Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday Cooking with Herbs (plants, veggies, or flowers)

The weekend is officially here, and so is the holiday season, so here's a special event for Weekend Herb Blogging. Bloggers are still cooking with herbs, plants, veggies or flowers, but this time it's recipes with a holiday feel. To make it more interesting, remember that WHB is a worldwide event, and your definition of holiday food depends on what part of the world you come from. Pull up to the computer, and prepare to sample holiday foods from all over the world!


Gattina has a light appetizer of Mushroom Terrine that's sure to be delicous and also great for anyone who's counting calories.

I do wish I could go visit Christine from Christine Cooks and taste some of this Holiday Brie en Croute.

From Ultimate Foodie at a really beautiful blog called That's Y Food comes this delightful looking Bruschetta.

I'd really love to live next to Haalo so I could go over and try these Green Curry Fish Cakes.

Sheela from Indian Spice Trail was not happy with how her photo turned out, but she did love the taste of this Cilantro Pesto. I can definitely magine how good that would taste.

A Grated Cucumber and Mint Salad that really appealed to me was sent by Anh of Food Lover's Journey.

The Hot Indian Coleslaw from Ruth at Once Upon a Feast must be good because it has lots of my very favorite herb, cilantro!

Lakshmi from Flavors of Indian Rasoi has a colorful and festive Corn Salad.

One of the most interesting looking salads I've seen for a long time is this Banana Blossom "Boat" Salad from Food Lover's Journey. Wish I could taste it!

My lovely neighbor and blogger-to-be Maria sent a recipe for Asian Fresh Pork and Shrimp Spring Rolls.

Main Dishes

Kate from Thyme for Cooking, the Blog, sent her recipe for a very festive looking Spinach Timbales with Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce.

From Haalo at Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once, this Globe Zucchini Stuffed with Chermoula Chicken looks festive and delicious.

Mandira from Ahaar tried a new recipe for Indonesian Whole Stuffed Chicken and the results were wonderful.

Anh from Food Lover's Journey is cooking Seared Tuna Steak with Roasted Capsicum Sauce which sounds just delightful.

You can't get more colorful than the Tri-Colored Bell Pepper Fried Rice and Bell Pepper Chutney from Cooking Pleasures.

Carolyn from Field to Feast was inspired by the way gem squash and pomegranates resembled ornaments on her Christmas tree and created Gem Squash with Pomegranate, Pecan, and Parsley Stuffing.

Baked Goods / Desserts

Orange Loaf was a big hit with the kids of Lakshmi from Flavors of Indian Rasoi.

Christine from Christine Cooks has remembered the recipe and added a few twists of her own to her Mother's Best Braided Raisin Bread.

Another stunning offering from the talented Christine is this Holiday Persimmon Flan, which looks like it would taste amazing to me.

From Virginie at Absolutely Green comes a delicious sounding Chocolate Sausage with Rooibos Tea Jelly. Click on the English translation link to read in English.

Another sweet treat from Virginie who always finds interesting ingredients for us, and this recipe for Christmas Tree Mendiants combines dark chocolate with fir tree oil for a Christmas sweet. Again, click the translation link for English.

The final recipe from Virginie is this Christmas Log with Dark Chocolate, Grenadian Beet and Hibiscus. Check out Absolutely Green for other Christmas treats, and again click the link for English.

Drinks and Soups

Scott at Real Epicurean has a holiday look to his blog, and he's sharing a great way to make Mulled Wine.

Indosungod from Daily Musings says this recipe for Vellanga Rasam is not strictly a holiday recipe, but since people often get sick during the holidays it's a good recipe to have around. This will make you feel better if you're getting a cold or just feeling low.


At Once Upon a Feast, Ruth has several suggestions for holiday breakfast offerings including this Mushroom Leek Frittata. Also, check out the news about Ruth's new cookbook which you can order at her site.

Gifts from the Kitchen

Classic Christmas Chutney is from Ulrike at Kuchenlatein, and I'm guessing anyone would love to get one of these nicely-labeled bottles as a gift.

The Citrus Salt Sher made at What Did You Eat was another things that looked like it would make a great holiday gift.

I made three kinds of herb blends for gifts, starting with this Rosemary Salt.

The second herb mixture I made for gifts was Kalyn's Herb Blend.

