Saturday, August 04, 2007

Time for a Garden Update: Lots of Vegetables Growing Here!

It's been nearly a month since I gave an update about the garden, and things are really growing around here. This is a slightly diagonal view of my vegetable garden which covers the south end of my backyard. The bushiest plants you see are tomatoes (no idea why some are so bushy and others aren't!) A few of my tomato plants are so big that I'm going to trim off the ends of the branches, leaving 2 or 3 bunches of tomatoes, but removing new flowers and even baby tomatoes farther down the branch. This is a good trick if you have tomatoes that don't seem to be getting ripe. It's a bit painful to cut off those potential tomatoes, but it sends more energy to the bigger tomatoes. (Not sure if this is scientifically verifiable, but it works for me!)

I also have herbs and even veggies growing in other spots in my yard. Not to brag or induce serious garden-envy from readers who live in an apartment or condo, but right now I have literally hundreds of tomatoes on my plants. Soon I'll be making Slow Roasted Tomatoes like crazy.

I had several people picking from the garden when I was at the Blogher conference, and I still had this many veggies to pick when I got home. (Bad photo, I should have used the trick I learned from the Bea and Lara about using a piece of styrofoam from the front to reflect the light back on to the food. Styrofoam is on my shopping list, along with vellum to filter the window light!)

Here's what's great about having a house. On one side of my back porch a patch of basil, actually about three times bigger than what is shown in this photo.

And on the other side of the porch is this patch of mint, surviving well in a spot where my lawn sprinklers don't quite reach. (Of course you're ignoring the peeling paint, the not-so-fun part of having a house!)

I'm happy to report that my tarragon is growing like crazy, great news since I'm loving it so much!

Finally the Brandywine Tomatoes are starting to look like they will ripen. I can't wait to have a Brandywine Tomato Sandwich!

Hooray, I have eggplants! There is even another tiny one peeking out in the back if you look closely. This plant is the "Black Beauty," a very common eggplant variety.

If you've never tasted cucumbers fresh from the garden, you've missed a wonderful treat. Pick them when they're still pretty small, and just eat with salt!

Finally my curse of flowers-but-no-peppers seems to have ended. This year I have peppers galore in several colors!

I love this type of summer squash which is called Pattypan or Scallop squash. The black dot is a tiny little snail, a huge garden pest around here, but not too bad so far this year.

Nearly every plant has ripening tomatoes like this peeking out, and this is the time of year when I need to pick them nearly every day! (This is what my mother used to call "a good problem to have."

The yellow squash is also getting lots of squash on it. I love to pick these when they're really small and roast them. It's definitely a lot of work, but I feel very blessed and lucky to have a great garden like this!

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  1. Wow, you've got a great harvest going there. Congratulations.

  2. beautiful garden!

    I am also growing scallopini squash .. crazy thing has an ENORMOUS plant but no squash for ages then two days ago I noticed the little squashlets .. cant wait to try them :-)

    My brandywine tomato has these wimpy flowers that keep dying and I have no fruits growing, very frustrating. All my other tomatoes are setting up lots of fruits (especially the grape maters) but none seem close to getting any color.

    We have been eating small zucchini and snow peas. We are about to eat some cucumbers and the green beans (derby and other types) are either ready or almost ready to eat!

    I think I planted too many mini-pumpkins cuz they grow too big and I am not so sure you can eat them.

    Ever heard of a recipe for mini-pumpkins?

    I made a video tour of our garden like a week ago .. check it out at

    Use your speakers and you will hear my voice for the first time on the internet! (major bonus huh?)

  3. Your garden is absolutley lovely, Kalyn! I hope you are able to sit out and enjoy it - maybe while eating some nice fresh veg?!?!

  4. Incredible garden! I'm green (and red and yellow) with envy. Thank goodness for farmers' markets, which are keeping me supplied with beautiful tomatoes (I'm starting to slow-roast for the season, too!) and abundant eggplant. Keep up the good growing, Kalyn.

  5. Look at that garden! What are you feeding it, Kalyn ;)? Everything looks gorgeous, but I love the eggplant the most! And the cute pattypan squash (Bad snail! Stay away!). Now this is good eats.

  6. What a lovely garden. Wish I have one like yours. Gorgeous harvest.

  7. We have already had several tomatoes and they are many on the vines. We have had little to no rain so have not seen a good crop of some things. We have a nest of baby bunnies in the lettuce greenhouse so there goes that and you can only water so much or go broke. We will get plenty of tomatoes and pumpkins but no raspberries. I always hope for at least tomatoes and raspberries. My herbs are doing fantastic. Maybe I have always watered them too much.

  8. That's simply gorgeous! I also have some tomato bushes that are piddly, and others are quite bushy. It's all very strange. You should be very proud of your garden!

  9. Thanks everyone, I'm very happy my garden is doing so well!

  10. Both garden and harvest look lush and delicious, Kalyn.

    Your site is hard to resist. I could spend the better part of a day browsing ...

    Hope you don't mind that I included you in my 'food haunts' link.

    For sure, I will return ...

  11. Way to go, Kalyn! Congratulations on a garden well grown. : )

  12. Great pictures--a lovely garden! I've had much better luck with peppers this year, too--don't know why, since I was foolish enough to keep planting them in the same place.

  13. Your garden is amazing! Thanks for letting me pick some items while you were in Chicago! Everything was very tasty!!

  14. Mine isn't quite so well off...Maybe my next house will have more room!

  15. I have garden envy! For whatever reason, my gardens here don't grow veggies very well. I seem to get too many diseases. Herbs do well, though, so I stick to them. But there is absolutely nothing that comes close to veggies straight from the garden!

  16. It's a gorgeous garden, Kalyn -- I have to admit that I'm a little jealous of all the tomatoes you'll have to roast! More on this on my blog this week, but I'm slow-roasting some from the farmers' market right now...the whole house smells fabulous!

  17. Your garden is beautiful! My winter project is clearing out the overgrown side yard and hopefully I can plant a few things next spring.

  18. Sorry I am having a terrible time lately keeping up with comments, but thanks again everyone. (I do read every one of the comments in my e-mail; it's just the replying that I get behind on.)

  19. Your garden is fabulous. It seems to be very productive. Enjoy.

  20. That's one gorgeous & luscious garden! I had to settle for a container garden this year, but next year I hope to be following your footsteps! I love the idea of harvesting as much as possible from my back yard..

  21. I love that gorgeous green and lively garden....Wish I also lived in SLC :(
    So that I can borrow few from you


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