Friday, June 22, 2007

Reader Survey: Kalyn Has Gone to San Francisco, Please Talk Among Yourselves

I'm leaving this morning to fly to San Francisco, where I'm planning to have the most fun imaginable. I love traveling, and the flight is such a short one, I probably won't need to use any of Kate's tips on How to Make Travel Day a Little Brighter. I'm really looking forward to visiting San Francisco again with my great friends Mary and Jacque, as well as hanging out with some of my favorite food bloggers (and possibly even meeting another blogger who's visiting San Francisco if all goes well.)

I rarely take time off from the blog, but I'm actually going to just take a vacation and enjoy myself until I get back in town! There are still plenty of recipes over there in the newly refurbished recipes archives in the left sidebar, including lots of recipes for Grilling or Salads if it's summer where you are, or Soup, Stew, and Chili if you're in the Southern hemishphere.

Now here's your chance to dish a little. It's been a while since I've done any kind of a reader survey, but it was so much fun last time, so here are some questions I hope you'll respond to in the comments while I'm gone.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. (If you'd like, tell your name, where you live, and what you do for a living. If not, just share something interesting.)

2. How did you find Kalyn's Kitchen and how long have you been reading this blog?

3. What are some things you'd be sure to eat if you were visiting San Francisco?

4. Where's the best place you ever went for a vacation and what did you eat there?

5. What's the next thing you'll be cooking in your own kitchen?

Thanks for taking time to participate in the survey! I'll be back soon, hopefully with lots of new food ideas from San Francisco and maybe a few photos.

P.S. If I have time, I'll check in with a comment once in a while and tell you what I'm doing!
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  1. I hope you have fun in San Fran!

    Here are my answers to the reader questions:

    1. My name is Mary Jean and you can catch me at:

    2. I found Kalyn's Kitchen when I was looking for South Beach recipes about 6 months ago and I've been a devoted reader ever since.

    3. Sourdough pizza

    4. Hawaii was the best vacation spot and it was where I had the best meal of my life. It was seared tuna with a wasabi glaze over kahlua pork mashed potatoes.

    5. tonight we're having london broil marinated in Farmer Boy Greek salad dressing with quick stovetop "baked" beans and a salad.

  2. The first thing I would eat in SF would probably be a Krispy Kreme doughnut, since you can't get them over here (Netherlands). Sorry, not a typical culinary thing, and not exactly diet friendly either, but hee... But there's more to SF. During my last visit I indeed enjoyed all the food I ate. Real hot dogs from some obscure little shop, Chinese (even the complementary yasmin tea was a delight), Korean (I still have NO idea what I ordered, but it tasted great (well most of it)), even the Japanese fastfood (sushi, sashimi and miso soup take-out) thingy near SF-MOMA was wonderful. Even the "steak and eggs" breakfast I ate somewhere between SF and Las Vegas was wonderful (although not something I would eat every day). Apart from the food I loved the fact that there was no cigarette smoke at all in the restaurants, and service was fast and very friendly. And all that at affordable prices ... what more can you ask for ?

    Now as to what I am going to eat this weekend... I'll go to the local market tomorrow morning and I'll get inspired by what is in season. There will be at least a tomato-salad for lunch, and maybe just a simple steak or fish (salmon-trout maybe) for dinner (probably with some corn). If I find nothing to my liking I'll make some apple-fennel salad with some soy-marinated encrusted chicken liver.

  3. Hi Kalyn - have a great time, and tell us all about it when you come back! In the meantime, here's some chat ...

    My name is Joanna, and you can find me most days at, where I write about easily achievable, delicious, heart-healthy food

    I've been reading your blog for about a year, and I don't remember how I first found it, but I know it came highly recommended

    If I visited San Francisco again, I'd eat sourdough bread, and seafood. But the sourdough would come first, as well as a long chat with the baker, and an attempt to blag some starter!

    Best holiday and meal ... tricky ... I have been lucky enough to have a lot of wonderful holidays. The best meal away from home was probably in 1984, when I'd just returned to Port Sudan after a month travelling in the famine zone with Eritrean guerillas during the war. We ate injira, a delicious flatbread which is definitely an acquired taste (made with fermented teff flour) and which I've recently been longing for, with tahini salad (like a much thinned-down hummus), and a mixed green salad, the first fresh vegetables I'd eaten for 3-4 weeks.

