Thursday, September 28, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging Year In Review: Weeks 31-40

(Still celebrating fifty-two weeks of Weekend Herb Blogging, but if you're coming here looking for South Beach Diet recipes, check out the recipe archives.)

For those reliving the memories of Weekend Herb Blogging, after a lot of details about weeks 1-10 and weeks 11-20, starting with weeks 21-30, I'm just sharing the highlights. It's all leading up to the big event on Sunday when we post a great collection of herb recipes food bloggers have created. If you're a food blogger, write about your very favorite herb and send the link by Sunday to be included. Not a food blogger? Leave a comment telling us what herb you're voting for.

Week 31: It's May!

May was finally here and only one new herb blogger this week, Gabriella from My Life as a Reluctant Housewife, who wrote about Lavender Lemon Chicken. Memorable ingredients from regulars included arugula pesto, dandelion marmalade, and blueberry mint granita. I was blogging about sage, and in the garden, my herbs were just starting to grow.

Week 32: Mother's Day
This week was Mother's Day in the U.S. so a lot of herb bloggers had other plans, but there were still some interesting posts. We learned about decorticated chickpeas, guava or guaba, fiddleheads, rucola, freezing coconut, tree beans, and fava beans. In Salt Lake I was not cooking, but instead planting my garden, so I showed photos of the process.

Week 33: WHB Goes on the Road
After 33 weeks, I needed a weekend off now and then so I announced guest hosts, starting with my great friend Ilva from Lucullian Delights for next week. There were three new bloggers, Genie The Inadvertent Gardener writing about Lamb Burgers with Sage, Christa from Calendula and Concrete with Chamomile Tea, and Vaishili from Happy Burp writing about Long Beans. I made cherry tomato salad which I served with tuna, and dreamed about garden tomatoes.

Now, a confession from Kalyn. If you're wondering how I could write reviews of all the weeks, it's because of my WHB notebook, where I took notes as I visited each post so it was easier to remember details for the recap. But now we have guest hosts and no notes, so you'll have to visit each host's site to see what was new.

Week 34: Ilva is Hosting, in Italy!
For Weekend Herb Blogging #34, the incomparable Ilva from Lucullian Delights was host. For me, it was fun to see how other people did the recap, and Ilva opened with an array of her wonderful photos. Give a big welcome to Neil, Haalo, and Anna, who were new participants, and head over to Ilva's to see what people were blogging about that week.

Week 35: The Green Blog Project
This week I had just heard about the Green Blog Project, and I urged people to participate. Gattina was a new participant, from a blog by the same name, and she made a Chrysanthemum, Mint, and Tea Ice Bowl. Several newcomers from last week were back, and I was using oregano from my garden in a cucumber and tomato salad.

Week 36: Cate is Hosting
Cate of Sweetnicks takes her turn as host for Weekend Herb Blogging #36, and does a recap with photos! I knew guest hosts was a great idea. Ivonne, GiniAnn, Nupur, and Sean were all new participants. Lots of old friends were back too, making this a big recap. Head over to Sweetnicks to see some great entries if you missed them.

Week 37: Father's Day
Since this was Father's Day you might think there weren't many participants, but actually this was another huge recap. Three new participants this week, Meeta from What's For Lunch Honey who did 100 Kisses for my Couscous, Heather from Eating for One who was planting a herb garden, and Crystal and Ryan from Cafe Cyan who did Spinach and Garlic Scapes Pizza. Other new topics were lemongrass tea, parsley root, rose petal jelly, garlic scapes, fried sage, amaltas flowers, kaffir lime, mint pesto and mishti doi.

Week 38: Traveling to France
Weekend Herb Blogging #38 was hosted by Virginie of Absolutely Green, who amazed us all when she collected photos of the city where each participant lived and published them, along with the photo of the dish. New bloggers included William from Never Trust a Skinny Chef and Another Outspoke Woman from Confessions of a Food Nazi. Check out part one, part two, and part three of her amazing recap.

Week 39: Fourth of July Weekend
It was a holiday inthe U.S., but apparently a lot of people were still home cooking. LG from Mango and Ginger, home of the Green Blog Project, was new this week, urging us to guess an herb. Also new was Chrispy of Experimentation in Taste, writing about Bok Choy or Pak Choi Gratin. I was blogging about parsley and making Middle Eastern Tomato Salad.

Week 40: Gabriella is Hosting
Gabriella True from My Life as a Reluctant Housewife was hosting this week, with a beautiful recap with photos. By now you can see that the guest hosts are putting me to shame! Ginny from La Petite Chinoise was a new blogger this week. Head over to Gabriella's place to see what was new for Weekend Herb Blogging #40.

Whew! Are we there yet? Well, thankfully it's getting close with just weeks 41-51 to go until the weekend when I'll post about my favorite herb on Saturday and then on Sunday night I'll post the recap with the final results of what the most preferred herb is. If you're a food blogger who wants to particpate in the special event, you have a few more days. Send your link to kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net by 3:00 on Sundy.

Not a food blogger or don't have time to post about your favorite herb? No problem, just leave a comment telling what your favorite is and we'll add your vote to the tallies. Now, here's how it's going:

Favorite Herb Tally Update
Here is the current herb tally, since it won't be fun if I'm the only one who knows how the voting is going!

shiso 1
basil 2 3
oregano 1
dill 1
thyme 1
cilantro 2
rosemary 1
Chives 1
tarragon 1
parsley 1
mint 1

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