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Especially for Ilva: Here's What You'll Find in Kalyn's Kitchen

When I started food blogging in April 2005, one thing I'd never have predicted is that I'd have so much fun meeting food-lovers all over the world. To my great delight, that's been one of the best parts of writing a blog. I'm happy to count among my *blog friends* the incomparable Ilva, who creates such delicious looking food and photographs it so well in Pistoia, Italy. We *talk* regularly by e-mail, and share our deepest secrets with each other. So of course, when I heard that Ilva was urging bloggers to show their kitchens, I had to participate, even though I'd already given a tiny glimpse of my kitchen earlier. So here goes, Ilva. This is what you'll see when you come to Utah to visit me someday!

Before I start the tour, I do want to thank a couple of people. I live in a 95 year old house in the middle of Salt Lake City, and in 1998 I had the entire house completely gutted and remodeled. If it wasn't for my amazingly talented brother-in-law Kelly, who did all the work for me, and my generous sister Pam, who let him work for me so long at discount rates, I'd never have been able to afford such a great kitchen. I'll always be grateful to them.

When you arrive, you'll be able to tell from the doormat that this is literally the "home" of Weekend Herb Blogging. I recently saw this doormat in a store and couldn't resist buying it!

Of course, the stove is the heart of any kitchen, and this is my wonderful gas stove, circa 1940. Dr. Biggles from Meathenge helped me adjust the burners, and this is a great stove, although the oven is temperamental. (On the counter next to the stove, Kalyn's favorite beverage, oops. No, Diet Coke is not paying for product placement on this blog.)

Here's a wider view of the corner where the stove is, with a little glimpse of my table in the front. I spend a fair amount of time in this corner!

I'm a collector, and next to my stove I am attempting to assemble a collection of every kitchen gadget known to man. When I travel I buy kitchen gadgets instead of souvenirs.

There's a great spice rack above my stove which I already talked about, and a rack for hanging pans, most of which I buy on sale at places like Big Lots and T.J. Maxx. My current favorite is the big Calphalon pan with two handles, one of the few really good pans I have.

More pans and colanders hang in the window above my sink, which is great because you can wash the pan and hang it up to dry!

Last year I used my tax refund to (finally) get a new refrigerator, with filtered water and ice in the door! I love this refrigerator, and earlier I showed what's inside my fridge.

Besides the refrigerator, I also have an upright freezer, so there's always plenty of food on hand. In my days before food blogging, I was pretty good about keeping an updated list of what's in the freezer, but nowdays the list is pretty out of date! You can also see a little glimpse of my bathroom in this photo.

I have a beautiful built-in bookcase in the kitchen where I keep (only a few of!) my cookbooks, plus jars of beans and Dreamfields Pasta.

This counter under my cookbook shelf has three notebooks that organize my life. The first one is where I record my weight. (Experts say don't weigh yourself every day, but it works for me.) The other two are a calendar/to-do list, and a notebook where I write down an ongoing list for grocery shopping. (I admit I'm a little uber-organized, a trait I'm glad I inherited from my talented mother.)

Just off the kitchen is my office, which you get to by going down this little hall which has my washer and dryer, plus shelves where I'm assembling quite a collection of "blog dishes." These are the dishes I use in the food photos on Kalyn's Kitchen.

In the office there's a built-in daybed, home for my Photo-Studio-in-a-Box, where I shoot most of my food photos since I work all day and mostly cook at night. Those cookbooks are my tripod, and I have an extra light mounted on the wall above the PSiaB. To the right is a stack of fabrics I use for backgrounds, and my camera case with lenses and other camera stuff. (Edit March 2008 - I still take photos here but now the bed is gone and there's a white platform in its place. I now use a tripod and mostly shoot with natural light, although I still use the PSiaB when I need to.)

The tour ends with one of the messiest parts of my house, the corner of the office where I spend (far too many) hours sitting in front of the computer writing Kalyn's Kitchen, sending e-mail, writing for Blogher, and reading my favorite blogs. Some things shouldn't be shared with the world, so you'll have to visit in person to see what's on my office bulletin board! Ilva, you're probably in bed over there in Italy, but when you get up I hope you have fun seeing my kitchen!

Don't forget January 9 is the last day to send Ilva your kitchen photo link if you're planning to show your kitchen to the world!

Weekend Herb Blogging recap #64 will be posted tonight.
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  1. No Kalyn, I'm eagerly waiting for bed time here! But I have enjoyed seeing your kitchen a lot! It's really wonderful! The spice rack, the book shelves, well everything looks really great! I'm looking forward sitting there at the table while you cook for me one day in the future! Thanks!

  2. Ilva, I do hope you can come someday. I just can't imagine anything more fun. And don' forget, as soon as Paz wins the lottery we are coming to Italy to visit you too! (Paz, let me know if I need to send money for lottery tickets!)

  3. How wonderful! I loved seeing your kitchen! It's beautiful--and so well organized (not a surprise!). I too love to have my gadgets and tools right out there on my counter. Thanks for the look!

  4. Kalyn, I loved your doormat. And about your 'blog dishes' and studio, I've begun a small collection myself :) - I liked reading your post.

  5. Kalyn,

    I adore your stove! You have such a warm, sweet kitchen. I think it suits you perfectly!

