Sunday, December 10, 2006

Holiday Cooking with Herbs

In countries all over the world, people of many religions and cultures celebrate holidays at this time of year. Where I live, life will get a little crazy between now and December 31, with parties, decorations, and special holiday food.

Holiday Cooking with Herbs is a special Weekend Herb Blogging event to focus on special foods many people make this time of year. Between now and December 23, we're inviting food bloggers to post recipes for special holiday foods, then submit them for a round-up of Holiday Cooking. The recap will be published the evening of December 23. Then we hope everyone will have fun trying the recipes during the rest of the holiday season.

In keeping with the rules for Weekend Herb Blogging, you can submit any posts with a holiday recipe using herbs, plants, veggies and flowers. (We didn't think Holiday Cooking With Herbs, Plants, Veggies, and Flowers was a very catchy slogan!) Just be sure to send them by the morning of December 23 to be included in the recap which will be posted that evening . Please include the words *Holiday Cooking with Herbs* and a link to Kalyn's Kitchen somewhere in your post. (People are welcome to use the lovely banner above, designed by the talented Rand, or any of the Weekend Herb Blogging icons. I'll be using a technorati tag for *Holiday Cooking with Herbs* which will make it easy for people to find the roundup.)

Weekend Herb Blogging will be on Haitus from December 24-January 1. The regular Weekend Herb Blogging will resume the week of January 1-7.
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  1. Kalyn,

    Thanks for the special edition of WHB... Hope I can contribute some recipes in the midst of this busy week.

  2. Hi Kalyn,

    I am all excited about the event! Is it ok to submit a high-cal recipe [being celebration time u know :)]?

  3. Great info! Thanks, I will be checking back with you.

    Please take a moment to check out my blog.


  4. Glad people are interested in doing this. I'm very excited to see what kinds of special things people make for the holidays. Ultimate Foodie, of course we completely disregard our diets during this time of year.

    (Well the truth is that I never *totally* disregard South Beach, but I admit I do cheat a bit for special occasions.)

  5. Thats great! will start the preparations right away...

  6. Hi Kalyn,
    I have a few recipes in mind that showcase spices, not herbs. I'm assuming, rightly I hope, that spices will be honored in this special "Holiday Cooking with Herbs" event?
    Thanks, as always, for your enthusiasm!

  7. We're very flexible. After all, spices come from plants!

  8. Hello Kalyn, I was cooking with fruits coming from plants : Classic Christmas Chutney. I think it tastes not only at Christmas.

  9. Hi,
    My entry is "Mulled Wine". Very traditional over the Christmas period for my family.

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