Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why Kalyn Hates Winter in Utah

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Right now there's no water in my house because it's frozen somewhere in the pipe between the water meter and the house. I called the Salt Lake Water department and remarkably they got there in about an hour. The bad news is that water is coming out of the meter but not getting to the house, which means that it's my problem to get it fixed. A wonderful neighbor crawled into the area where the water pipes come into the house and put a light to heat the pipe enough to get water flowing again (theoretically). I have my cold water taps turned on, so if it would only get a little warmer maybe I'd have water again.

The high tomorrow is predicted to be 33 F. Right now it's 19 F. That's not good.

Needless to say, my post for Weekend Herb Blogging planned for Thursday has been slightly delayed. Don't worry Ed, I will get to it before Sunday at 3:00 P.M. Utah time for sure! (That's the deadline to send your entries to edcharles AT mac DOT com.)

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  1. Poor you! I used to live in a house where things like that happened, absolutely awful! We used to let the taps alwys be open a little bit during the nights but maybe it's too cold where you live so it wont help anyway..

  2. Sorry to hear about the no-water situation, Kalyn!
    It was -15Celsius (5 Fahrenheit, I believe) when we left the house this morning. We forgot to leave the taps running, and now we're a wee bit anxious whether the pipes survive until the evening..

  3. Yes, I can understand that is not a good adventure. Gosh, I wish it weren't like that. I can only hope you have running water now or soon!

  4. I hope by the time you're reading this that the pipes have warmed up a bit and the water is flowing. Frozen pipes are the worst. We had a pipe freeze and burst once, on New Year's Eve. Try getting a plumber then! We did, but forever after we've called them The Champagne Plumbers, because they charged us enough to buy the very best bottle of champagne!

  5. Kalyn - they temperature will drop to -17F (-27C) tonight, so we definitely have to keep the taps running! I'll be thinking of you:)

  6. At least you're not in DC. High tomorrow: 27 Low: 12--if I remember right.

    Once you get below 33 here, it feels about 20 degrees colder.

    25 feels like 5 in utah
    20 feels like 0 in utah.


  7. Burst pipes really, really suck. Hope that its working better for you.

  8. Thanks guys. It's morning now and I'm sorry to report no water. I have to go to school and make some plans for a substitute, and then try to figure out what to do.

  9. ooops Kalyn, that's bad. Hope you have got something figured out by now
    Stay warm and derive safe

  10. OH man...I could only imagine the grousing by my wife if we had that much snow here :Z

  11. How frustrating! Try to keep warm (and sane!)

  12. I'm guessing this wouldn't be a good time to tell you what the temperature is here in Venice. I'm visualizing thawing.

  13. Kalyn ... I feel fer ya. I grew up in SLC, and I remember as a kid when I'd walk down our front walk, and the snow on either side of it would be higher than I was tall! Now I live in Indiana, where they are wusses about snow ... 5" will stop the city in its tracks.

  14. What a pain. I am cold just reading your words. Maybe we should move to So Cal? ;-)


  15. from one Utah Girl to another...I feel your pain! I hope that the H20 gets flowing for your sake!

  16. Hurm, well it was 65 here yesterday with a lot of haze.

    When you comin'?



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