    Tonight I'm cooking meatballs. I need help, because I'm not going to do my "usual" ones, and I can't find a recipe I like. We'll eat them with rice, salad, aubergine salsa.


  4. Have a terrific vacation! Don't forget your heart... *grin* Here are my answers.

    1. My name is Sunny, from south-central Virginia, where I live in the country on a beautiful riverfront homestead with lots of room for gardens and grandbabies. :) I have a food blog at, but life has been so busy these past few months that I've not been keeping up with it, sadly... hard to write about cooking when you're always DOING it!

    2. I ran across KK several months ago when I was just starting up my food blog. I finally figured out Bloglines, and now I'm able to actually keep up with reading, too!

    3. I'd have to go in search of some San Fran Sourdough, of course. I also had some of the best sushi ever when I was there last time, so that'd be a no-brainer.

    4. My best-ever vacation was a week-long camping trip to a festival, where I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a campfire! But I think the best foodie vacation I ever had was to the Los Angeles area several years ago. I had so many wonderful meals... the best Thai I'd ever put in my mouth (and the hottest,) unbelievable oysters at a seafood place in Santa Monica, a hole-in-the-wall joint that served me the most perfect steak I could have imagined... I could go on. :)

    5. Today is leftover day, so we'll have a buffet of goodies. (This often happens on Fridays, since we have people over for a bonfire & such every week.) There is eggplant pizza lasagna, seared tuna, daikon salad, guacamole, roasted chicken, green beans, and oven-fried potatoes. Weird selection, but spread out with some cheese, bread, and olives, it makes me happy enough. Oh... there's also leftover pumpkin spice cheesecake, too!

  5. I hope you have a great vacation! I know it is a well deserved one! We will have to get together when you get back. I want to hear all about it and of course see pictures:)

    1. My name is Maria, I live in Salt Lake City and used to be Kalyn's neighbor. I just moved but I am still close:)

    2. Kalyn introduced me to her blog and the blogging world about a year and a half ago. I am addicted now!

    3. SF has so many great things to eat! I would go to the Ferry Building to find the greatest fruits and veggies and stop by Miette Bakery, my favorite! I would also have to enjoy some good seafood, sourdough, and chocolate:)

    4.Europe was my best vacation ever. I loved France and Switzerland, but I think Italy wins as my favorite spot. The country is beautiful and the food is amazing! Great seafood, breads, pasta, and of course Gelato!

    5. My boss just gave me a bag of fresh beets from her garden so I think I will steam the greens and roast the beets! I am glad summer is here!

    Thanks Kalyn, this has been fun!

  6. 1. Hello... I am Leann and I am in El Paso, Texas. I am a SAHM and a culinary student at a local culinary arts program.

    2. I found you when I started my own foodie blog about a year ago. I linked to you right away and have been coming back ever since. :)

    3. I would try to get to a vegetarian place to eat.

    4. My honeymoon was pretty spectacular with just me and hubby and a pickup truck touring through New Mexico and Colorado. Just being free spirits and eating fish we caught from the rivers and home made stuff we bought at a local market and made in our little cabin kitchenette in Pagosa Springs.

    5. Making bread today! ...and then some Mississippi sweet potatoes my Dad sent us. (feeding three of our four kiddos)

  7. I am Simona and I have been writing on my blog, called briciole for a month now. I met Kalyn via Christine. Currently I live in Humboldt County, CA, and part of the time in Berkeley. I work part-time for UCSF, where I do research in medical informatics. My current favorite places in SF are Ti Couz, in the Mission, which makes scrumptious crepes, and Paul K, in the Civic Center area, where the food is Mediterranean and the people are so nice! I am Italian so Italy does not really count as a vacation place for me. My favorite European country is Norway and the best thing I are there is gavlax, cured salmon, but I did not go there for the food. I loved New Zealand too, especially the fjord region and the penguins. In terms of eating vacation, the best is our yearly diving trip to Pirate's Point Resort in Little Cayman: it's amazing for, oh, so many reasons! Tonight I will make roasted root veggies: red beets, carrots, radishes, rutabaga, leeks, plus garlic and rosemary. Kalyn, I hope the sun shines in the city during your visit.

