Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Been a Great Birthday So Far, and Please Help with A Menu for Hope

Monday, December 11 is when prizes for A Menu for Hope will be announced. I know it's human nature to procrastinate, so if you're in the central U.S. and meant to donate a prize, you still have time! Here are some links to lots more information. I wish I dared tell you about the two fabulous prizes that Rand and Bradley are generously donating, and the amazing prize that Blogher is donating, but you'll have to check back on Monday for that.

Today's my birthday, and while posting on your blog that it's your birthday feels a tiny bit like begging for comments, the day has barely started, and so many people have done nice things for me already that I want to thank everyone who's making this a great birthday for me.

First, shortly after Thanksgiving my brother Mark, his wife Lisa, and their son Travis showed up at my house one Saturday afternoon. "We're here to till your garden for your birthday," Mark announced. He tilled compost into the garden, while Lisa and Travis spent hours cleaning up my yard, which had been greatly neglected due to too much time blogging and not enough time doing yard work. I didn't know they were coming, was busy making Turkey Lasagna and didn't help a bit. What a great birthday surprise. Thanks Mark, Lisa, and Travis!

Then last week my sister Pam treated me to a facial at the school where her daughter Kristen is studying aesthetics. (No, that's not me, the image is from I loved the facial, and love having a great sister like Pam who exercises with me after school most days. Thanks Pam!

For an early birthday present, my brother just Rand designed some fantastic new business cards for me. This is the same generous brother helps me so much on the blog, and who gave me Photo Studio in a Box for Christmas in July! Thanks Rand!

My friend Laura is not going to be at school today, so she showed up yesterday with a beautful Poinsettia and a card for my birthday. Some days I couldn't make it through the school day without her. Thanks, Laura!

My dad and step-mother have already called for my birthday and asked me to stop by after school.
My friend Susan, mother of the gorgeous Sophie and Simone has also called already to wish me a good birthday. Just minutes ago I got an e-card from a family who had a son in my class several years ago. Then,tonight I'm going out to dinner with Trudy and Georgette, hopefully somewhere photo-worthy so I can share some food porn again next Friday. Next week I'll be having more birthday dinners with a couple of other friends.

Can you see that I'm truly blessed with an abundance of friends and a great family? (Notice how I have skillfully avoided any mention of my age but if you're really curious you can easily find it if you poke around a bit on the blog. I'll just say that at this age I'm grateful to be very healthy, full of energy, amazingly thin for someone who writes a cooking blog, and actually quite young-looking besides all the other great birthday presents I've already mentioned.)
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  1. Hi Kalyn,

    Wish you a Very Happy Birthday!It is truley a blessing to have the attitude to "count your blessings",isn't it?It is wonderful to see you have such a gerat family.Wish you all the good things in life.

  2. Oops,sorry for the typo,I meant Great family,not gerat..

  3. Dear Kalyn - a very happy birthday to you! Sounds like you're having a wonderful day, keep enjoying it! (I had a facial last night, and they're a bliss:)

  4. wish u a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. u really are an inspiring boon to the whole blogging world.

  5. Happy birthday! You deserve all the goodness that's coming your way from family, friends, and fellow bloggers. Enjoy and celebrate!

  6. Happy Birthday Kalyn! Glad to have met you in the blooging sphere! Sounds like you'll be having lots of fun!

  7. Happy birthday, Kalyn!!!

    Have a fabulous day (sounds like you already are having a great day).

    I could do with a facial too... this dull, cold weather is dragging me down. Your new cards looks fantastic!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    What a wonderful birthday your having...don't you love it when they stretch out a bit?

    Keep on enjoying....

  9. Oh, Kalyn Happy Happy Birthday and happy days to follow. Those are fabulous cards your brother made. I'd consider it a wonderful gift to have a sis to work out with!!! The day is only started, hope it just gets better.

  10. Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have a great year!

  11. Hi Kalyn! Happy B'day. I have been meaning to comment for ages that you are a "life-saving angel"! Not my words, but my friends. Her sister announced to her 2 days before thanksgiving that she was "going southbeach". My poor friend (who was hosting everything this year) was almost in tears since she didnt know anything at all abt the diet. Then I reccomended your site to her and she was SAVED! They managed to have great food and my friend decided that she didnt want to kill her sister after all!

    Have a great day!

  12. Happy, happy birthday Kalyn. I hope your day continues to bring you tons of joy!

    BTW: I'm right on your heels, young lady. My milestone (millstone?) b-day is in January. I do believe we're just a year apart. :)

  13. Thanks everyone for all the nice birthday wishes. I am having a great day.

  14. Happy birthday, Kalyn! It's obviously been a great one, I'm so glad. All the best for the coming year.


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