My final mixture for gift-giving was Roast Chicken Seasoning Rub. I gave away my herb blends in plastic bags with my card attached.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
The next regular WHB recap will be on January 7, when we'll see what
herbs, plants, veggies, or flowers people are going to be writing about in 2007! I'm leaving in a few minutes to go spend Christmas with these cute kids, so Kalyn's Kitchen will also be taking a little break until the end of the year. Before I go I'd like to wish anyone reading this a great holiday season, and let you know how much I've enjoyed getting to *know* so many of you this year. I haven't had time to make a new Christmas Podcast, but if you didn't hear it last year, the message still applies, so take a listen. Be sure you have the sound turned on when you click on the link.

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  1. What a jolly recap! I'm busy in packing your rosemary salt and Sher's citrus salt in gift bags. You know what, I've also tested Mandira's Indonesian chicken a couple days ago, which I'd like to share my result in the next WHB. Kalyn, thanks a lot for creating this special event, I have to say, I've been recieving lots of compliments to my cooking after I learnt so much from WHB!
    Have a very merry Christmas *big hug*

  2. Gattina, thanks and Merry Christmas to you too! I'm so glad you liked the flavored salt idea. I can't wait to try Sher's version myself.

    Now a P.S. to this post. Try as I might I can't get the photos to space out evenly in a post like this in Blogger. (It reminds me why I never started using photos when I was doing the WHB recaps every week!) If anyone knows the secret to doing that in Blogger, I'd love to know it. They don't even show up quite the same in the published version as they are in the preview. Anyway, enough ARGHHH about that.

    I'm leaving now to go spend Christmas with my sister and the adorable kids. Thanks to everyone for the great support for Weekend Herb Blogging. The best part of it all is how much we're all learning from each other.

  3. What a great recap Kalyn. It's been so much fun getting to know what other food bloggers are making in their kitchens and we owe it to you for creating and continuing such a wonderful forum in WHB. What a gift!
    Enjoy your much deserved holidays with your adorable family.
    "See" you in the New Year!

  4. My next job for the day is checking out all of these ideas and recipes! Some of them look fabulous!

  5. Kalyn,

    thanks so much for a great round-up! Have a beautiful break!

  6. Lots of great festive holiday cooking ideas! Thanks for the round-up, Kalyn, and have a wonderful holiday!

  7. Kalyn, happy holidays and see you in 2007!

  8. Thanks for all your hard work this year, Kalyn. I hope you have a wonderful holiday that full of excitement---and rest. :):) It will be fun to hear about all the things you did. My cousin in Mississippi is fixing your family's favorite broccoli casserole! I told her everyone would love it!

  9. Beautiful and very colourful roun-up. Merry and Cheery Christmas to you Kalyn.

  10. Great recap! I can't wait to get home and try some of these goodies.

    Now, Relax and Have a Very Merry Christmas!

    p.s. - the photos look great!

  11. A very merry christmas to you Kalyn! And happy new year. I love reading your blog and it's already in my favorites.
    The food goodies looks lovely and I'd love to recieve any of them :)

  12. You have an excellent blog about recipes.

  13. wish u and your family happy holidays and a very Happy New Year

  14. I've been away for a few days visiting my sister and her family for Christmas. Thanks to everyone who has left such nice Christmas wishes while I've been gone. I do hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday too.

  15. Hola Kalyn!

    A wonderful round-up - as always.

    I just wanted to stop by and wish you a beautiful, healthy, happy and wonderful New Year!



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  17. Kalyn - what a great round up! Thanks so much for all your work. Season's Greeting and best wishes for the new year. Have a wonderful trip.

  18. Great recap! Lots of tasty things to try! Thanks everyone!

  19. Happy Holidays Kalyn and wish you a very Happy New Year
    The WHB was great for the Holidays

  20. Great round up! I love the seasoned salts, herb blends, and spice rubs as Christmas presents...fantastic ideas! :) Hope you had a merry Christmas! :)

  21. Thanks again for this lovely and pictured round up, and have a nice break. See you next year !

  22. This was wonderful to read.

    Thanks Kalyn and all who participated.

  23. How beautiful these look! I just put your link on my blog. I always really enjoy reading your posts.

  24. thanks so much for a great round-up! Have a beautiful break!i really like it .thank,s for great shearing.


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