  8. 1. I'm Kelly Mahoney and my blog is
    I'm a graduate student at Northwestern University.

    2. I'm not quite sure how I got here a week or so ago, but I'm glad I did!

    3. I've never been to SF, but I'd imagine they have great sourdough bread.

    4. My favorite holiday meal I've had was when I was in Egypt we were invited to take a cruise on the Nile for New Year's Eve. They served a lobster tail and filot mignon rounds that were so juicy I was almost too stuffed to eat the tiramisu. Believe me, though, I found room.

    5. Cooking is hard at my new sublet, but I think I may attempt to harness the power of the sun to bake cookies in my car again today in Tucson.

  9. 1. My name is Elke, I go by elkit online. I live in San Jose, California, and I make web pages for a living.

    2. I am pretty new to Kalyn's Kitchen; only been reading for a few weeks. I forget how I found her - by searching for a recipe, and her blog came up in the results? Or through a link from another blog? In any case, I like how well-organized her site is, and how easily you can find recipes, so I added her to my reading.

    3. I live about an hour south of San Francisco, so I trek up to "the City" regularly. My favorites are the Suppenküche, a home away from home for this German ex-pat, and Eos, about whose liquid-center chocolate cake I have recurring dreams. And the Ferry Building is hog heaven for foodies.

    4. Tuscany, with a dozen friends, for about a dozen days. We ate lots of great Italian food, drank wonderful wines, and lots of good strong coffee. One of the finest meals I have ever had was Pasta Carbonara with smoked duck instead of the customary bacon, at Sotto le Fonti in Siena. Still makes my mouth water, just thinking about it five years later.

    5. The very next thing will probably be some veggies tonight. The green beans and mushrooms need killin'. The next thing I am really looking forward to cooking? A clafoutis, like this Apricot and Cherry Clafoutis from The Ethicurean, or the Clafoutis à la Fraise from Chocolate and Zucchini. I've been reading a bunch of food blogs lately.

    [This is also posted on my own blog, Elkit in Wonderland.]

  10. Thanks for asking!

    1. I'm Deb Schiff; live in Somerset, NJ; and I keep two blogs: Here and There and Altered Plates.

    2. I've been reading Kalyn's blog since the great cheese sandwich debate.

    3. If I were visiting San Francisco, I would definitely have dinner at Millennium restaurant.

    4. The best place I ever went on vacation was Italy. I loved Rome and Venice. I ate a lot of food, but the best was found at the osterias.

    5. The next thing I'll be making in my kitchen is dinner tonight -- tilapia fillets with spinach salad.

    Have a great trip! If you get some extra time, you might want to visit Sausilito. It's gorgeous!

  11. 1. My name is Deb, I live in Seattle, and I'm a technical writer.

    2. I just started reading your wonderful blog about a month ago, and I'm so happy that I found it! I think I landed here when I was scouring Google for blogs that discussed the South Beach Diet.

    3. I was born in San Francisco, and I love to visit whenever I have the chance. I would try some of the fabulous vegetarian (or vegetarian-friendly) restaurants while there.

    4. Best place ever??? Wow. I'll say just about any Indian meal I've eaten in London would be right up there, but this is a tough question!

    5. Probably some sort of South Beach-friendly soup or stew, and a big, fresh salad. That's what I make when I can't think of anything else, and it never fails to satisfy. Plus the soup lasts for days.

  12. Hi, Kalyn here.
    I love finding more about who's reading! Thanks for taking the time. Some of you have some pretty amazing vacation food memories.

    I'm having fun here in San Francisco. Just after I arrived, I managed to stop by his book signing and meet David Lebovitz for a second before people started clamoring for his autograph (and I do mean clamoring.) Then we had a not-especially-blogworthy but filling lunch, followed by shopping where I bought two great pairs of shoes! Tomorrow I'm looking forward to meeting a few San Francisco food bloggers.

