Saturday, September 30, 2006

Who's Hosting Weekend Herb Blogging?

Weekend Herb Blogging is a food blogging event sponsored by Kalyn's Kitchen where each week food bloggers around the world post recipes about cooking with herbs and unusal vegetables or interesting ways to use vegetables, and on the weekend, we publish a Recap with links to all the posts.

For a long time WHB was always hosted by Kalyn. Then starting with week 33, we opened up the opportunity for other people to host. Now, there are so many people wanting to take a turn as host, that Kalyn is going to host only on the first Sunday of the month. (Edit, July 2008: Right now there are hosts signed up for more than six months in advance, so I'm going to start hosting only a few times a year to give more people a chance to participate.)

This post is where you can check to see who's hosting Weekend Herb Blogging each weekend. It will become a permanent link in the sidebar of Kalyn's Kitchen.

To participate, check the (new) rules for Weekend Herb Blogging, Then write your post and e-mail the host by 3:00 Sunday, Utah time. (We keep the time the same no matter who's hosting so people can remember what it is in their time zone.)

In your e-mail, be sure to include:
-your name
-blog name
-post permalink for your WHB entry
-where you live
-photo attached (check below to see if the host specifies a certain size)

(Hosts have the option of posting the Recap on Sunday or Monday, depending on which is best for them. BTW, It's a huge amount of work to write a recap of an event like this, so it's always good blogging manners to visit the host and leave a comment when the recap is posted.)

November 2008 and on . . .

Starting November 3, 2008, Weekend Herb Blogging will be managed by Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once. Here's where to find her list of Who's Hosting Weekend Herb Blogging.

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  1. This is a great idea to list the hosts for the upcoming month - makes it really easy for us!

  2. Thanks Haalo. I was hoping people would like it.

  3. How can I subscribe to the Weekend Herb Blog? I'm not ready to contribute anything just yet, but I'm interested in weekly recap when it's published.

  4. mproeger, Weekend Herb Blogging is hosted by a different blogger each weekend, so there's really no way to subscribe. You could visit my blog each Monday and I would always have a link to the blog where the recap would be hosted, or just make a note of them from this page, which will be updated regularly.

  5. Wow! Super organized!
    I think I will be back in tha games form this weekend: I miss the WHB!!!

  6. Thanks for starting WHB. I am looking forward to hosting this weekend. We should get some great traffic for it with my site being a finalist on the Weblog Awards. So far the recipes are looking amazing! Can't wait.

  7. i've always been hearing about weekend herb blogging..i will definitely participate starting next year :-)

  8. hi kalyn - my email account server has a problem sending mail to which is also Pam's address for next weekend's herb blogging. again, it is not sending my email to her address.

    i don't want to seem a nuisance, but could I write a message to you so that you could a send it to Pam, or should i contact her on her website through a comment?

    thanks for your time,

  9. Hi Maria,
    I did talk to Comcast about this and they said there are a few e-mail programs they don't accept mail from because of how they're configured. I'm going on vacation and didn't save your e-mail address so hope you see this. Just go ahead and leave a comment for her; seemed to work last week.

  10. It appears there is no separate RSS feed for Weekend Herb Blog, is that true? It would be nice if there was.


  11. Orcashef, there is no way to have an RSS feed for Weekend Herb Blogging. It's a blog event with different blogs from all over the world participating each week. However you can check the WHB archives to see the new entries each week. There are also archives for years 1 and 2 in the right sidebar of my blog.

  12. Hello Kalyn!

    It's interesting idea you have here. I love and enjoy cooking too. Thanks for sharing the info.

  13. it was such a good idea to start this event and you have been an amazing host over the years.

    i am glad to see my favourite event is passing from one of my favourite bloggers to another of my favourite bloggers.

    feel the love!


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