  6. Kalyn, what a big kitchen you have! :D Love seeing your kitchen (have another insight to Kalyn's world!) :D

  7. I love your stove, too! Those beautiful art-deco curves in the oven handles and those substantial knobs, it's really lovely.

    Looking at all these kitchens is driving me mad...since I have a teeny-tiny Manhattan kitchen, I'm suffering from a huge case of kitchen envy.

  8. Oh, I do think you are a girl after my own kitchen heart. I would love cooking in that kitchen and especially with you. I am drawn to every detail: the color of the cabinets is my choice and I love the pots over the sink and the bookcase! Well, I really like it all and it's easy to see that it's a kitchen that will work hard for a great cook/chef.
    Lovely, now when I read your next post I'll see you all over that kitchen!!

  9. Someday I'll see this kitchen for real, too! It's really beautiful. When my friends redid their kitchen a couple of years ago, all of a sudden they started to cook! She said, it was because they finally got rid of the 30 miscellaneous skillets they'd collected/combined. He said, our cooking just tastes better now!

  10. Hi Kalyn!

    What a fab kitchen. I envy your space [and counter space!].

    Your kitchen reflects you - warm, inviting, nurturing.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy, creative 2007!

  11. Wow! I go to the grocery store and all these great women have visited my kitchen while I was gone. How about if I let you guys know when Ilva comes to visit and you can all come over too! (Warning, most of you will have to sleep on the floor!)

    Seriously though, I do feel very blessed/lucky/happy to have such a great kitchen. Thanks for the nice comments. And some of you, remember, I'm officially "old." I certainly didn't have a kitchen this nice when I was young.

  12. Kalyn, that kitchen looks warm and cosy. It kind of seals the image I have of you - warm, cosy and a lot of fun! Oh and you ladies ain't starting any party without me. I'm bringing my sleeping bag so make room for me too!

  13. What a warm, homey kitchen, and what fun to see where all those great photos come from. Thanks for the peek!

  14. What a warm and inviting kitchen - I guess I'll come with my sleeping bag for the slumber party too! Sorry I can't participate in WHB this week, it's been a bit hectic working on moving my father into my place and more importantly out of his place with so much memorabilia to go through...

  15. Hi Kalyn,
    What a gorgeous kitchen! And so well organized. But eyeing all those plastic spatulas I think I've discovered your secret (or not so secret anymore) compulsion. My dear, you are indeed a gadget hound. Gadgetitis Maximus.

  16. Meeta, love to have you join. Sleeping bag is a great idea.

    Christine, thanks!

    Anna H. hope things go ok with your father. That sounds like a painful process. It's nice that you are there for him. Please come for the slumber party!

    Elise, it's true I love to collect things. I'm actually better than I used to be about not buying things when I don't need them, but some things still tempt me. Hope you're coming when Alanna does.

  17. Oh man...I so want a kitchen that big!!

  18. Your kitchen looks so warm and homey. I just love it because you can tell some real cookin' gets done there. You can do a compare and contrast with your organized kitchen utensil corner and my quite disorganized kitchen utensil drawer. Well, I've about ruined my New Year's Resolution reading your post and Ilva's and then staying up this late making my own!

  19. Thanks for the tour, Kalyn! I love the bookshelf with jars of pasta:) And I _need_ one of those photo boxes soon. Does your brother do mail orders??

  20. Kalyn,
    YOur kitchen is so beauitful, and at the same time reveals you leading an extremely busy life! It has a lot of stuff but everything is so well organized! Oh love those pans, pretty!

  21. Bill, when I was your age I had a kitchen you could barely turn around in! Yes, I love having a big kitchen.

    Puddleglum, blogger wouldn't let me leave you a comment, but your kitchen looks very nice, and the kids are cute.

    Pille, Rand can send PSiaB most anywhere. It's wonderful.

    Gattina, I am too busy! I keep messing up. But I did inherit the organizing gene from my mother!

  22. I too loved seeing your kitchen. Its extremely organized and yet warm and inviting!!! The spice rack above the stove is really impressive and the books shelves with jars and such intermixed is a GREAT idea!

  23. your kitchen. Especially your collection of pots and pans. I am a firm believer of using the right pot/pan for cooking. I especially love your stove. I really want one of those, they add such a vintage feel to the kitchen.

  24. I love your kitchen. Absolutely love it!!!

  25. Your kitchen is wonderful, Kalyn!!! You've got so many pans! And so many spoons!!!!!!!!!
    I want them all!!!!! ;-D

  26. We all have a favorite corner in the kitchen...I love yours with the wonderful stove and pans of every size.
    Thank you for the tour!

  27. Kalyn thanks for the tour I loved your pots and pans and the spice cabinet...checking out the other post in a bit

  28. Okay.. I need Kelly to come design my next kitchen! =)

    It's gorgeous - I love the white and blue with the wood, so pretty! I NEED those bookshelves. hehee

    But do you know what I heart the most? Your little corner in the office! It's the exact kind of cozy space that I've always wanted - with everything at my fingertips and a window to look out of. Just perfect =)

  29. What a wonderful kitchen you have Kalyn. I love the bookshelf and the spice rack. This has been so much fun! I'm so grateful to Ilva for doing this!


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