  13. Kalyn, hi, I'm Sra from India, ran into your blog about 9-10 months ago, like the recipe and pix.
    When I went to SF on vacation, a baggage handler at the airport recommended a place called Scoma's (I think) for its seafood but we couldn't eat there for various reasons.
    I'm not sure of the best vacation/ food but for the next question, it's easy - I'm at my parents' on a short break and we're having egg curry and mango daal for dinner! Traditional Indian stuff from my part of the country!

  14. Kalyn! So fun to meet you. You're even nicer in person that you are on your fun to dine with you. xo David

  15. 1. I'm Norah and I live in Clearfield Utah. I'm a sahm to three boys. I love to cook and try to buy only local or organic. I blog but its not about cooking, its about life with twins and my other child.

    2. I discovered this blog from an article in the local paper. Its funny because right before the article ran I was talking to my sister about Ms. Denny and we both decided to track her down. The next day there she was in the paper. Ms. Denny was my sister's favorite teacher (btw Tami has a degree in social work and just finished her first year of law school) and my role model.

    3. I love sourdough so I'd probably eat something made from sourdough.

    4. Not sure. I really haven't had an exciting vacation.

    5. I'm making cabbage rolls for dinner tomorrow. Tonight we had sweet and sour chicken wings.

  16. Whatever you do - don't eat the Clairesquares!

    Only kidding.

    kalyn - you rock! Wish I could have hung around some more with you...


  17. 1. My name is Rhonda and I live in Loxley (a small town about 25 miles up from the Alabama coast on the Gulf of Mexico). I am an assistant principal at a local high school of about 1500 students.

    2. I found Kalyn's Kitchen this past January during a search for South Beach recipes and have been thoroughly enjoying it since then.

    3. I can never get enough seafood (luckily it's plentiful here), but especially in S.F. I'd have to have some.

    4. I've been blessed to have many wonderful vacations, but food-wise, there's this great restaurant in Cozumel, Mexico with the best Guacamole and Virgin Pina Coladas I've ever had. Hubby and I have been four times and we eat there at least once every time we go.

    5. Hubby and I are laying tile in several rooms in our house, so alas, I ordered pizza and it was decadently delicious and clean-up was a breeze.

    Kalyn, please enjoy your vacation! Remember to try something new every day!

  18. 1. Tell us a little about yourself. (If you'd like, tell your name, where you live, and what you do for a living. If not, just share something interesting.)

    It's Anna of Anna's Cool Finds. I live in Mill Valley and will be looking forward to seeing you next time you're in SF since our schedules didn't mesh this time. I'm a consultant (RFID/supply chain management/strategic business planning).

    2. How did you find Kalyn's Kitchen and how long have you been reading this blog?

    I think I came upon it from Sam's blog, but don't remember now. I'm sure it's been more than a year.

    3. What are some things you'd be sure to eat if you were visiting San Francisco?

    Well, since I live close by it makes it harder. It's a city of foodie delights! Probably some kind of seafood. sushi -- Oyaji's for an authentic izakuya experience.

    4. Where's the best place you ever went for a vacation and what did you eat there?

    oh my. many bests. perhaps moules in Brussels?

    5. What's the next thing you'll be cooking in your own kitchen?

    That would be tomorrow morning. Probably rice topped with furikake (dried sesame seeds, fish and seaweed) and egg over easy accompanied by a big bowl of fresh raspberries.

  19. Hi Kalyn here again,

    Love hearing from people who are reading the blog. (Nora, fun to hear from you again and how great to hear that Tami is doing so well!)

    I'm having so much fun. David and Sam, so wonderful to finally meet you both. David, loved meeting your sisters. Sam, don't tell anyone but I ate one of the Clairesquares. Diet, phooey, I'm on vacation. (My friends ate the other two, thank goodness!)

    Anna, I'm sorry I missed you. I'm also so sad that somehow we missed Ed from Is It EDible and Faith from Blog Appetit at Yank Sing. I'm very mad at myself for being stupid and giving the restaurant my home phone number when I made the reservation back in Utah, or not giving everyone we were planning to meet my cell phone number. Time for me to embrace the cell phone, I can tell.

