Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Rand!

I'm interrupting my break to let you know that today is my brother Rand's birthday. If you laughed on my birthday when he posted a picture of me in high school, now it's time to get back at him, even though seriously, he's about the greatest brother you could ever hope for. Here are some classic shots of Rand, and best wishes for a very happy birthday!

A *very* old photo, and the now famous shot of
Rand in an old-style bikini and glasses, about age 3.

This was Rand when he was still Randy,
age 6 and the birthday king for the day.

Rand in elementary school, campaigning for school president.
Notice he had those great copy-writing skills at a young age.

Rand in high school looking like quite a hunk.
Have a great day Rand! I love you.

P.S. For those who don't know, Rand gives me constant design and technical help on Kalyn's Kitchen. Not to mention that he generously donated two fabulous prizes for A Menu for Hope. I'm so thankful to have a multi-talented and generous brother like Rand.
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  1. His graduation picture makes him look a little like Rocky Anderson, but much cuter! Happy birthday Rand!

  2. He, he, he, he!!! That first photo ought to do the trick!!! Tit for tat, turn about is fair play.
    You two are a wonderful brother and sister!

  3. Who is this anonymous commenter who knows what Rocky Anderson looks like. And just for the record, I always thought that Rocky is quite a hunk. (For those who don't know, Rocky is the mayor of SLC.)

    Tanna, he's such a great brother and I hope I'm a good sister too. It was so fun finding the photos. I should give credit to my sister Laurel who scanned years and years of family photos and put them all on CD's for us. There were some pretty good ones in the bunch.

  4. I am partial to the queen for a day shot. wink

  5. Hahaha, classic! I love that picture of little bosomy Rand.

  6. Happy Birthday Rand. How lucky is Kalyn to be your sister !
    PS : funny first shot !

  7. Oh my Rand, Kalyn really go you back this time! Love the bikini shot. You're gawjus!

  8. Awww! He's soooo cute! Kalyn gotcha with this post Rand.
    Happy Birthday!!

    PS - I LOVE my Photo in a Box that my hubby surprised me with on Christmas morning!

  9. Oh my goodness. That bikini shot is priceless. What a great array of photos. I hope he was appropriately embarrassed.

    Happy new year, Kalyn!

  10. Rand looks like a nice guy! You are both lucky to have a good relationship.

  11. OH MY you two ... my sister would KILL me doing this!

  12. Happy BirthdayRand! These pictures are PRICELESS! I can feel the love and affection between you two. I so wish I had the same with my brother.

  13. Well, well, well...
    Bradley surprised me with a trip to sunny Palm Springs for my birthday (I'm a BIG mid-century architecture fan), but wanted to say thanks for all the well wishes. Here's my commentary on the four pictures:
    A: When you have seven sisters (no that is not a typo) there are a LOT of bikinis in the house. You do the math.
    B: What no tiara?
    C: Somebody feed that boy!
    D: I promise that was the VERY LAST time I wore maroon.
    Thanks again. And no worries. Kalyn no longer knows her own password.
    Peace out.

  14. What great photos--I would have had a crush on him in high school!! :):) Happy Birthday Rand!

    And have a Happy New Year Kalyn. Thanks for all the great posts this year!

  15. That first picture is priceless! Too funny.
    Happy Belated birthday Rand!

  16. Great photos! Apparently great brother!

    Happy New Year!

  17. Omigosh, these pictures (especially the first one) made my day! That is indeed priceless! :D

    Happy new year, Kalyn! I wish you a 2007 filled with good health, good food and lots of laughter. :)


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