers, Fiber of 28 Cooks offered Hot Pepper and Garlic Jelly, Marianne the Unemployed Cook did Pork Tenderloin "in Crosta" and Sher of What Did You Eat showed up for the first time with some Split Pea Soup with Rosemary Croutons. I wrote about garlic, making Roasted Broccoli with Garlic.

Week 22: Oscar Night

I confessed to posting early so I could watch the Oscars. We had our first herb blogger from South America when Dan from Salt Shaker wrote about Llajwa. A new Australian herb blogger, Plum from My Favorite Plum had parsley dancing in the wind. Also new were EJM from Toronto who made Waffles with Rosemary Honey and Sara from Cucina Bella who told us all about basil. A very creative entry from Jennifer from Weekly Dish, who had Oscar night with Chocolate Mint Crash Martinis. I was still looking for broccoli rabe, but managed to score some broccolini this week.

Week 23: Counting Down Until Spring
An interesting offering about Yuzu, a type of Japanese citrus fruit. There were four new herb bloggers, Spicehut from Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice who did Spinach Pulao, Riana from Garlic Breath who did Mussels in Cream Sauce with French Tarragon, Gini from Salt and Pepper with a post about vanilla beans, and Collin from See, Sip, Taste, Hear who blogged about thyme. I wrote about one of my favorites, arugula, which I used to Make Spagetti with Italian Sausage and Arugula, above.

Week 24: More New Plants
New this week was my buddy Alanna from a Veggie Venture, who blogged about cabbage sprouts, Laurie from Slowly She Turned, who wrote about Cream of Dandelion Soup, and Fran from Flavors who made Bok Choi Colcannon. Other bloggers wrote about coconut water, nettle tea, Chervil Soup, mustard cress, and the Ugli fruit. A new blog came from a regular herb blogger when Farmgirl started In My Kitchen Garden. And finally, I cooked Napa Cabbage for the first time.

Week 25: Still Hoping for Spring
For week 25 the only new herb blogger was Erin from Erin Eats in Utah, who wrote about making vanilla extract. Erin hasn't blogged much lately, and I hope she's ok. New topics were Za'atar, salad burnett and Stevia. I was *finally* writing about broccoli rabe or rapini, and raved about Penne with Garbanzo Beans, Sausage, and Broccoli Rabe.

Week 26: It's April
This is week 26, which means we were halfway to week 52. There were four new bloggers, Shalini from Samayal blogged about wheatgrass juice, Stacey from Just Braise did Pomelo Salad, Luv2Cook from Cooking Medley did Spagetti Squash Lettuce Wraps, and Surfindaave from the Serendipitous Chef rides the wave in and does Pan Roasted Salmon Fillet with Sorrel Sauce. I was doing more pasta and greens, this time Mustard Greens.

Week 27: More and More Participants
More new particpants this week. Tony of Tony's Food Chronicles was planting herbs, Piperita from The Kitchen Pantry blogged about salted herb cookies, Christine from Christine Cooks made a great sounding squash soup with basil, Karin from The Intrepid Sentimentalist did Rosemary and Garlic Chicken, and Strata from My Bay Area Garden showed off her herb garden. There were posts about fresh epazote, pandan leaves, Thai bird chilis, and sugarcane juice, and I was still doing greens, blogging about spinach this week.

Week 28: Easter
It was Easter, so no new participants this week. Interesting foods blogged about included wild purple artichokes, red sorrel or Gorgura, and pomelo. Herb blogging regular Ed sent an entry from Vietnam, and I was traveling so I didn't post anything but the recap.

Week 29: Asparagus Aspirations
This week's recap opened with a PSA for Asparagus Aspirations, the event where Seriously Good had a running post of asparagus recipes. There were two new herb bloggers, Marc from Mental Masala wrote about dry curry mushrooms and Jeanne from Uncle Tom's Garden talked about harvesting sage. There were also posts about snakegourd curry, buckwheat grains, green garlic, and Mitsuba. I was recovering from vacation so I just showed flowers that week.

Week 30: Still Discovering New Plants!
Two new herb bloggers this week, first Helen from Beyond Salmon with a great post full of information about using herbs, then Nandita from Saffron Trail talking about a South Indian chutney made from ridge gourd. Other new ingredients were Agretti, corky-fruited water dropwort, bilwa or Belfruit, and squash blossoms. I was writing about hearts of palm, one of my favorite salad ingredients.

Favorite Herb Tally Update
Here is the current herb tally, since it won't be fun if I'm the only one who knows how the voting is going! I'll update periodically if I receive new entries.
shiso 1
basil 2 3
oregano 1
dill 1
thyme 1
cilantro 2
rosemary 1

Don't forget, the year-in-review posts are all leading up to the big event on Sunday when we announce what food bloggers have chosen as their very favorite herb. If you're a food blogger, write about your very favorite herb and send the link by 3:00 Sunday, Utah time, to be included. (Early entries greatly appreciated!)

Not a food blogger? Leave a comment telling us what herb you're voting for.

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  1. Kalyn, I have been reading the round up and really enjoying it. Also noticed that nobody has voted for cilantro as yet. I would like to start the voting for cilantro. I like it as chutney or as garnishes or as an ingredient in curries. Definitely one of my favorite herbs.

  2. Mandira, your vote for yummy cilantro is duly recorded. I will update the count when I can, but I'm supposed to be teaching school right now!

  3. Kalyn, my favorite herb has to be rosemary. I use it with meats, salads, soups, and everything!

  4. Choosing a favorite herb is not an easy task. I pretty much adore all things green and leafty (except poison ivy). Off the top of my head I'd say Basil, since a nice Caprese salad is one of my top five foods of all time, and I could live at least a year on varieties of basil pesto. But, then there's mint. Since I go to the gym every morning with a nice minty piece of sugar free gum in my mouth, mint would have to be the herb I eat most often (assuming they use some actual mint in the gum). But alas, I come to cilantro. I'm with Mandira, cilantro chutney is also on my list of very favorite things. I'm going to have to cast my vote for CILANTRO. But in honor of these three, I think for lunch today I'm going to have a Vietnamese salad with basil, mint, AND cilantro. Now that's a wonderful combination.

  5. Your site is very interesting, I will place it in my favorites.

  6. Linda, your vote for rosemary has been recorded.

    Rand, what a great choice. I agree, it's very hard to decide. Now what does Bradley pick?

  7. Hi Kalyn,

    Wish I had time to come up with a recipe for my favorite, tarragon. Some of the best ways to use it are the old stand-bys. To my mind, nothing but nothing beats good, twice fried french fries in tarragony bearnaise sauce. Or a grated carrot salad dressed with lemon, oil, garlic and buckets of tarragon. I had a wonderful lobster risotto at a local restaurant the other night and it was tarragon's licoricey (is that a word?) aroma that wreathed up from the plate. Shellfish and taragon -- yum!

    I love all the others too but for favorite, tarragon gets my vote.

  8. Christine, we're cross posting. I was posting weeks 31-40 when you posted this comment, so it's not on that post yet (I'm at school). I'll record your vote for tarragon as soon as I get home tonight. Great suggestions! I had never really tasted tarragon until I worked in a French restaurant in college, where I learned to love bernaise sauce!


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