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Recipe Favorites: Sauteed Scallops with Garlic

I mentioned recently that I'm going to start spotlighting some recipes that are my absolute favorites out of all the yummy things I've made for Kalyn's Kitchen, and this is one that would probably be in the top ten. That's assuming I had a top ten, which I don't because I probably could never narrow it down to just ten recipes.

I cooked this more than a year ago, when I still had my old camera, but even though the photo is not the quality of the camera I have now, I think you can tell how delicious it was. It came from Mark Bittman's The Best Recipes in the World, a cookbook that I've made many things from and never been disappointed. I used the frozen scallops from Costco, which I think are great if you live somewhere like I do where you can't get fresh seafood. Thaw the scallops in the refrigerator (not in water) if you're using frozen ones. There is some information in the original recipe about types of scallops.

Sauteed Scallops with Garlic

(2 servings, recipe from The Best Recipes in the World)

8 large sea scallops or about 1 pound bay scallops
2 T flour for dredging (most will be left on the plate)
1 T good quality olive oil
1 T butter
salt/pepper to taste
1-2 tsp. finely minced fresh garlic
parsley, for garnish
fresh lemon slices to squeeze over if desired
(I did eat it with the lemon, which was my only real change to the recipe)

Dry scallops gently with paper towel. Put oil in medium frying pan and turn on heat to medium. Add butter, and while butter melts, dredge each scallop in flour on both sides. When butter is starting to foam, add scallops to pan. Cook until scallops are barely browned on both sides and starting to feel firm, but not until they feel completely firm, about 2 minutes per side for the initial browning. (This will depend on the thickness of your scallops. Mine were quite thick.)

When both sides are browned slightly, add garlic, lower heat a little, season with salt and pepper as desired, and cook about 2 minutes more, either stirring or shaking the pan so the garlic is well distributed around all the scallops. Garnish with parsley and serve hot, with lemon slices if desired.

South Beach Suggestions:
This would be phase two for the South Beach Diet, although the amount of flour and butter that's actually eaten is miniscule. I've had good luck using 100% whole wheat flour to dredge things, and that's what I'd use now. These scallops would taste great with Lake Powell Spicy Rice and something like Arugula and Sweet Mini-Pepper Salad.

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  1. I saw some scallops at Whole Foods the other day. I can't recall the last time I cooked with them, but this sounds delicious and easy.

  2. mmm. that's all i can say. sea scallops are incredibly tasty and easy at the same time. these look amazing!

  3. Kalyn, I love seafood... And I am sure your dish tastes goooood!

  4. Gadfry these look so wonderful! Best not to limit ourselves to only 10 top favorites! You are a wise woman.

  5. Seafood is one of my favorite things to eat! Here in West Michigan, we pretty much have NO fresh seafood, so Costco would be it for me, too! I am thinking I might try this one!

  6. I wanna make some scallops!


  7. Oh heavens, those look so succulent, I want to eat five or six right away. Great recipe, and so quick! A definite tagger. Thanks! Now if I can just get Keith to like scallops...

  8. I love scallops!!! This recipe looks simple and delicious. I'll try it out very soon. Luckily, I live in Boston!!

  9. I tried this recipe this evening and it turned out fabulous. Thanks for posting it.

  10. Try this with Parma Cheese vs tastes amazing!

  11. Phalynn, love the idea of using parmesan cheese instead of flour!

  12. I am going to make these tonight as a Starter for our Valentine's dinner...Grilled Rib Eye Steaks, Wedge Salad. Asparagus, Baked Potatoes, and Sauteed mushrooms. I am a new follower! Patsy

  13. Patsy, sounds like a great dinner!

  14. Greetings, Kalyn! I 'googled' scallops and garlic and your recipe came up. I also just pinned it to Pinterest, thank you for the PIN IT button, and for sharing! Your recipes look delicious, you should be on the Food Network. :)

  15. Thanks Gloria, but believe me, I have no desire to be on TV!


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