Sunday, November 05, 2006

South Beach Recipes of the Week #16: Pork

Once again it's Sunday, the day when I like to spotlight low glycemic index recipes I find on other food blogs. The glycemic index is what the South Beach Diet is based on, but even if you're not a South Beach dieter, you can find something that tastes fantastic in the batch of pork recipes I'm sharing this week.

Photo by Glenna from A Fridge Full of Food

At A Fridge Full of Food, this picture of Pork Chops with Mushroom Sauce really caught my eye. There is a tiny bit of cornstarch here to thicken the sauce, but you're only eating a tiny amount of it, so even with cornstarch, this is very South Beach Diet friendly.

Photo by Lisa of Champaign Taste

Another pork recipe that I thought sounded fabulous was this Six Hour Roast Pork which Lisa of Champaign Taste posted, originally from The Sandwich Life. Pork shoulder is rubbed with a type of pesto made from garlic, sage, rosemary, fennel, wine, and chicken stock, and then the meat is roasted at a low temperature. Pork shoulder is fairly high in saturated fat, so this should be a "once-in-a-while" treat for South Beach.

Photo by Christine of Christine Cooks

I drooled over this photo of Pork Chops with Rosemary and Lingonberry Sauce by Christine from Christine Cooks. I don't know how much sugar is in the Lingonberry Preserves, but I know Christine is a carb-conscious cook, and you're only eating a small amount of the sauce, so this should be great for South Beach phase two or three.

Photo by L. from Cook and Eat

Finally, from talented cook and photographer L. of the newly re-designed Cook and Eat comes My Favorite Pork and Beans. This recipe has a bit of sugar, which you could easily replace with Splenda, and everything else is perfect for South Beach Dieters. (You also might want to check out L.'s food photography blog Still Life With if you haven't seen it. Her photos are amazing.)

If you'd like still more pork recipes, check out my latest post at Blogher, Getting the Pork out of Politics and Into the Kitchen. (If you're a South Beach Dieter, be aware that recipes featured in my posts on Blogher may or may not be South Beach Friendly.)

You have until 3:00 today, Utah time, if you're interested in sending a link for Weekend Herb Blogging, which is now on week #57. I'm the host this week, so send it to kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net. If you just want to see what great recipes have been submitted this week, check back later tonight for the recap.


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  1. Great SB roundup and I particularly am drooling over the pork chops!

  2. Thanks so much for the highlight and the link Kalyn. Judging from the rest of your pork choices, I'm in very good company!

  3. Heeeyyyy, those pork chops look familiar! :-) Thanks for including me in the roundup. You know, we were gone on vacation for over a week to Tahoe and the first homemade meal I made when we came home was the pork chops with mushroom gravy. Gene, after eating all those wonderful restaurant meals, tucked into the his chops like they were manna from heaven and said "Ahhhh, baby, it's good to be home. These taste great!" Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?" He didn't even know I was getting us back on our diet.

  4. Hi Kalyn -- these dishes all look great. The pork chops with lingonberry and rosemary, wow. Thanks for the mention! I can vouch that the pork roast was succulent.

  5. Great collection of pork recipes, Kalyn! You've got a good eye for spotting healthy and delicious dishes:)


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