Wednesday, December 06, 2006

South Beach Recipes of the Week: Vegetables

Did you notice the fabulous new cinnamon-stick blog header by my uber-talented brother, Rand? That means it must be getting pretty close to Christmas, and as much fun as Christmas can be, it also means a lot of tempting food. Maybe that's why this week I was inspired to feature veggies for South Beach Recipes of the Week, those delicious-looking low glycemic index recipes I find on my favorite food blogs. This is week #19 for SBRofTW, and these recipes are all great for anyone following a low-glycemic eating plan, but even if you don't care about all that, I bet you'll see some delicious-looking food here.

Photo by Rachael of Fresh Approach Cooking

I saved this recipe by Rachael of Fresh Approach Cooking a long time ago, and then the spinach crisis came and no one was eating spinach! Now that spinach is back, I bet you'll love Rachael's creative Not Sag Paneer, a delightful spinach dish reminiscent of Indian Sag Paneer, or spiced spinach with cheese.

Photo by Amy of Cooking with Amy

I was just charmed by this recipe for Quickie Pickled Radishes that I found on Cooking With Amy, and this couldn't be easier to make. The recipe does have a tiny amount of sugar, which you could replace it with Splenda if you wanted. However, it's such a tiny amount, and you're only eating the even tinier amount of the vinegar/sugar/salt mixture that clings to the radishes, so I might just use sugar here.

Photo by Helen of Beyond Salmon

This recipe of Eggplant Stuffed with Carrots, Garlic, and Herbs by Helen of Beyond Salmon is a bit more complicated to make, but this would be such a fantastic make-ahead appetizer for a Christmas party if you wanted to be sure there was something tasty and healthy on hand. Helen says this can be made up to four days ahead, but be careful not to eat it all before the day of the party!

Photo by Dr. Biggles of Meathenge

When you find a recipe for a great-sounding roasted cauliflower with onions and mushrooms, and it's on a blog called Meathenge, you know this must be a good recipe. Biggles claims it was so good he didn't even eat any meat with it, so check out the recipe and make yourself some High Roast Cauliflower.counter customizable free hit
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  1. What an array of food! Love Sag Paneer:)

  2. You are fabulous!!! Everyone of these looks like a winner!!!

  3. I was honored to have Kalyn give me a quart of me her "black bean and rice with lime and cilantro soup". It was absolutely delicious! I am among a large group of people whose life Kalyn has touched. I admire her passion for cooking, blogging, and teaching. I find her forthrightness to be refreshing. She speaks her truth (a quality of a genuine sagitarian). Happy Birthday, Kalyn. Love, Laura

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