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Recipe Favorites: Grilled Asparagus with Parmesan

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Grilled Asparagus(Updated April 2008) I'm starting to notice asparagus going on sale around here, and this grilled asparagus that I first made a few years ago is something that definitely deserves to be nominated as one of my Recipe Favorites. I love just about everything cooked on the grill, but fresh asparagus grilled and then sprinkled with some freshly-grated parmesan cheese is about as good as it gets.

This is my very favorite grill pan that I used to cook the asparagus. It's kind of like a wok with holes that sits on top of the grill slats, and it's ultra handy for grilling veggies. I have several of these, but I greatly prefer this type over the ones that have a long handle which makes it so you can't close the lid of your grill. If asparagus is starting to be in season where you live, I guarantee you'll love this way of cooking it.

Grilled Asparagus with Parmesan
(3-4 servings, recipe created by Kalyn)

1 pound asparagus
1 T extra-virgin olive oil
salt/pepper to taste
about 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese

Preheat charcoal or gas grill to medium high (you can only hold your hand over it for a few seconds at that heat.)

Place grill pan on top of grill and heat while you prepare asparagus. Break one piece of asparagus to see where the tough part of the stem starts, then trim ends of asparagus all to that length. Cut asparagus on the diagonal into pieces about 3-4 inches long and place in ziploc bag. Put olive oil into bag and sprinkle in a little salt and pepper, then mix asparagus around in the bag until it's well coated with olive oil.

Pour asparagus into grill pan and grill, turning every 2 minutes, until asparagus is getting browned edges and is barely tender-crisp. Cooking time will vary depending on your grill, but I cooked mine about 10 minutes. Serve asparagus hot with freshly grated parmesan sprinkled over.

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South Beach Suggestions:
This is a perfect vegetable for any phase of The South Beach Diet. Serve it with something else cooked on the grill, like Grilled Salmon with Asian Dipping Sauce, Grilled Lime and Chile Chicken with Mango and Red Bell Pepper Salsa, or Lamb Souvlaki.

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  1. Seriously one of my favorite dishes. Gorgeous photo, too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This looks easy! I am keen to try it after the blast I had with your cauliflower and anchovies recipe (haha I still can't get over the yumminess of that dish!)

  3. Looks good and It is the perfect time to try asparagus recipes too!

  4. Wonderful photo! Isn't it wonderful how much beautiful asparagus is on the market? I could eat it every day.

  5. Grilled asparagus is top of my list. I'm expecting farm-grown local asparagus at the farmstand in just a few weeks -- at last!

  6. That's a cool pan - I've never seen one like that before. Good for long thin things like asaparagus (I'll have to look out for them!)

  7. A total favorite of mine too - though I usually roast them in an oven cause thats all I have!

  8. I like bigger grating of the parmesan but I'm with you on the grill pan. If it's for the grill, why the long handle a lid won't close on?
    This is really high on my summer time grill favorites!

  9. Kalyn,

    I know you recommend the Fini of Modena Balsamic vinegar. I bought some recently to test it.

    I also had on hand a 1 liter bottle of the Kirkland (Costco brand) Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. I can't remember the price of it, but the Fini is only 8.45 fl oz.

    I tasted both of them - trying to compare the flavor and aroma. The Kirkland brand is more syrupy (I don't know if that's good or bad - just different in body), but I thought the flavor was almost exactly the same. (Granted, my sense of taste may differ from yours).

    You might try it, if you haven't done so already. At least you could use it for cooking that just needs a little kick of balsamic and reserve the Fini for special occasions.

  10. Glad to see you're able to grill - we are, too, while so much of the rest of the country is having snowstorms! The asparagus looks great. What kind of lighting are you using to take such good pics?

  11. Grilling asparagus is one of my favourite ways of dealing with it - I much prefer it to boiled.
    This also works with baby leeks of about the same size as the asparagus - all mixed together...

  12. Ruth, thanks. It's definitely one o fmy favorites too.

    Yich, hope you like it as much as the caulilflower.

    Maria, we need to have a dinner and make some. (Maria is my neighbor!)

    Sher, I have two bunches in my fridge right now.

    Lydia, I bet the farm-grown asparagus is great.

    Sophie, I love that pan. I think I got it at TJ Maxx.

    Katerina, roasting is great too.

    Tanna, I usually like the larger grated parmesan too, but on this I thought the finer grind coated the asparagus better.

    Sandy-la, thanks for the tip on the Costco vinegar. I heard from another reader that it was good and I've been thinking of buying some. I was not impressed with the old Kirkland balsamic vinegar, but I noticed on the bottle that the one they now have is from Italy. I'll try it for sure, because the Fini brand is pretty expensive for me!
    (I do buy it at World Market where it's a lot cheaper than some places.)

    Cyndi, I use this light box for most of my food photos. I don't have that much light in my house. (That link goes to a post which references my brother's web site, but you can also get it at or in a photo store.)

    Richard, I *love* the idea of combining leeks with the asparagus. Will try it for sure!

  13. Can't go wrong with asparagus ! And now is the season.

    Thanks !

  14. The roasted Tilapia and grilled Asparagus with Parmesan cheese looked and tasted great. Thank you.

  15. made the asparagus tonight...absolutely fantastic. Thanks!

  16. Kenny and sixtywatt, thanks for letting me know you liked it!

  17. Comments before this one were from April 2007 when I posted the updated version of this recipe. (Am I the only one who thinks it kind of fun to see the historical view of the comments when I do the recipe favorites?)

  18. Kalyn, I don't like to fuss too much when come to asparagus, your recipe is exactly what I most like! And I really love to have one grill-wok (with lid!!!)

  19. Yes, I definitely like the historical view of comments. As for asparagus, I think I'm getting a message - I just left Kalofagas where he was also making very nice looking asparagus. Time to go shopping...

  20. I love asparagus with parmesan, such a wonderful combination. Oooh, and with a poached egg on top too!

  21. I just come from Peter's blog. I love that both your asparagus recipes use cheese, they really go well together!

  22. Now, that pan I have! For the grill...
    It's great isn't it?
    And such lovely asparagus.... I'm happy - it's my favorite vegetable season!

  23. This is my favorite way to make asparagus. I also add 2 cloves of minced garlic in. There are never any leftovers.

  24. Agreed -- this is one of my favorite ways to cook asparagus, and an especially good use for the fat spears, as they can stand up to the high heat of the grill. Your photos are getting better and better!

  25. Great recipe, I love my asparagus, I eat it offten, I love it grilled. Never tried it with parmesan but tonight I will, thanks :)

  26. Grilled asparagus with parmesan is so simple and yet so good!

  27. I have never seen pan like this before, very interesting! And I love the idea of adding Parmesan to the asparagus... thank you for an idea :)

  28. Love asparagus! Making this tomorrow!

  29. I could'nt agree with you more! Grilled asparagus and Parmesan, I can eat them like candy.

  30. I want to try the grill pan for veggies. Never seen one before. Thanks!


  31. Not long until asparagus is in season over here, so a great and well timed recipe!

  32. Beautiful, Kalyn! Just the way I like them ;)

  33. Sounds great! I will have to try this. I always let my asparagus sit in some oil and lime juice, then grill it. Squeeze on a bit more fresh lime and salt n' pepper and you are SO in business.

  34. I've tried this before, and really liked - so I've been looking forward to the asparagus season keenly (maybe another week? or two? now)

  35. Asparagus rules no matter how it's prepared. Add in some char marks from the grill ... even better!


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