Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cooking with Pumpkins and This Halloween I'm Going as a Blogger

Reduced-Sugar Pumpkin CheesecakeToday is Halloween, which means of course that tomorrow we start counting down to Thanksgiving. Have you started to think about what you'll be cooking? Last November I had fun sharing my ideas for a South Beach Diet Thanksgiving, and I'll be back with more things for the menu this year. There's no doubt the Reduced-Sugar Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake shown above was my favorite new recipe last Thanksgiving. Before I tried that, I hadn't ever been too much of a pumpkin fan, but now I'm a convert. If you want to see how many other good things you can make with pumpkin, check out Cooking with Pumpkins which I wrote recently for Blogher. I've seen more good pumpkin recipes popping up since I posted it, so if you have a good pumpkin-cooking idea, leave it in the comments.

Halloween is definitely not the best day of the year if you're a third grade teacher with 28 students, but at least I did manage to come up with a unique costume. When I was attending the Blogher Conference this summer, was giving away free T-shirts with the Blogger logo and the word Blogger across the front. It was even a slightly Halloweenish color combination. So for the school Halloween parade today, I'm going to wear my Blogger t-shirt, some sweat pants and house slippers, camera around my neck, Blogher Conference badge, carry my laptop, and go as a Blogger! What are you dressing up as this Halloween?
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  1. My six-week-old granddaughter is going out as a candy corn tonight, but I must say that going as blogger is much, much better! Please share a photo.

  2. With a sick one year old in the house, I'll be home on candy duty. Otherwise I'd go as a serial killer, they look just like everyone else...

    Thanksgiving has been heavy in my mind, as I'll be doing Thankgiving Recipes all the way up to a few days before the holiday... Then comes Christmas, my favorite holiday of the year!

  3. yummy recipes and great great costume.. I am going to be myself.. thats scarey enough...

  4. LOL. Careful Kalyn, you might scare someone. I bought a pumpkin and then fell ill, so those pumpkin recipes will come in very handy later this week. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing those yummy recipes.Trick or treat?

  6. LOL - I must remember that next time I have to dress up for a party! Reminds me of a friend's husband who was never a bundle of laughs, and when we had a costume party he came in his normal clothes. When pressed to say what he was dressed up as, he responded "a disillusioned middle-aged high school teacher"! Take that, sports fans...

  7. Great costume idea!! I hope you had a great Halloween!

  8. That's one good looking costume! Thanks for sharing, and I love reading your blog :-)

  9. Hi Everyone,
    I see I didn't get back to this last night, but I'm here now to report that the costume was a hit. Sorry I didn't remember to ask anyone to take my picture. It's hard to think of those things when you're escorting around 28 costume-wearing eight year olds!

    Also nice to hear that people are liking the collection of pumpkin recipes.


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