    I did get to meet a whole lot of wonderful charming food bloggers yesterday. Besides David and Sam I've already mentioned, I met Amy, Debby, Rob, Christine, Anita, Cameron, Sean and Mike. Can anyone name all those blogs. (Clues, two of these are not their blog names, and Rob and Mike are not food bloggers, but Mike is a SF blogger.)

    I also met a couple of other food celebs, the famous Steve from Rancho Gordo beans and Pim's boyfriend, David Kinch from Manresa. I didn't realize Pim was in town or I would have tried to get her to come down the the Ferry Building and meet up with us too.

    Had a little mishap when my brain went on autopilot and I deleted two days worth of photos, which I'm hoping I can get back! Last night I had a fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Butterfly. Big parade today, and then tomorrow, probably more shopping!

  20. Hooray for Travel!! Sounds so much good times! I'd be going through loaves of sourdough and planning on buying some to bring home. And I'd be looking for seafood placed for breakfast lunch and dinner.
    Yikes on the photos, I hope somebody's got them.

  21. 1. My name is Jessica and I live in Orange County, CA & I am a student.

    2. I found Kalyn's Kitchen when I Googled "south beach recipes" a few months was exactly what I was looking for!

    3. I love to go the The Stinking Rose can never get enough garlic!

    4. My best vacation was my honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, they have great seafood, my favorite!

    5. Tonight I'm making the marinated ahi tuna I bought from Trader Joes, yum...

  22. It sounds like you are having a great time in SF! I am glad you got to meet so many blogging friends! David, Sam, Anita...I am jealous:) I hope you enjoyed your ClairesSquare, they are the best:)I can't wait to hear more when you get back...and hopefully you can save your lost pictures!

  23. So glad we got to meet you Saturday... how lucky that we ran into Sean, who told me you were coming. (I'm woefully behind on my feed reading -- the last few weeks have been nuts.) I'm sure you all had a marvelous lunch, and I hope the rest of your visit was/is full of delicious treats!

  24. HI Everyone, Kalyn again. I'm doing a horrible job of reporting in (having too much fun) but I'll be writing more about the trip later this week.

    Maria, those Clairesquares are wicked. (Just kidding. It was so delish!)

    Anita, loved getting to meet you and Cameron. I had so much fun, I don't know where to start describing it on the blog, but after I regroup a bit I'll be writing more about it.

  25. Hi Kalyn and her merry readers,

    1.I'm Bennett from Paris. I was a teacher for years and I run "imaginary blogs", the one going on right now is where people are invited to strtch their imagination and to reinvent love, weddings, marriage, relationship, seduction....

    2.I've been reading Kalyn's insppiring blog for a year as I was fed up with the (nevertheless super efficient) Atkins diet and was looking for a more normal and happy way to be on the diet.

    3. I lived in San Fancisco and have fond memories of the California creamery (closed now) for its sourdough baguettes, bagels, frappuccinos and yellow courgettes bread (and for Richard the guy running the store, still a great friend today.)

    4. I'm just back from my honey moon in Stratford-upon-Avon in England (Shakespeare town) and ate high teas everyday (not in the diet): scones with clotted cream and jam, Victorian sandwiches, carrot cakes,lemon cheesecake,apple pie brownies..... 2 years had gone buy without sugar!!!!! I'm still recovering.

    5. Tonight we're going for breadless cheeseburger (with a fried egg on top) with baby spinach on the side

  26. 1. Tell us a little about yourself. : name: Rachael, Location: syracuse, ny, but raised in arlington, ma. Other stuff: I'm a professional dog walker, I love hiking, I've last 70 lbs in the past year (Woohoo!)

    2. How did you find Kalyn's Kitchen and how long have you been reading this blog? Link from another blog (about the roasted radishes)...about 2-3 week ago?

    3. What are some things you'd be sure to eat if you were visiting San Francisco? sourdough! Chocolate!

    4. Where's the best place you ever went for a vacation and what did you eat there? New Orleans, and hot chocolate and beignets at cafe du monde

    5. What's the next thing you'll be cooking in your own kitchen? Something ot involving heat of any salad, maybe? its too hot to think about anything but cold stuff.


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